OCEAN | Sport DAO Evangelism | Round 17

Project Name


Project Category


Proposal Earmark

New Outreach

Grant Deliverables

  1. Through research identify and sponsor at least 2 sporting events/activities that will amplify the OCEAN message within 3 months
  2. Feature at least one OCEAN team on 1 sports podcast
  3. Set up OCEAN sports Dao Twitter channel and Grow to at least 1000 community members within the first 1 month
  4. Feature OCEAN on at least one sports magazine]

Project Description

[ There are few things in the world that enjoy the love and attention given to sports and sporting activities in general.

90 percent of the world’s population enjoys at least one form of sports either through active participation or through viewing.

Statistics show that in the united states alone 57.5 million people watched at least 1 digital sports content once a month and this figure is projected to hit 90 million by 2025, this does not account for other countries globally and the lesser-known sports events and activities.

Sports events like








Running and many others

Offers us a unique opportunity to amplify the OCEAN PROTOCOL message through research and contacts, we will identify smaller events in different locations globally to work with.

The channels we will explore will include but are not limited to

Sports events

Sports players

Sports teams

Sports Bulletins

Sports Newsletters

Sports Podcasts

Sports Magazines and publications

Sports Youtube channels

Sports Radio shows

E-sports and games


Anything sports

Final Product

We strongly believe that this effort will eventually lead to partnerships and some of the projects using/deploying on the OCEAN PROTOCOL blockchain


Growth: through well-structured activities, onboard users into the ecosystem

Engagement: amplify the OCEAN PROTOCOL message using influencers focused on sports

Adoption- onboard people from web2 into web 3

Value Add Criteria

Usage of Ocean:

After this phase has concluded, we would have added new members and active Ocean Ambassadors who are ecosystem participants. This can subsequently lead to an increase in # of Active Users.

We are poised to achieve this because of our advantage of operating in arguably tapping into sports lovers and crypto adoption generally in the state.

Community active-ness:

Since we are a community comprised mostly of technical people, we are actively using Ocean SDKs and gaining experience and orientation. This will lead to new projects and contributions to projects like Ocean Missions, Algovera, etc.

Adding value to the overall community:

As we continue driving our message and mission; more talent and on-lookers will notice. This will be a self-fulfilling prophecy as it would keep feeding into the chances of success of the first criterion, which is the Usage of Ocean. When we do our job right, the loop restarts.

Core Team

Damon Weber

Role: CEO

Relevant Credentials

Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/damon-weber-5a42b8161/

Owner / CEO at Pasua U.S.A. Agro Limited

Imtiyaz Sayed

Role: CFO

Relevant Credentials

Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/imtiyaz-sayed-aa434ab1/

Sales Manager at Iris Global Services

Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

Wallet Address

Hi there,

Thank you for applying for R-17!

I am a Project-Guide and have assigned myself to help you.

Your proposal has been registered into the grants program be sure to check and fix the following:

  • You need to have 500 Ocean inside of your wallet.

  • Your E-Mail address is missing.

Please refer to the Grant Proposal Template and the OceanDAO Airtable for more information.

We have attempted to make your first grant easy to earn (you are registered in the New Entrant Earmark) I would also recommend one (or all) of the following to increase support:

  1. Saying hi to the community in #ocean-dao and sharing your proposal.
  2. Saying hi to members of the #project-guiding WG and sharing your proposal.
  3. Meet with the Guides assigned to you by the #project-guiding WG.
  4. Attend a Town Hall or Project-Guiding WG meeting to talk about your project and proposal.

All the best!

-Timothy C | OCEAN PGWG

Hello, thank you for your proposal.

First, regarding:

We strongly believe that this effort will eventually lead to partnerships and some of the projects using/deploying on the OCEAN PROTOCOL blockchain

There is no Ocean blockchain. Could you clarify what you mean please?

Second, could you describe how specifically your project aligns with the mission & values of Ocean, and how it might serve a data sharing ecosystem.

Thank you!


Hi there,

on a different note:
You also managed to select the very same name than the mother protocol, Ocean Protocol, of this DAO. This is can be misleading / irritating to some in the community.

In you project management tool, https://seed.oceandao.org/, please change your project’s name to something like “Ocean Sports Program” or “Ocean Sports Outreach” (something different from Ocean or Ocean Protocol).

Alternatively, if you have trouble doing this, reach out to me on discord to “@Wally I Ocean” on Monday (or via e-mail to malte @oceanprotocol.com) with a new name idea, so we can change this together.

Have a good weekend!

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