Odd.Bot - a data union for aggricultural image data

Part 1 - Proposal Submission

Name of Project: Odd.Bot

Proposal in one sentence:

Onboard the Odd.Bot community and stakeholders into a data union on Ocean Protocol.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

A common practice for farmers is to use chemical herbicides to kill weeds.
The global market of herbicides is around $26 billion annually.
The regulation will force farmers to pivot towards a more sustainable approach.
Team odd.bot believes that only a disruptive robotic solution can tackle this challenge.
With our Weed Whacker we aim to save more than 170.000 liters of chemical herbicides in the next seven years.
Our Robot-As-A-Service is cost competitive. Therefore, we will not only bring the solution for a more sustainable farming culture, but indirectly will also provide more people with healthy food at reasonable costs.

To do that we have developed a robot that uses computer vision to detect weeds and crops and is equipped with an actuator that removes the weeds from the field. We developed a special vision box which reduces the complexity of the computer vision problem dramatically and allows the robot to function independently of weather or daytime.

Our robot in action (YouTube).

We constantly produce new image data that we need to annotate and verify for our computer vision algorithms - different ground materials, crops, season, and weeds make constant annotation and improvements of our data a very expensive and difficult to handle task. To tackle this problem with our community and especially the farmers, which have the expert domain knowledge, we want to create a data union. This will help us to cost effectively improve our algorithms and give farmers an opportunity to use the offseason in winter effectively.

As a forward thinking company we are interested in exploring the concept of DAOs and think that this concept might provide a big gain for us as a company as we can involve all stakeholders and the interested community in one organization. The data union is the first step in this direction and offers us the opportunity to learn more about this concept.

Our computer vision system in action (YouTube).

Grant Deliverables: (Provide us with a check-boxed list of deliverables for the funding provided.)

[ ] Concept for the design and functionality of our mobile app.
[ ] Data union structure and mechanism concept.
[ ] Data pipeline end-to-end planning to go from data on the robot over annotations in the data union to better computer vision algorithms.
[ ] First mobile app prototype.

Which category best describes your project?

Build / improve applications or integrations to Ocean

Which Fundamental Metric best describes your project? Pick one.

Total Value Locked

What is the final product?:

The final product is a data union that is represented by a mobile app that our community can use to help us improve our robot and to organise itself with our help. We want to have the community and the farmers annotate and verify data that the robot collected. Then we can use this data to improve our machine learning algorithms. Additionally we can make the contributors co-owners of the data and algorithm as well as give them recognition to grow our community.

How does this project drive value to the “fundamental metric” (listed above) and the overall Ocean ecosystem?

Our data union will expose at least our direct community of 2500 newsletter subscribers to Ocean Protocol, datatokens and data unions. We estimate that 5% of them will join the crypto community and invest on average 500$ in $OCEAN each resulting in:
Bang: 62.500$
Buck: 17.600$
Probability of success: 80%
ROI: 2.84 > 1.0

Funding Requested: $17,600
Proposal Wallet Address: 0xF9ac73f30dBe52c10e3d5950db66357f9d0be44D
Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant (Y/N)? N
Team Website (if applicable): https://www.odd.bot/
Twitter Handle (if applicable): @odddotbot
Discord Handle (if applicable): -
Project lead Contact Email: martijn@odd.bot
Country of Residence: Netherlands

Part 2 - Proposal Details (*Recommended)

Project Deliverables - Category:

IF: Build / improve applications or integration to Ocean, then:

App will be live, at: iOS and Android app store

If the project includes software:

Are there any mockups or designs to date? This is part of the proposal to create these.
An overview of the technology stack? We will be using React Native for the mobile app, Flask + CouchDB for the backend.

If the project includes community engagement:

Running the campaign on social media for how many weeks? We are delivering our newsletter to 2500+ interested community members and will be advertising the app via this channel constantly.

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

Any prior work completed thus far?

We will be relying on DataUnion Foundation, our service partner, and their previous work.

What is the project roadmap? That is: what are key milestones, and the target date for each milestone.

  • September 2021: Concept for the design and functionality of our mobile app.
  • September 2021: Data union structure and mechanism concept.
  • October 2021: Data pipeline end-to-end planning to go from data on the robot over annotations in the data union to better computer vision algorithms.
  • November 2021: First mobile app prototype.
  • November 2021: Publish news about the app in our newsletter - sign up here.

Please include the team’s future plans and intentions.

Any maintenance?

There will be a server that runs the backend as constant maintenance. Additionally we will have to pay DataUnion Foundation for upkeep and service of our software stack and server.

Foreseen or possible additions?

We are planning to create a fully functioning mobile app out of the prototype and also add machine learning in the loop as an additional functionality. This will enable us to quickly iterate on new crops with our community.
Additionally we are also planning to make another proposal to launch our own datatoken on Ocean Protocol for the data union.
We are also present in the Dutch media landscape as well as active in the Dutch agricultural scene. Potentially we want to extend the data union to include other companies, government parties as well as their communities.

Team members

Check our team member page on our website.


Due to regulatory constraints we are not able to deal with any cryptocurrencies, that is why we are working closely with the DataUnion Foundation which are providing us full service to handle the regulatory difficult topics for us.

Your projects are amazing Robin, Kudos!
Are the software also open source?

Could we for instance fork this project to a different use case with a different image data set and a different domain? Like say cataloguing insects and classifying pests.

PS - Love DataUnion project, we will contribute and collaborate.

No, the software is not completely open source at the moment. But if you want to create another data union, please come and talk to us.