Ocean Missions | Ocean Missions - Data Provider & Data Buyer Outreach | Round 16

Project Name

Ocean Missions

Project Description

We want to understand which businesses want to purchase data from Ocean and WHY they wouldn’t go elsewhere.

Final Product

not set

Proposal One Liner

Engage with potential data buyers and data providers that would be interested in buying data from Ocean Market &/or publishing data on Ocean Market V4.

Proposal Description

We want to engage with data providers who may be interested in publishing data on Ocean Market V4. We want to educate these potential data providers about the benefits of Ocean Markets and the new improvements coming with V4.

We want to also engage with potential data buyers looking to acquire bespoke on-chain data to better understand where market demand exists for on-chain based data assets and eventually begin to acquire/provide these assets on Ocean Market.

Grantees Name: Scott Milat

Grantees Email: scottmilat (at) gmail (dot) com

Grant Deliverables

  1. Reach out to 50 potential data providers &/or buyers (Target of 50 is based on reaching 100% of our funding target and will be adjusted pro rata based on amount received).
  2. Publish a summary of insights and learnings for the DAO.
  3. Record and Publish 3 interviews with DAO projects on Ocean Missions Campfire podcast.

Value Add Criteria

Helping on-board data providers and data buyers into the Ocean Ecosystem will help contribute towards the amount of inventory available and number of buyers, investors and stakers within the Ocean Ecosystem, driving both usage and demand of $OCEAN over time.

By distilling and sharing the learnings from these outreach activities we can educate the wider DAO on what’s working and what wasn’t, bringing the whole DAO on the journey with us.

Our team has a good track record of delivering for the Ocean DAO and experience in business development. We are also active throughout the community across various initiatives. 

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