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Unleash Data

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Proposal Description

Festika is an NFT marketplace focused on selling tickets for live events of any kind, including music festivals, sports games, concerts, museums and many more. We are reinventing the ticketing industry by allowing event organisers to mint and sell tickets as NFTs on the Ocean Market.

Grant Deliverables

Grant Deliverable 1: Creation of a profile page, so the user is able to see his NFTs in a private portal.

Grant Deliverable 2: Integrating into the Ocean market to sell tickets and mint NFTs.

Grant Deliverable 3: 100 Number of NFTs traded in the secondary market

Project Description


The ticketing industry needs a change urgently. Problems such as scams cost consumers about $800M per year, proving that a verified marketplace where tickets can be sold from the organizer to the customer, and in a decentralized way between customers is the next big thing that cannot be over-emphasised.


With the opportunities presented by Blockchain technology, we are hoping to open new opportunities for engagement between live events and consumers using NFTs as a memory, a collectable/tradeable asset, a pass to build a community with similar interests, and a possibility to gamify the events, a passport for privileges, and many more.

Final Product

Festika will allow users to sell tickets to events by connecting their wallets and will be able to mint, list and sell NFTs to their customers (via OCEAN), offering different kinds of tickets/NFTs depending on the privileges they have.

Value Add Criteria

More engagement: with dynamic NFTs, the event can be gamified creating much more visibility to the OCEAN market and the protocol at large. 

More data: Tickets will be on OCEAN, so organizations will be able to know the age, interests, previous concerts, and average spending per event of every account and those tickets can be resold or used as antiques for special tickets. 

More revenue: Engagement, gamification, user data, memories and collectable pieces of the festival will increase user experience, driving to higher revenue per attendant and invariably the purchase fee charged per transaction. 

Core Team

Kyuhan Shin



Background: I am a data enthusiast and currently working at Deloitte on developing and implementing reporting solutions for IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts. I am currently working with the Workiva platform as a data analyst and developer, and also have skills in MS Azure Data Factory, MS Power BI, Tableau and SAS Visual Analytics.

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Hi there,

Thank you for applying for R-19!

I am a Project Guide and have assigned myself to help you.

We have attempted to make your first grant easy to earn (you are registered in the New Entrant Earmark) I would also recommend one (or all) of the following to increase support:

  1. Saying hi to the community in #ocean-dao and sharing your proposal.
  2. Saying hi to members of the #project-guiding WG and sharing your proposal.
  3. Meet with the Guides assigned to you by the #project-guiding WG.
  4. Attend a Town Hall or Project-Guiding WG meeting to talk about your project and proposal.

Your proposal has been registered into the grants program, however, we’re seeing one (or several) issues:

  • Your Deliverable checklist is not well defined.

  • Your Fundamental Metric is not clearly defined.

We want to learn more about your idea of the technical implementation and the key metrics (KPIs) you are going for. In addition, we would like to know more about how services can learn more about the users by accessing the NFT on Ocean Market.

It would be great if you could reply with further details in this thread.

Please refer to the Grant Proposal Template and the OceanDAO Airtable for more information.

All the best!


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I reached out to you on LinkedIn as well, with no reaction from your end.

Also: no reaction to Queen Pat’s questions right here so far.

Please react to either of these, to verify some details about your proposal. Otherwise we might have the impression you might not be interested in interacting, which would not be ideal with regards to how we want to build here.


Also, you are talking about people minting “NFT” or “dynamic NFTs” on Ocean Market.

All you can do is mint “data NFTs” on Ocean Market. How are you planning to leverage these exactly?


If you need help, you can also reach out to me personally on discord for help on the proposal.

Always happy to help new comers to the ecosystem.

Hi @Queenpat @Kooda22

Still trying to get hold of how things work here. Happy to join the town hall to share more…

As for the KPI, the major thing we want to achieve is to create an interactive dashboard where users can see their collections, as well be able to easily to connect to OCEAN market to share these data, that will inherently have meta data.

This in it self is quite an effort and we will be trying to do some test minting with after integration to validate and produce an article on how this process works.
I don’t know if this makes sense?

Thank you again.

Hi @Malte_Ocean, apologies for the late reaction.

We want to leverage OCEAN to store and publish the meta-data of our minted NFT tickets on our interface, you would see a graphical illustration but whose meta data would be stored and traded on OCEAN.

So, look at this as every experience has two sides, the side you can visually see, which will be the minted tickets, but the second part is the data storage part which we will leverage on Ocean to deliver.

Ok cool. I expected some details on leveraging data token and data sets, for which events for example (technical events, not concerts), also how you deal with the ID part cross different “tickets” → data sets → data token for example, and how it integrates into the infrastructure you are planning to build. But still thx.