Heatwaves analysis in Europe

Name of Project: Heatwaves in Europe

Proposal in one sentence: Data set containing heatwaves aggregated data

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:
The Russian heatwave in 2010 killed tens of thousands of people, and was by far the worst event in
Europe since at least 1950, according to recent studies and a novel universal heatwave index capturing
both the duration and magnitude of heatwaves. Here, by taking an improved version of this index,
namely the heat wave magnitude index daily, we rank the top ten European heatwaves that occurred in
the period 1950–2014, and show the spatial distribution of the magnitude of the most recent heatwave
in summer 2015. Also 1972 heatwave in Finland had a comparable spatial extent and
magnitude as the European heatwave of 2003, considered the second strongest heatwave of the
observational era. In the next two decades (2021–2040), regional climate projections suggest that
Europe experiences an enhanced probability for heatwaves comparable to or greater than the
magnitude, extent and duration of the Russian heatwave in 2010. So that the probability
of experiencing a major European heatwave in the coming decades is higher in RCP8.5 than RCP4.5
even though global mean temperature projections do not differ substantially. This calls for a proactive
vulnerability assessment in Europe in support of formulating heatwave adaptation strategies to reduce
the adverse impacts of heatwaves

Grant Deliverables: Publish dataset on Polygon

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Funding Requested: 3k USD

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Project lead Contact Email: igorFedorov204@outlook.com

Country of Residence: Russia

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