Ocean Protocol Spanish course | Spanish course proposal | Round 16

Project Name

Ocean Protocol Spanish course

Project Description

The project consists of creating a course in Spanish to explain everything about the Ocean Protocol, from a simple perspective and that will cover all the main topics, both for people new to the world of Blockchain and Web3 and experts.

The goal is to massify the understanding of Ocean Protocol for the Latin community, both non-technical and technical.

Final Product

The final product is a course recorded in Spanish and available on Youtube, in addition, the presentations shown will be available on a github.

Core Team

Néstor Campos

Role: Developer, Teacher, and Entrepreneur

Awards: Microsoft MVP, Alibaba Cloud MVP, AWS Community Builder.

Prizes: Blockchain hackathon winner (in Algorand, Stellar, Syntropy, and Accumulate Network)

Github: nescampos (Néstor Nicolás Campos Rojas) · GitHub

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nescampos/

Background: Informatic Engineer with +12 years of experience in many technologies (Blockchain, AI, Web, Big Data). Also, Néstor is a teacher in Coursera and some Chilean universities.

Now is founder of Techgethr (https://techgethr.com/), a Web3 product hub and Web3 Explorers (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvsU0S7jpzxvdcJvtbfJlBg), a Youtube channel for creating Spanish courses about Blockchain technologies (Néstor won a grant for creating a course about Internet Computer).

Proposal One Liner

Spanish course about Ocean Protocol for Latin Americans.

Proposal Description

Every day more programmers and people from Latin America are interested in the Blockchain world and all the opportunities it presents. One problem is that they know little, the media do not contribute much on this subject either and what can be accessed is mainly in English, but there is a great gap in that language in this part of the world.

The proposal is to create a complete course on the Ocean Protocol and its opportunities in Spanish so that later a community of people interested in building on it can be assembled.

Grant Deliverables

  1. Course published in Youtube
  2. Github repository with presentations in PDF format.

Value Add Criteria

Usage of Ocean

This project will help make Ocean known in the Latin community, adding more programmers and people who are fond of Web 3.0 to participate and create new projects.


This project is completely viable and with great chances of success, because Néstor (who proposes the project) is a leader of technical communities and an instructor at Coursera, so he already has experience in teaching and Blockchain technologies.

Funding Requested


Wallet Address


Hi Nestor, we have sent you an e-mail because your funding wallet does not have 500 Ocean inside.

Please make sure that this is updated before the Voting period starts, otherwise your submission will be rejected.

Thank you!