Expanding Ocean Brand Awareness & Community

Key Project Data

  • Name of project: Ocean x DeFi Slate Marketing
  • Team Website: https://defislate.substack.com/ , https://twitter.com/defislate
  • Proposal Wallet Address: 0x5f532e354a72ee73778f03e16823a2c2e2fb312b
  • The proposal in one sentence: Increase awareness of Ocean protocol and how it fits into the crypto ecosystem in order to build a community and onboard new users.
  • Which category best describes your project?

Outreach / community / spread awareness

Project Overview

  • Description of the project: We are a coordinated marketing and exposure team aiming to increase exposure and awareness of newly launched cryptocurrency, specifically DeFi, projects.
  • What problem is your project solving? A lack of market participants and engagement with the Ocean data marketplace.
  • What is the final product? Posts on existing Defislate substack and twitter platforms. Content forms include podcasts, interviews, AMA’s, tutorials, and video demos.
  • How does this project drive value to the Ocean ecosystem? The expected ROI of this project is driven by value added from new users and awareness of Ocean within the overall crypto ecosystem. ROI from new users is expressed as value driven to the data marketplace - increasing market participants and data flow through the marketplace. We use the “bang / buck * (% chance of success)” as the formula for expected ROI. With a $10k “buck” we can implement a marketing plan targeting new users in the thousands (see Performance & Engagement stats below). In addition to adding thousands of new users we will increase awareness of Ocean in the eyes of other protocol leaders to increase the chances of partnership and interoperability with other protocols.

Project Deliverables - Category

  • Defi Slate will incorporate Ocean prominently in upcoming content strategy, offering multiple content pieces to our reader base on multiple platforms.
  • Actively market via Defi Slate’s and Andy’s Twitter through mentioning other accounts, retweeting, and liking engagement groups etc
  • Podcast deep dive into concept and technical motivation behind protocol
  • Post written AMA to prime audience and community on ideology and strategy
  • Record video tutorial of platform and release demo of using the tech
  • Ocean will be a feature sponsor of our podcast, and receive 30 seconds of airtime on every episode.
  • Add Ocean to DS weekly recap articles informing the community on periodic updates and announcements
  • Record video follow up to continue exposure and funnel in new DeFi users
  • Team calls 1-2 times per month to align interests and schedule new releases

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

  • Any prior work completed thus far? Of the deliverables listed above we have completed one interview to date with the Ocean core team.
  • What is the project roadmap? Weekly implementation of content pieces described in Project Deliverables.
  • Please include the milestones: Consistent growth of new users following each content piece. Expecting 500-1000 views per post depending on video/written piece and content vehicle (ie. substack, youtube, etc.). Conversion rate of 5-10% into new users onboarding to Ocean protocol we can expect growth in the hundreds of new users following in the initial 1-2 months of Action Plan. After 6 months of exposure marketing for Ocean we can expect >1000 new users and community members.
  • Please include the team’s future plans and intentions. Continue engagement with Ocean protocol on social media including retweets, likes, engagement with posts. Continuously publish content pieces and interact with existing DeFi protocols to encourage cross-collaboration with Ocean protocol. Planning on DeFi Slate Summit where Ocean will be introduced as a speaker and head sponsor.

Project Details

Stats & Engagement:

DS account twitter

Andy personal stats below (11k followers)

Team members

For each team member, give their name, role and background such as the following.

Rob Klages

  • Role: Content designer
  • Relevant Credentials (e.g.):
  • Background/Experience:
    • Co-founder at ocm.capital - Algo Crypto Fund
    • Co-founder at DeFi Slate
    • Math and Philosophy at Univ of Florida

Andy Cavanaugh

  • Role: Content designer
  • Relevant Credentials (e.g.):
  • Background/Experience:
    • Founder: Level Up Online Consulting
    • Econ at Univ of FL
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