Growth of Ocean Protocol in Turkish Community | Growth of Ocean Protocol in Turkish Community | Round 21

Project Name

Growth of Ocean Protocol in Turkish Community

Project Category

Build & Integrate

Proposal Earmark

New Outreach

Grant Deliverables

-Growing Ocean Protocol Turkey Twitter page

-Medium library with translation of Ocean protocol newsletter or blogs

-Introducing the Turkish community into Ocean protocol

-Introducing the ocean protocol marketplace in the video series

Project Description

While there is wide interest for crypto among Turkish general public, there are two main problems with the existing interest from the perspective of our local Ocean Protocol Turkish community. First, people that interact with various crypto coins do not know about Ocean Protocol and second, interest in crypto mainly comes from people’s wish to use it as a protection from high inflation seen in Turkish Lira. This means that people who are interested in crypto are not mainly from technology related fields.

  • Activate the community
  • Activating Turkish Ocean Protocol Twitter with up-to-date posts
  • Adapting Turkish community to the Ocean Protocol Discord.
  • Creating a library on Medium by translating past and current blogs.
  • Establishing cooperation with other Turkish communities.
  • Education for the community to effectively use and understand the Ocean Protocol.
  • Creating incentives for Ocean Dao

By the way… According to the statistics published in July 2022, Turkey ranks first among the countries that invest in cryptocurrencies between the ages of 16-64.

Final Product

Doing my best with past experience and spreading Ocean Protocol to the masses. I want to develop this project in my own land, thinking that the Turkish ecosystem will develop in the future crypto and data exchange, will benefit the sector. The future is in our hands.

Value Add Criteria

If you can reach communities in their own language, you will attract their attention. It was like this on web3 and web2, and if web4 comes tomorrow it will be the same. I helped translate more than one project into Turkish and I witnessed this. If we want to attract communities, we must approach them in their own language.

Core Team

Cem YAKABAŞI a.k.a Bargu

Role: Project Creator

Relevant Credentials:

  • English Degree: Proficiency
  • Study: Anadolu University Sociology Department
  • Twitter Profile: @BarguBauman
  • Discord Handle: Bargu#6268
  • Email Adress:


Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

Wallet Address

Hi Bargu
Great to see that you wish to spread the message of Ocean Protocol to the masses in Turkey :sunglasses::clap:

Can you please provide evidence that you have been engaging with the Ocean Community before asking for money from the Treasury?

Are you an active member of the Ocean discord? Ocean Ambassador? Attended Ocean Town Hall meetings? Or any other community engagement?

In my opinion a person should be a part of the community, if they wish to represent the community.

Also in my opinion asking for $3000 is a lot considering the deliverables you are promising, can you please explain in more detail how you would spend this budget?