German AI/ML goes Ocean

German AI/ML goes Ocean


Data Brokers and Evotegra will introduce Ocean and the Ocean Datamarket to the German AI Association representing 250 leading German AI/ML companies. Our goal is give Ocean the visibility to the industry, onboarding new publishers and potentially launch a German Ocean Market for AI/ML publishers and data service consumers.

Name of Project

German AI/ML goes Ocean


Proposal Wallet Address

The grant will be shared 50/50.

The proposal in just one sentence

Together we aim to kick-start the German Ocean-based data economy by introducing Ocean to the leading German AI/ML companies and the German AI Association.

Categories describing the project

[1] Outreach
[2] Unleash data (and new use cases)

What problem is your project solving?

  1. We need more data. In order to foster sustainable growth the Ocean ecosystem needs high quality data services. Quality is by far the most important factor to make a market relevant to the business world and data science community.

  2. We need more data consumers. A market grows and thrives on transaction volumes. Hungry data consumers looking for high quality data and innovation make a market a lively place buzzing with economic activity and development.

  3. We need to establish a full chain of value creation. Once the critical amount of publishers, data services and consumers meet in a marketplace new services and new chains of value creation can be created.

Description of the project / How does this project drive value to the Ocean ecosystem?

Evotegra and Data Brokers have been proven to be a perfect fit with aligned interest. We are passionate about our business and convinced of the potential of Ocean Protocol. Together we will introduce Ocean Protocol and the Ocean Marketplace to other potential market participants with all the knowledge and experience we have gathered so far. We believe in the potential of Ocean being the connecting tissue of Germany’s and Europe’s future privacy-preserving and GDPR-compliant data economy.

What is the final product?

  • A formal introduction to the German AI Association
  • A meeting of representatives of Ocean Protocol Foundation and representatives of the German AI Association
  • Introduction of Ocean Protocol to members of the German AI Association
  • Support and Assistance for new publishers, data service providers and data consumers from Germany
  • In the long run we aim to establish a German AI/ML marketplace based on Ocean Protocol via the Ocean Shipyard Programme

Project Deliverables

  • Constant updates on the process under this proposal and following proposals
  • New participants to the Ocean Marketplace and the Ocean Academy will be attracted
  • Feedback and experiences will be channeled towards the Ocean Core team to assist further development of the marketplace based on AI/ML practitioners feedback

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

  • January and February will be used to get in contact with the association and interested individuals
  • During the course of February we will hopefully receive viable feedback and prepare a next meeting with the Ocean Core team
  • Introduction to interested AI/ML publishers takes place in online demonstrations and workshops during the course of February and March
  • Planning for a Shipyard application begins in March, based on market developments and experiences

Any prior work completed thus far?

  • A number of important actors and data providers have already been identified.
  • A number of critical bugs and improvements have been addressed, based on our experiences, and have been solved by the core team
  • A high quality data set has been published to the market to gather first hand experience on market dynamics
  • A pitch-deck has been submitted and is ready for presentation

What are key milestones and the target dates for each milestone?

  • By the end of February a meeting with the German AI Association has taken place
  • By the end of February we will be able to tell if there is further interest in a collaboration
  • By the end of March we will be able to tell what leading German AI/ML companies think about the potential of Ocean Protocol in a German/European context
  • Interested publishers, service providers and consumers have seen a demonstration / workshop to introduce them to the Ocean Marketplace by the end of March
  • A number of new data services will be published on the Ocean Marketplace

The Team

Kai Meinke, Product Owner, Economist and Global Citizen from Kiel, Germany

Tobias Manthey, Managing Director, EvoTegra GmbH


An average publisher/data service provider can be considered to have a higher stake in the market than an average user. Based on the time horizon and growth of the market approx. 30.000 $Ocean for a potential new publisher.

Publishers Total Value Locked (TVL) about 30.000 * 50 = 1.500.000

An average high quality data pool can be estimated to have at least at TVL of 100.000 $Ocean over a year. To calculate this for 50 publishers we assume three pools per publisher.

Pools Total Value Locked (TVL) about 90.000 * 150 = 13.500.000

Trade volume will generate network revenue. While it is difficult to predict the total usage over a year we add another 2.500.000 on network revenue over the course of a year.

Bang: 13.500.000 + 1.500.000 + 2.500.000 = 17.500.000

Buck: 10.000 (+ following DAO funding rounds until end of year)

Chance of Success: 75%

Roughly estimated ROI over a year: 1750 * 0,75 > 1000


Update January 26, 2021:

Next week this proposal will be discussed during a meeting with the board of the German AI association representing 250 companies and thousands of AI&ML professionals in Germany. Please cross fingers.


Update January 27, 2021:

Today the German government released the Strategy towards a new Data Economy and published a summary here and as a download here:

The strategy includes blockchain, privacy-preserving computing, AI/ML and goals and measures to build a new data economy from here on. The interaction with leading think tanks, researchers and associations to implement solutions as Ocean Protocol is now on the official agenda in Germany and as contacts with these stakeholders have been established over the past weeks this gives a huge boost to this proposal.

Unfortunately the publication is only available in German for the time being.

Relevant pieces from the official document that are at the core of this proposal will be added over the next days.

Some examples:

Update February 1, 2021:

The first introduction of Ocean Protocol to the German AI Association, representing 250 AI/ML companies from Germany, went well and the idea of a privacy-preserving data exchange that connects data to the capital market, facilitates dynamic price discovery, allows cooperation across borders resonated with the managing board.

The next step is now an introduction of Ocean to the members which will take place during the course of February. This, likely a virtual panel discussion, will feature a representative of Ocean Protocol and give Ocean Protocol and the Ocean Data Market a lot of visibility outside of the crypto community and allow the market to gain traction in one of the industries it has been designed for.

The bigger picture here is to create a first German data market based on Ocean Protocol and if you would like support us in this please give us your vote. Thank you!

We will now work on the agenda and organization of the meeting and keep you updated.

This is great! Excited to hear how your meetings go this month. Please do share lessons learned so we can replicate successes with other technical communities.

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We are now beginning with the preparation of the meetings, exciting weeks ahead for sure. Thanks you so much for the support!

[Deliverable Checklist]

  • [X] Ocean Protocol has been introduced to the German AI Association and other influencial Actors in Germany, such as eco, BVDW, VDI, Gaia-X, etc.
  • [X] Assistance and Workshops have been provided for all of those who wanted to know more about Ocean Protocol and the Ocean Marketplace
  • [X] The proposal of a partnership has been made and discussed, but both parties did not agree on the final terms and postponed this to a later stage of maturity of the market. This is a proposal for the long run and some parts of Ocean Market that are necessary for a German Data & AI portal are still missing. Instead of rushing this we pivoted to bringing Ocean Protocol to the Gaia-X Core where it now can be found in the Architecture Document and Minimal Viable Gaia-X
  • [X] Various participants of our sessions and workshops took part in the Ocean Academy and got involved in Ocean Protocol
  • [X] Feedback has been reported back to the community and various change requests have been made on GitHub and in internal discussions with the Academy and OPF


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Thank you for reconciling your deliverables @kaimeinke!