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Project Description

Hello Ocean community!

We are the founders of Forestme and we feel honored for the opportunity to apply for the OceanDAO grant.

Our aim is to connect people with the data economy by facilitating the collection of data in a way that benefits the user and data consumer. Ocean Protocol allows users to own their data and generate value on the marketplace. We now possess the ability to unlock our true potential as a global community, these are exciting times, let’s begin.

Final Product

We imagine a global network of empowered people, living and expressing their full potential in a world of truth and freedom.

Core Team

Richard Bodhi Perryer

  • BBA Business Management and Psychology
  • Founder of Goodwill Mountain Farm
  • Worked in tree-planting industries for 7+ years
  • Years of studying with my Guru in the Himalayas
  • Director at Forestme

Michael Manbear Hayles

  • BSc Sports Science
  • Worked in tree-planting industries for 7+ years
  • Inspiring developer and entrepreneur
  • Director at Forestme

Proposal One Liner

Forestme is a platform that facilitates the collection, ownership and interaction of life’s data through the mythology of the Hero’s Journey.

Proposal Description

Our data collection system utilises the mythological Hero’s Journey, this framework provides a number of benefits.

It allows us to:

  • Index data, collected by users, into very specific categories that resemble the steps described in the Hero’s Journey
  • Define a path that leads to self-development and achievement for users
  • Provide a relatable framework to attract new users and build a global network
  • Create opportunities to reward users for their efforts
  • Contextualise user’s data into objective and subjective
  • Provide consumers the opportunity to request very specific data and reach a wide variety of individuals
  • Group Quests allow for data verification and validation

Forestme users are the Heroes, they participate on the platform by attempting to complete Quests and Challenges that are set by interested data consumers.

Quests are designed as a call to action and provide the direction of a given project.

Challenges are data requests, instructions that guide the hero along the path in increments. Continuous small achievements will compound and keep the users interested.

Direction is vital to keep the user’s engaged and their aim true. Carefully structured quests and challenges can result in high-quality data for consumers and fulfillment for users. Covering both supply and demand.

Quests are set in an attempt to acquire data, users then have the opportunity to view which quests best suit their time and effort. Quests can thus be tailored to specific groups of heroes, giving the consumer the best possible chance to attain the highest quality data. Gamification of quests can be achieved with ease, the imagination can fully take hold as data capture is transformed into an adventure. Very specific reward structures can be made for the heroes who participate in certain quests, this adds to the value of participating and capturing data.

Challenges are a means of further categorising quests, breaking them down into smaller more palatable parts for the Heroes. This action also increases the granularity of the data being produced. Challenges are structured to direct heroes to the desired results and subsequent rewards, a story can be created that keeps the users entertained, rewards produce feelings of accomplishment and fulfillment that drives participation.

This system also creates strong community bonds, Guilds can be created to allow Heroes united in common pursuits to become powerful forces. With the growth of Guilds the opportunities for vast quantities of data begins to rapidly increase along with the ability to solve real-world problems.

Using Ocean Protocol, Heroes receive the full benefits from Ocean’s blockchain technology, such as data ownership, security, privacy, and access to the data economy through the marketplace.

Data that is not for sale will still be of intrinsic value to the Hero and will form their Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). An example of this would be your personal diary.

SSI or decentralized identity, provides individuals with a new way to own their personal information and enables secure and trusted transactions in their everyday life.

SSI is another form of value created by data that we believe is important in such uncertain times. We need to ensure our rights as humans, data can protect us from corruption and help us take control of true value.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise life on Earth. To do this it requires vast quantities of granular, high quality, and contextual data.

Forestme data has both subjective and objective elements, giving a whole new dimension to Ai development.

Please visit our website showcase to see what this could look like. We are currently trialling Forestme in tree-planting and regenerative land management, industries that have a global reach and potential to benefit from data collection. Forestme | Data | Web3


  • We have created various MVPs, a tentative roadmap, the required technology is available, reaching out for funding to speed up development
  • Forestme Plant (Plant) is currently being tested in Australia and will soon start testing in Sweden. Plant is used to collect planting data and serve the administration of forestry companies
  • Forestme Farms is being tested in South Africa

Community Activeness:

  • Recently involved in the Ambassador program, owners of the Ocean token for years, we look forward to further involvement because we are firm believers in Ocean and the positive impacts it can have for people

Missions and Values:

  • We stand by Ocean’s mission, Forestme focuses on data collection and Ocean is what enables that data to have value. The combination of Ocean and Forestme can provide untold benefits for all.

Thanks so much and be well

Mike and Bodhi

Grant Deliverables

  • Update planting app and begin building V2
  • Update website
  • Begin building first Forestme datasets for use on Ocean

Value Add Criteria

  • Increase the supply of data to Ocean
  • Increase the demand of data to Ocean
  • Bring new users to Ocean
  • Increase awareness and community

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