HealthClaims | Healthspecs 2.0 | Round 20

Project Name


Project Category

Build & Integrate

Proposal Earmark

2nd/3rd Grant

Proposal Description

A web and mobile platform dedicated to building a decentralized marketplace and digital identity for users’ health records by leveraging blockchain technology thereby eliminating medical prescription and insurance claims fraud.

Grant Deliverables

  • Start and Complete the user flow journey.
  • Design the UI/UX for the mobile and web applications.
  • Social media activation (Twitter and Instagram)

Project Description

An Intelligent Healthcare Platform that would eliminate medical prescription and insurance claim fraud with real-time digital verifications on chains.

Final Product

not set

Value Add Criteria

While we are trying to mitigate fraud by health management organizations and related parties, we figure the best way for us is to store and verify the identities, and store the medical records (i.e visitations) on-chain, so they are immutable and can be verified during claims generation, the storing of medical record data on-chain goes inline with ocean protocol mission where data can be easily accessed by people who need them at a set price and the data owner will also get a percentage, we will implement this through our forked version of ocean marketplace, this will increase ocean protocol use case and add value. As regards community activity, we are new here and we will be needing all the support we can get from the community as well as provide support when we can.

Funding Requested

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Hi, where is the information about the team in the proposal please?

Also given that you have had funding in R13, can you also please explain why you have not engaged with the Ocean Community or OceanDAO other than submitting proposals to ask for funding?

We have Town Halls weekly where grantees are expected to attend from time to time and update the community about their projects.

All the details about this are in the Ocean discord. If the community is funding you, it is expected that you also engage with the community.

Also having looked at the R13 proposal I noticed that a deliverable was a Web Application

When I navigate to this site, all I see is this:


Can you please explain why this is the case?