Mantis Data Solutions | First-class integration with Arweave | Round 18

Project Name

Mantis Data Solutions

Project Category

Core Software

Proposal Earmark

New Entrants

Proposal Description

Today, it is possible to publish an asset on Ocean Market using an Arweave URL like:<transaction id>. But after publishing, the user has no indication that an asset is stored in Arweave unless the asset publisher states it in the asset description.

I propose we:

Please see the Github issue for additional details: oceanprotocol/multi-repo-issue#151

This proposal is targeting the core tech earmark: First-class integration with Arweave

Grant Deliverables

Project Description

Mantis Data Solutions develops Ocean Protocol core tech improvements.

Final Product

Mantis Data Solutions aims to improve the Ocean Protocol core tech through participation in the core tech working group and by completing core tech earmarks.

Value Add Criteria

Usage of Ocean - how well might the project drive usage of Ocean?

The proposed feature will inspire data publishers to publish more assets on Ocean Protocol using data that is stored in Arweave and the greater number and variety of available assets will drive data consume volume.

Viability - what is the chance of success of the project?

Chances of success are relatively high - I can leverage my existing knowledge of the Ocean Protocol core tech stack and relationships with the core team to push this feature over the finish line.

Community Engagement - How active is the team in the community?

I worked at Ocean Protocol Foundation from April 2021 to June 2022, and have attended the weekly core tech working group for the last month.

Community Value - How does the project add value to the overall Community / Ecosystem?

This project hopes to increase community awareness that it is already possible to publish assets that are stored in Arweave and to make publishing/browsing such assets even easier.

Core Team

David Hunt-Mateo

Role: Web3 Software Developer

Relevant Credentials (e. g): B.S. Double Major in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin Madison



Background/Experience: Worked full-time for the Ocean Protocol Foundation from April 2021 to June 2022


Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

Wallet Address

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Per the conclusion of today’s core-tech working group meeting, I will be withdrawing this proposal from Round 18 because I will be pursuing the Arweave integration bounty and do not want to be perceived as “double-dipping”.


This proposal has been withdrawn

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Thank you for your submission @DMats!

I’m excited for your future contributions in this space!

All the best!