Ocean Guild | Scaling Ocean Communities | Round 17

Project Name

Ocean Guild

Project Category


Proposal Earmark

New Outreach

Proposal Description

One of our key goals is to support developers as they create their DAOs and Projects on Ocean. We will provide mentorship to the top developers in our pool, cluster others into developer pools and direct or mentor others to develop their projects on Ocean. For some projects, we will work with these developers to detect practical use cases and then design the product requirement, improve the MVPs and execute up to testing and launch. We will also try to match technical and non-technical cohorts in our ecosystem to build long term scalable solutions on Ocean.

With the Ocean Guild Project, we are emphasizing training and will target advanced web2 developers who still do not use blockchain professionally, even if they are familiar with the technical concepts. The focus of our sessions will be to introduce web 2 devs to the web 3 technology, including Ocean protocol stacks. At the end of the sessions, participants should be fluent enough to build on Ocean Protocol.

Grant Deliverables

  • Onboard 20 engineers with completed training, including a final evaluation.
  • Increased engagement with Ocean in the UK.
  • 50 Number of grant applications from the UK supported by the Ocean Guild Program.
  • 5 projects to be developed on the Ocean Protocol.

Project Description

Creating Community vehicles in the Ocean Ecosystem to support the development of core protocol and projects across the UK and gradually scaling up efforts globally.

Final Product

The Ocean Guild is a hub for all Web3 enthusiasts, Developers, validators, token holders, creators, builders and believers alike. The final product will feature sub-communities focused on specific verticals (Outreach, Core integration, DAO improvement etc) that make up the greater Ocean Community. Each of the Guild nodes will have specific values and goals targeted at driving a more open, integrated and community-driven ecosystem.

Value Add Criteria

Usage of Ocean

Ocean Guild will be strategic towards attracting developers, building for Ocean Protocol and unleashing the next wave of community-driven projects for the Ocean ecosystem and the Web 3 community. Ocean Guild will increase the usage of Ocean while creating a core developer community with incentive models for the constant building of the ecosystem.


This project is completely viable and with great chances of success, because of the experience of the team in building and supporting Blockchain projects. A technical team with full commitment and dedication to the success and impact of the project.

Adding value to the community

The recruitment of new Ocean engineers and ambassadors will spring up the number of Ocean DA projects applications and lead to a more active community and social following across.

Core Team

Name: Oluwatimilehin Adesoji


A software engineer with experience in building highly scalable systems. 3 Years Experience In Integrated Code Development, And Big Data Analytics. 2 Years Experience In Applied Interdisciplinary Engineering Research. Keen interest in building communities and interacting with other devs.

LinkedIn :


Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

Wallet Address

Hi there,

Thank you for participating in OceanDAO Round 17!

Your proposal has been registered into the system and is already live for voting here:

We try to make your first grant easy to earn (you are registered in the New Entrant Earmark)

We would also recommend one (or all) of the following steps:

  1. Say hi to the community in #ocean-dao and share your proposal.:
  1. Voting period is 4 days, ending Monday, April 11, 23:59 UTC. Talk about your project and ask your community to vote as much as you can. We will share/retweet as much as we can.

  2. Say hi to the members of the #project-guiding WG and find your guide. They have experience in how best to propose and run OceanDAO projects:

  1. Attend a Town Hall or join a working group:
  1. Keep your project guide close, they are here to help you. Feel free to ask for a quick call, sharing-sessions, feedback, or contacts to other projects in the ecosystem: Discord

  2. If you win a grant, make sure to claim it yourself within 12 days(!) after voting period ended, right here: https://oceanprotocol.com/web3Tools

  3. When BUIDLing with your grant, feel free to share your amazing updates here: Discord

  4. Welcome aboard! Reach out anytime if you have questions, either to me or in the Project Guiding Working Group. Enjoy yourself and build towards a #NewDataEconomy with us! :ocean::yin_yang::raised_hands:

Christian Casazza

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I would also suggest reaching out into the Ocean Ambassadors discord and learn more about the infrastructure they have in place for onboarding new members to Ocean.

I would also ask them about their thoughts on your deliverables and the ability to achieve the deliverables within this month. Would you have a network available to begin your tasks or would you need to build out this network from scratch this month?

Thank you for contributing to the OceanDAO community!

Christian Casazza


Hi there Oluwatimilehin,

Welcome and thank you for submitting a proposal to the Ocean DAO :handshake:

These are very ambitious goals for a new Outreach Project with a working budget of $3000.

  • Onboard 20 engineers with completed training, including a final evaluation.
  • Increased engagement with Ocean in the UK.
  • 50 Number of grant applications from the UK supported by the Ocean Guild Program.
  • 5 projects to be developed on the Ocean Protocol.

Could you please explain how you will achieve this? The Core Team is one person based in Nigeria, yet the Proposal aims to deliver 50 grant applications from the UK.

What is the timeline for these objectives?

Could you also break down how the budget will be used for this proposal?

There are many resources already available to builders and innovators on Ocean Protocol, and I would be happy to help you get in touch with the wider community. Come reach out to us on Discord and we can discuss this further?


Hi there,

Thank you for the project submission.


One of our key goals is to support developers as they create their DAOs and Projects on Ocean.

I’d like to get a better flavor for what you are aiming for specifically.

First: have you engaged with / supported any projects in the Ocean ecosystem yet? If yes, please elaborate.

Second: could you give examples of some existing OceanDAO projects that you think might benefit from your help, and describe how precisely you think you might be able to benefit them towards growing a decentralized data ecosystem.

Thank you!


Hi @trentmc0 Thanks for the comments.

I have not directly supported an Ocean Project but I have a decent background supporting other Blockchain projects in building their DAO projects and worked as a technical evaluator for others. So basically I have some experience in building technical communities and hope to use that here to add value to the Ocean community as I see it is key in promoting the Web 3.0.

Secondly, looking at the Ocean DAO Portfolio, I see a lot of synergies with most outreach projects, from Ocean Ambassadors to the different country OCEAN communities. But more so, I see the impact of this project bringing more technical projects to ecosystem and promoting adoption for the data economy.

Hi @zippy1979 thanks for you feedback.

So, over the past few years, I have worked as dev for UK communities.companies and although from Nigeria, I have much more working experience in the UK space and hence the reason for pitching for UK as a starting place, but with a much more global outlook.

For the budget, I could share something more comprehensive but as you can observe the milestones are quite ambitious and we intend use the funds majorly to create awareness around those milestone.

I will need to have some sort of presence in tech communities, setup forums and pay some moderators based on their contributions. This of course requires much more, but considering there is a cap to how much can be request, this would go a long way in setting up things.

Finally, for why it is small team, I am still working on getting support for the project, I have a number of good conversations however, I haven’t been able to close in so I am being careful as not to over promising on the team size at the moment. But this will definitely improve moving forward.

Will also join then Discord as suggested.

Thank you.

Thank you @ChristianCasazza.

Currently exploring this.


Hi Timi,

Thank you for the response, I appreciate it.

Given your response, and given that you have precise, action-oriented targets (copied below), then my concerns are allayed. I look forward to seeing these targets hit, and to seeing you grow this initiative further over time:)


Thank you for replying :blush: You will be warmly welcomed in the Ocean discord when you have joined :+1: Feel free to tag me if you would like an orientation :handshake:

From your reply I still don’t understand what you will do in terms of activities to deliver the goals of the proposal. You mention awareness, however the goals themselves are not measured through awareness, rather the KPIs (which are very clearly communicated :+1:) are hard deliverables e.g. “Onboard 20 engineers with completed training, including a final evaluation.

As for the budget, it would be helpful to understand how the grant would be used on a high level, for example “x% spent on hiring 5 moderators”. Would it be possible to share this?

I also asked about the delivery timeline, can you share when you will be able to deliver the goals in the proposal? Would this be completed within 6 months for example?

In terms of finding people who can support you and help deliver, there are many within the discord who could help you, I encourage you to reach out and invite people to join you :grinning:

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Hi @zippy1979 Thank you again. So for a high level breakdown. Please see below.


Onboard 20 engineers with completed training, including a final evaluation.

  • To be achieved by attending tech meetups and supporting different dev ecosystems in the UK (starting off with Manchester).
  • Will spend 20% of the funds for this. That’s roughly 500-600 dollars.
  • This will done upon 2 weeks of receiving funds.
  • Onboarding might take another 2 weeks.
  • Timeline 1 month.

Increased engagement with Ocean in the UK.

  • To achieve this, we will set up a Slack communication, Discord forums or Channels for internal coordinations.
  • We will also create a Twitter page and hire a 1 moderator to manage this.
  • For this we are budgeting $500/month for a 2 months duration. That’s a total of 1k dollars.
  • Timeline is 2 months.

50 Number of grant applications from the UK supported by the Ocean Guild Program.

  • This will involve advocacy and we will launch a marketing campaign targeted at crypto and tech savvy’s. This campaign will basically help to create awareness around the project.
  • Timeline is 1 month.
  • We intend to put in around $1000 for this process.

5 projects to be developed on the Ocean Protocol.

  • A an end result, we are proposing 5 projects after vetting and coordinating with various teams and doing some soft landing for the teams building via our advocacy program. This will involve technical advisory and information gathering and sharing.
  • We intend to hire a moderator for this with a salary of $500/month for a month.

Total budget is approximately $3000
Project duration is 3 months.

Thank you, this makes everything much clearer :blush: