Free Idea: Community Bounty / Idea Pool

This is another free idea that aims to improve the DAO process. Please let us know if you like it, if you think it is to early or unnecessary or if you want to build it.

What if:
… the community could pool together Ocean for a DAO task that the community wants to see delivered?
… the pooled rewards get released after a snapshot/voting on the released product / finished activity (more yes than no votes).
… the activity could be boosted even more by Ocean Protocol Foundation by simple adding to the Bounty Pool?

How could it work?

  1. People propose to the DAO Community Bounty Pool through the Port/DAO Proposals
  2. The Community votes on activities that should be included for a Community Bounty Pool
  3. People can provide liquidity to the pool (can only be withdrawn if a solution has been voted down / canceled later on)
  4. People that put liquidity in the pool can vote on activities later on that can receive funding from the pool and the funding will be released if the mayority votes “yes, success”.
  5. Try out and improve

What it requires:

  • Some discussion
  • Some love
  • A good snapshot / smart contract

Please feel free to discuss. Would love your input.