Ocean Protocal Uganda Community

Name of Project
Build Ocean Protocol Community in Uganda.

Proposal in one sentence:
Create Ocean Protocol Community in Uganda through community out-reach while attracting new users, data providers and developers.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:
Bearing in mind that Privacy is one of the core principles of blockchain peculiar to Ocean Protocol, and given the bureaucratic nature of systems in Africa (particularly financial and human data) and endless censorships, Ocean Protocol is an ideal network to trigger data privacy in solving such predicaments.

It should however be noted that whereas Ocean can be a solution to the above problem, less is known about it in Uganda and East Africa at large. Even with a reported immense increase in crypto and blockchain adoption in the region, with Kenya ranking highly in p2p payments, there is still a gap in a decentralize data exchange infrastructure, a true description of Ocean Protocol.

Therefore, by introducing Ocean Protocol in Uganda, we shall solved the two way challenge, Firstly Ocean will tap the potential market in Uganda, secondly, it will achieve ecosystem expansion (Outreach ship) and on the other hand, Ugandans will leverage a decentralized data exchange protocol.

Grant Deliverables;
Hold a grand launch event to introduce Ocean Protocol in partnership with the blockchain Club of Uganda. Demonstrate how Ocean data markets operate.

Create an Ocean East Africa telegram channel. We shall do translations to the Kiswahili (a widely spoken language in across East Africa).

Fund the Makerere University Blockchain Club with transport to attend our launch event with intentions to enroll them on the Ocean Academy.

Quantitative and qualitative growth in the Ocean community in Uganda and East Africa at large. More social following and more Ocean Academy enrollment.

We hope to have at least 300 members in our telegram community group by mid-December where we shall be engaging with members about Ocean Protocol. We shall also produce at least three medium articles by January. We shall hold our launch event in mid-December. This strategy will lay a basis for our future nationwide community growth as we hope to hold monthly meetups for four months across the 4 major regions of the country. This will start in January and end in April.

Which category best describes your project?
Outreach / community / spread awareness.

What is the final product?
Create a sustainable Ocean Protocol community in Uganda through outreach. Achieve a profound increase in Ocean data market participation.

Our prime objective is to have at least 20% of the launch event/workshop start to trade on the Ocean data economy. This will bring approximately attract 30 new members.
Create a an interaction platform for the community (telegram).
Attract the local developer community to start building on Ocean Protocol Collaborate with data scientists to provide data and increase data market participation on Ocean Protocol.
Translate at least at least 4 Ocean Protocol articles to Luganda/Kiswahili.

New members joining the Ocean Data trading platform, at least 30 out of the 100 we intend to host on our launch event.
Attract new blockchain enthusiasts to join the ocean Academy, these will be members of the university blockchain clubs we shall reach in December. We estimate 15 new members to this end.
Have all December Ocean announcements translated into Kiswahili and Luganda.

Create overall awareness of Ocean Protocol among blockchain and Web3 Ugandan community.
Expand the Ocean Protocol Out-reach Ship.
Onboard the Makerere University blockchain club onto the Ocean Academy.
Chance of success: 85%.

Funding Requested:
(Amount of USD) $3000

Proposal Wallet Address: 0x17369c615d003Abb06A8C1D84B79FfEA057CfD82

Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant? If yes, please specify:

Project lead email: blockchainclubuganda@gmail.com
Country of Residence: Uganda

Part 2 -
Core Team;
Mugisha Abraham Shidi.
Community outreach.
Relevant Credentials (e.g.):
Twitter @AbrahamMugisha2.
Head of Community, Blockchain club Of Uganda.

Mucunguzi Moses
Role: Community outreach
Twitter; https://twitter.com/NduguMucunguzi
Discord; Mucu256#3205
CEO Blockchain Club of Uganda

3.1Details of the proposal:
For this particular outreach program, we shall aim at creating and sustaining an Ocean Protocol community in Uganda. This Community will have a physical connection with the team which is why we came to consensus to hold a community event to launch the community.
This will be a blended event which will be held in Kampala (Ugandan Capital). We hope to invite different target groups including data scientists, researchers, the academia, university blockchain clubs and the general public especially those who are enthusiastic about blockchain.

We shall reach these through Social media advertising, Mainstream media relations be engaging the science journalists around the country and invitation letters in particular to the University blockchain club and the Department of Data Science, Makerere University. Our touch with these groups will give us relevancy, especially with the academia and researchers since little data marks do exist in the country and whole East African region at large.

Through this we also hope to find potential partners who we hope to collaborate with in future especially for the data research we plan to execute in the last quarter of 2022.This will be through the our close collaboration with the AI and Data Science Research Group, Makerere University who are active members of the Makerere University Blockchain Club. http://cs.mak.ac.ug/research/groups_and_centers3.3 If in Category “Outreach / community”:We shall engage community through our already existing community socials;twitter https://twitter.com/Ug_blockchain?s=09Telegram https://t.me/+GnertwKvxeRte6OT.

We shall hold a community event to launch the Ocean Protocol Community in Uganda. This will be a highbred event (both physical and live stream via zoom)We shall also publish articles on this medium channel https://medium.com/@abrahammugisha401

We also intend to use mainstream media to publicize our operations. These will be shared in our end of month report.

If the project includes community engagement: Which channels will be used? For how long?
On top of outreach, we also intend to keep our community engaged through twitter; https://twitter.com/Ug_blockchain?s=09 and telegram; https://t.me/+GnertwKvxeRte6OT

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Thank you for the submission. The Formatting of this proposal is hard to read. Can you make some formatting spacing in the proposal. Thank you.



Thank you for your submission to R12!

We have registered your proposal, but your wallet right now does not include 500 Ocean as part of the required criteria to be accepted for a grant.

Please add the required 500 Ocean on Ethereum main net to your wallet by the deadline.



Glad to be part of this project. Looking forward to playing a part in building an Ocean Protocol Community in Uganda.

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I hope it is looking better now


Thanks, we shall fix this by the end of today.

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Thanks @Mucunguzi for your great support. You are a great teammate

Well,thank you for this . actually fixed this already

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Hi there,

For transparency, starting R12, all proposals will have to be funded within 2 weeks of winning a grant.

The funding deadline is December 27th 23:59 GMT.

You can read our wiki and how to submit a funding request to learn more.


Thank you. Let’s take on this ASAP!

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Hello everyone,

It has been a while without a report from our community, apologies in the delays.

Such an apology however is followed by a good and positive report of success; we were able to hold our community launch on the 11th of January 2022 at Makerere University.

This ground breaking event was attended by 250 members from the academia and research institutes, majorly Makerere University, college of computing and information sciences(COCIS) itself. Our launch event was also attended by other blockchain communities in Uganda including Near Protocol, Polkadot, Chainlink and Celo. Here are some moments from the event https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10xRYuuzYW78B3L4id6dqGju1HtmUA9wZ

We were also covered by several local media houses in Uganda such as Uganda Radio Network and a famous campus publication The Campus Bee https://campusbee.ug/news/data-privacy-blockchain-platform-ocean-protocol-community-launched-in-uganda/

Finally, we are scheduled to hold another event postgraduate students with Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

@Shidi @Lrt


Thank you for your Grant Deliverable update @Mucunguzi and awesome to see pictures from the events. I have updated your records inside Airtable and this proposal is now set to Completed based on the update provided.

Wishing everyone all the best!


Thank you for the support /funding that was given to the Ugandan community. We registered a great success and response as in regards to the Launch. Thank you @Mucunguzi fkr the tremendous efforts.
Ocean protocol to the moon


Thank you mate.our work is subject to the mission of Ocean Protocol,to build a community here in Uganda is our first goal

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Hello community, happy to report our last event with Data science students. I will also leave an observation that there need for a university wide awareness which would potentially attract students to do their final year projects on Ocean. We hope the DAO supports that kind of initiative once penned down. @idiom-bytes Ocean Meetup Feb - Google Drive


Great work mate.this was really owesome

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