Evotegra: Unleash more traffic data to the market

Name of project

Unleash more traffic data to the market

Short description:

Extend the EVO/2MP/TRFC/DE/200K Dataset with new classes like pedestrian, car, motorcycle, bicyclist and busstop

Long description

Currently the EVO/2MP/TRFC/DE/200K dataset contains 192,499 images with 807,415 individual labels in 274 classes. With this proposal we are going to extend the dataset by at least pedestrian and car as well as bicyclist, motorcycle and busstop if there are sufficient samples in the data. This will extend the dataset to over a million unique labels and significantly improve the value of the dataset. In our highly automated process all labels are created and verified multiple times by an AI supervised by humans. The improved quality and consistency of our data enables AI to unlock its full potential.

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Country of residence: Germany
Email: manthey@evotegra.de

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Unleash data

What problem is your project solving?

There is currently no dataset on the market that contains traffic data including cars and pedestrians, bicyclist, motorcycle and busstop

How does this project drive value to the Ocean ecosystem?

This project will further extend the offering on the ocean datamarket with high quality traffic data and has the potential to attract more players from the automotive domain.

Email: manthey@evotegra.de


Hi @tmanthey,

I am replying to inform you that we have updated our process for Round 5.

Please submit your Proposal via the Web Form below to complete registration.

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Hi Evotegra.
We have sorted this out, please do not worry about submitting it again.

Thank you.

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Current status: Completed

We delivered 6 of 6 classes while switching one class from bus to train/tram/metro with actually twice as much annotations than promised.

We are going to update the EVO/2MP/TRFC/DE/200K dataset with the classes:

[X] cars
[X] bicycles
[X] motocycles
[X] trucks
[ ] bus
[X] people
[X] train/tram/metro

with at least 500000 new AI validates instances.
[X] 989911