Ocean Pearl | Ocean Pearl: Project updates feature and more | Round 22

Project Name

Ocean Pearl

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Proposal Earmark


Proposal Description

It’s hard to keep up with all the projects in the OCEAN ecosystem. That’s why we opened Ocean Pearl to non-DAO projects and enabled projects to post updates. Imagine a twitter-like feed with updates from projects in the ecosystem. These updates will ensure an ongoing benefit for the community even after all the changes to the oceanDAO.

Grant Deliverables

All deliverables are listed for retroactive funding and live on https://oceanpearl.io/.

  • Project Updates/News Feed

  • Projects will be able to publish updates directly on Ocean Pearl. What would this look like? Imagine a twitter-like feed where the projects share what’s going on.

  • Full-Text Proposals on Ocean Pearl

  • We added full proposals directly on Ocean Pearl. This improved orientation during the voting process. Never switch between Port and Ocean Pearl to get an overview of the proposals again.

  • Improved User Experience

  • Improving the look and feel of Ocean Pearl (Buttons, Inputs, Dropdowns, etc.)

  • Added 404 page

  • Added filter function for earmark grant pools

  • Stability improvements

  • Added alarm for errors ins the airtable syncing process

  • Several fixes regarding importing data from airtable

  • Running infrastructure costs

Project Description

We bootstrap a community-based project tracking platform for the Ocean ecosystem with an early focus on the OceanDAO community.

Final Product


Value Add Criteria

Community Value: Currently, Ocean Pearl is the page to visit if you want to have an overview of all oceanDAO projects. From now on, it's possible to list your own project directly on pearl even if you never applied for any DAO grant. In combination with the new project updates feature, ocean pearl continues delivering value for the OCEAN community.

Funding Requested

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This is really amazing work Ocean Pearl team! I just tried out the project update feature and it works well. You have my vote for this round!

Thanks, @DMats! Glad you like it.

Hi I just want to say I’ve found out about ocean protocol this week and no other tool has helped me to navigate through the ecosystem as ocean pearl has, thank you very much!