[OceanDAO Grant Proposal - Round 9] Carbon Credits

Name of Project: Re-Sea Shanties

Proposal in one sentence: Blue Carbon Market.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving: Improving data eco-systems for carbon credit markets in blue and green carbons.

Grant deliverable: Sell a single blue carbon credit to a client.
Project type: Outreach
Fundamental Metric to best describes your project: Proposed. Once we have demonstrated the project it will kick-start multiple data science and ML projects.
Final product: Kick-start Blue Carbon Eco-system on Ocean
Funding requested: $17,600
Proposal wallet address: 0xa90aa0057f42a6d4456ecdd177e8a4ead3b1ab28
Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant: (N)
Team website: Bio Carbon
Team: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bkngejane/
Project deliverable: Sell a single blue carbon credit to a client.

Additional details.

This project is a continuation of ‘project sea shanties’ from Round 1, the goal is emissions reduction through the biosphere while focusing on product development data.

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Thank you for the submission to OceanDAO. Please take a look around the other forum posts at examples of Project Proposals. Please give a more detailed project proposal on HOW and WHAT you are actually doing here.

Thank you.

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This one needs a much much for detailed description and roadmap to receive support from the community. Please look around and elaborate what you are aiming to do and how you want to create it. Thank you.

@bngejane Unfortunately, for Round 9, this project will not be included in voting due missing description and details.