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Build & Integrate

Proposal Earmark

New Outreach

Proposal Description

This grant will help the team cover the costs of the development of the prototype version of our app to collect health-related data via APIs from Apple Watch, Fitbit, and other related smart devices. Alongside building a health data marketplace on the Ocean platform in which the collected data can be converted to Data NFTs and sold in the marketplace to interested researchers. It will also aid in recruiting research participants.

Grant Deliverables

App: Dashboard view of the app

App: Design UX and functioning prototype

Users: Recruit about 20 early participants for research purposes

Feedback: Get feedback from early adopters on features of the app

Project Description

We are a research team from Stanford University building a platform that functions as a decentralized health data marketplace for users to convert their health-related data either from wearables (Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.), mobile health apps, or other smart sensors to Data NFTs using the Ocean protocol.

This data marketplace will function as a platform for the Data NFTs to be sold to interested researchers. The owner of the Data NFT will be rewarded with Ocean tokens. The data will be de-identified and managed according to industry standards. This could unlock the next generation of health research and create a new health-data economy

This stage of the project is purely for research purposes, and we plan to publish its results in a reputable peer-reviewed journal.

Final Product

Our final product will be an app where users can log in and grant permissions for us to retrieve data from their wearable or health-related applications. The data will be aggregated and converted to an NFT. A summary of the data will be provided in a deidentified manner.

Within the app, users can access the health data marketplace and put their Data NFT for sale in the marketplace.

Researchers would have access to a web app where they can view the summary of the Data NFTs and purchase the data if interested. For any user’s Data NFT, that is purchased the user gets rewarded with an Ocean token.

Value Add Criteria

Usage of Ocean Protocol: By building this marketplace on the Ocean platform, we will be adding a novel use case to the network and also help in spreading the word of Ocean to diverse users.


Viability: As this is a research project which we will be conducting in a reputable institution, we will be leveraging partnerships within the institution to enroll potential users and researchers. We strongly believe these partnerships alongside a network of early adopters that we have access to make this project viable.


Community engagement: The team is just getting involved with the Ocean platform. 


Adding value to the community: The success of this project will make OceanDAO and its platform to be known within the research community and could spur potential research-related projects across different fields. As we plan to publish this in a reputable journal, the Ocean platform could potentially be the mainstream site for researchers to implement similar projects.

Core Team

Elsie Gyang Ross

Role: PI



Vascular Surgeon at Stanford Hospital,

Assistant Professor of Surgery & Medicine at Stanford University,

Runs a surgery-AI lab at Stanford University

Tofunmi Omiye

Role: Graduate researcher



ML-health researcher at Stanford University School of Medicine

MS student in health policy at Stanford University


Lida Safarnejad

Role: Postdoctoral researcher



Deep learning for image processing & NLP

Web-based applications

Network systems and infrastructure

Funding Requested

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Hi there,

thanks for your proposal!

I’m reading through it and it sounds great, also linked to Stanford.

I was wondering: would you have social channel accounts (e.g. Twitter) to engage with, from Core Team side? Or has any of you been to a town hall, or a working group of OceanDAO?


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@Malte_Ocean thanks for your feedback. Yes, we’d create a Twitter and other social media for engagement. We recently learned about OceanDAO so haven’t been to a town hall/wg yet but looking forward to that!