OCEAN DIGEST - Weekly Community Podcast and Newsletters

Grant Proposal Template

Part 1 - Proposal Submission (*Mandatory)

Name of Project:

OCEAN DIGEST - Weekly Community Podcast and Newsletters.

Proposal in one sentence:

The Ocean Digest is an online weekly bulletin that will be published with contents centered around the events affecting the Ocean Ecosystem. Aside from the primary role of increasing Ocean Usage, the Newsletter will also abreast local and global communities on happenings surrounding the Ocean Protocol.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving: (You can give more details in “proposal details” section farther down.)

The endless benefits of any blockchain and cryptocurrency project as a whole is largely dependent on the popularity and support of the community concerning such a project. There is no better way to inspire confidence and growth than by using tools that intimidate and inform the public on developments surrounding such a project. Also, the Ocean Newsletter will provide up to date information to a large variety of its users which it will obtain by means of partnership with other crypto based newsletters and organizations.

Grant Deliverables: (Target deliverables for the funding provided.)

  • Building of The Ocean Newsletter website where content will be uploaded.
  • Translating Ocean Newsletter content to French,German, Chinese, Spanish to account for non-English speakers.
  • Set up FAQs and answer appropriately to answer questions that may arise from navigating the Ocean Protocol
  • Set up social media accounts for The Ocean Newsletter to gain transactions. Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Discord etc.

Which Project Category best describes your project? Pick one.

  • Outreach / community / spread awareness (grants don’t need to be technical in nature)

Are you applying for an Earmark? Pick one.

  • New Project Outreach / community / spread awareness (grants don’t need to be technical in nature)

What is the final product?

Ocean Digest is an online newsletter that is composed of contents that are focused primarily on events surrounding the Ocean Protocol. The contents of this online Bulletin will include the most relevant and most recent happenings on the Ocean Protocol. It will also include general blockchain related news. The Newsletter will focus on upcoming events, new technologies, and other facilities that are available to the blockchain universe. Ocean Digest will stand out as a fast and reliable source of information about the Ocean Ecosystem. It will also serve as a means of communication between the Ocean Protocol and not only the blockchain community, but the universe at large. It will also feature an advertisement page for projects that have similar vision with the ocean protocol and other projects resident on the Ocean Ecosystem.T

Question on “value add” criteria: which one or more of the criteria will your project focus on? Why do you believe your team will do well on those criteria?

The Ocean Newsletter which will be a beacon of attraction for not only the Ocean Protocol itself, but also for the subsidiary projects, and crypto Adoption in General. Ocean Digest will be an online weekly bulletin for the entire Ocean Ecosystem. It focuses on events pivotal to the Ocean Protocol and the Entire Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Universe. It will serve a purpose to increase usage of the Ocean protocol systems and serve as a means of keeping its ever-growing community base abreast with the happenings in the crypto world. It will also serve as the voice of the Ocean Protocol.

  • The Ocean Digest will increase the usage of ocean as its outreach will create a core community base focused on the happenings on the Ocean Ecosystem. This community will be vested in the progress of the Ocean Ecosystem.
  • Ocean Digest will serve as a channel of communication between the Ocean Protocol and the entire Ocean Ecosystem.
  • Ocean Digest will offer advertisements for projects with prices relatively cheaper than traditional options for the same service.
  • Advert placement on the Ocean Ecosystem will be paid for using Ocean tokens.
  • Ocean Digest will feature a session where top contributors to the Ocean Ecosystem are highlighted.
  • Guide the growth of the ecosystem by utilizing tools such as KPIs, hosting big and relatively influential and successful people in the space to drive growth.
  • Making Navigation on the Ocean Ecosystem as links to various helpful and useful pages will be hosted on the website.

Funding Requested: (Amount of USD your team is requesting - see the available funding levels here)


Proposal Wallet Address: (must have minimum 500 OCEAN in wallet to be eligible. This wallet is where you will receive the grant amount if selected).


Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant? If yes, please specify what round(s) and how much was granted each round.


Team Website (if applicable):


Twitter Handle (if applicable):


Discord Handle (if applicable):


Project lead full name:

Nsikan Benjamin

Project lead email:


Country of Residence:


Part 2 - Team

2.1 Core Team

For each team member, give their name, role and background. An example is below

Name: Nsikan Benjamin

Role: Project Lead/Director


Scientist, Forex Trader, Crypto Trader & Enthusiast, Content Creator, SEO, Project Planning, Community Management, rader, Data and Information Architect, Scientist, Startup Advisor. Technical due diligence consultant for potential M&A acquisitions on behalf of investors. Established a division of an established consulting company focusing on fractional CTO, CIO and CDO, and Managed Platform as a Service. Helped client companies create scalable, extensible, and cost-effective architecture roadmap for enterprise data, data science, and application solutions.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nsikan-benjamin-98b35110b/

Part 3 - Proposal Details (*Recommended)

3.1 Details

Details of the proposal:

The Ocean Digest will be an online weekly bulletin containing the most relevant information concerning the Ocean protocol. It will also contain notable events concerning blockchain, and other crypto related news. The website will be authentic and reliable as a source of information. It will contain events, hackathons, new projects, announcements etc on the Ocean Ecosystem. The aim of this blog is to keep its users up to date with Information surrounding the ecosystem as it deems necessary. This is a community project for the SRE/QA engineers. Its importance to the Ocean community is as a result of the enormous advantages that such publicity has proven over time to blockchain and other crypto related projects.

  • We intend to build a website/online blog that will in the long run be the go to page for trusted information. Not only pertaining to the Ocean Ecosystem, but also for the Entire blockchain community.
  • We will create publicity for projects on the Ocean Ecosystem on the Ocean Digest to drive exposure that such projects desperately need.
  • We intend to grow community channels for the Ocean Digest that will be utilized to not only share information, but will be useful as channels for announcements and discussions.
  • The Ocean Digest community will exist as the main channel for broadcasting information from the core of the Ocean Ecosystem to the outside world.

3.3 If in Category “Outreach / community”:

A minimum of 5 blog posts will be published at weekly intervals on the Ocean Digest Medium channel: Ocean Digest – Medium

3.9 Project Deliverables - Roadmap

Any prior work completed thus far? Details?


What is the project roadmap? That is: what are key milestones, and the target date for each milestone. Please make sure that one milestone is about publishing your results, e.g. as a medium blog post.

  • Setting up a medium account shares educational content to the users.
  • Build an Ocean sales weekly website.
  • Localization of Content, Media & Assets
  • Editorial & News Aggregation
  • Content & Media Creation
  • Hackathon Organizing
  • Community Organizers & In-Person Events
  • Education & advocacy.
  • Translations across different countries and accounts.

Hi @Benja22, thank you for submitting your proposal to R15. It is now registered and accepted.

All the best!

Welcome @Benja22 ,

I welcome you to the Ocean DAO R15. I have gone through your proposal and it seems to me that there are a lot of tangible activities that are covered by a few working groups under the Ocean ecosystem as well. On behalf of Project-Guiding Working group, I encourage you to explore other working groups that would offer you similar rewards for the activities that you have proposed.

Having said that can you elaborate how Ocean Digest could be different from the other community outreach activities that have been covered under the Ocean ecosystem & if you explain the project value add to Ocean in terms of our evaluation criteria of generating positive value towards the Ocean Ecosystem and the W3SL.

This exercise will help you garner more focus and support from the community as we enter the community curation process from tomorrow.


Prakash | Project Guiding WG | Discord