Eden Protocol of Developer DAO | Eden protocol (fka as Soil 🌱 in Developer_DAO) | Round 20

Project Name

Eden Protocol of Developer DAO

Project Category

Build & Integrate

Proposal Earmark

New Outreach

Proposal Description

We’re currently at the very beginning of our journey - the idea of creating better project person matches came to us around the beginning of June 2022, after having contributed to multiple DAOs (mostly in Developer_DAO) and having experienced ourselves how hard it is to find relevant projects to contribute to.

As founders, we’ve been lucky to match in a very complementary skill set. BluePanda from a technical POV with a Ph.D. in Machine Learning, experience as a Senior ML engineer at several multinational corporations & CTO at a startup. Impactbilli from a more business-oriented POV building a digital innovation consultancy, where he has worked on large-scale AI & data - as well as cutting edge Hybrid AI projects with multinationals, European Institutions & research institutions such as IMEC. From that match, we asked ourselves the question - how could we leverage our AI & data experience to drastically improve the flow of finding opportunities and talents to contribute with?

Very quickly, we found a lot of support from fellow members in Developer_DAO and before we knew it there were 25 of us working in 5 different teams around the project/person matching. We are arriving at a point where we start deploying our MVP to Developer_DAO and are starting to look beyond D_D. This brings us to this grant application.

We believe our ethos around data interoperability (point 3 in our manifesto) really aligns deeply with the Ocean DAO philosophy. In order to be able to add to the Ocean Ecosystem with algorithms & data, we need to grow Eden beyond Developer_DAO.

Our first step would be to develop an outward-facing identity with logo, brand, social media presence, website, etc. This is what we would like to use the Ocean DAO grant for in this first iteration.

We’re applying to your grant because we like the stepwise increase in grant funding as this indicates a desire to build long-term sustainable relationships across both our projects. We’d like to develop that relationship from the get-go. That’s also why we’d like to organise an Ocean <> Developer DAO event using our matching bot for speed mentoring. This is where we use the bot to match up people with similar skills & interests from each community to go deep & have those common skills to talk about in a gather.town event.

Grant Deliverables

  1. Logo
  2. Twitter Account & social media presence
  3. Brand Guidelines
  4. Website v1
  5. An event bringing together Ocean & Developer DAO using the Eden person/person matching tool through speed mentoring.

Project Description

Today, in DAOs, many great opportunities remain buried beneath overwhelming discord channels, outdated notion tables, DM’s, and a multitude of calls amongst only a handful of the most dedicated people - making it a hassle for DAO members to find opportunities to learn, earn, contribute or connect. The harder it is for members to find people & opportunities to contribute, the harder it is for the DAO to engage & retain talent, the less likely the DAO will be able to succeed in its mission, as the people are the DAO.

We’re solving this problem by making it frictionless & hyper-relevant to find the right opportunities through a high-quality project/person matching assistant, called “Eden” (fka as Soil in Developer_DAO). As people find & engage in relevant projects with ease, the DAO becomes healthier, more effective & long term (economically) viable.

Eden utilizes ML techniques to analyze personal and project profiles to find the best match based on skills, interests, previous experiences, on-chain endorsements, (social) interactions and availability. To benefit from Eden, community members set up their profile through a one-time onboarding process. What makes Eden special, is the ability to participate in community driven, on-chain, progressive profiling: this means that relevancy markers such as endorsements are being added to your profile by the community all the time. Leveraging skin in the game mechanics, data is peer reviewed which ensures the data, such as endorsements, is trustworthy and has meaning. On the project side it looks quite similar. Project Champions are guided through a project onboarding process that makes sure data is qualitative. This information is then used to match the right people with the right projects.

Final Product

Eden aims to be the world’s opportunity protocol, where anyone can find work they love & that work can find them - decentral, autonomous & community driven. At the core of Eden is an ML driven assistant in combination with a platform-like interface & protocol mechanics (such as intellectual & social capital staking, token enabled governance, …) which can click into any discord, slack, telegram … or wherever the community operates. This assistant serves as a personal project scout, flagging the most relevant opportunities to each member & flagging the most relevant community members to each project.

Value Add Criteria

Both founders have deep data & AI expertise from respectively a technical as well as business POV. This fact combined with the nature of the project around project/person matching makes us confident that the algorithms & datasets that will come from our project will be very interesting for Ocean. We would also be happy to participate as customers in the Ocean marketplace, as our main value proposition is around project/person matching - we intend to benefit from having access to algorithms & datasets through Ocean. 

Because we are using & enabling skin-in-the-game endorsing mechanisms, we believe the data we can add to Ocean will be uniquely interesting & not easily replicable. Specifically in understanding how people “bet” on each other's abilities at scale - which we could foresee have huge value in other applications than project/person matching. 

Core Team

We are lucky to have an amazing team of 25 core contributors born from the Developer_DAO. For the sake of brevity, we’re mentioning the two founders & project leads relevant to this application here + we have added a slide with an overview of all the contributors. :slight_smile:


Miltiadis Saratzidis

Tech Lead

CTO, relevant Fullstack, Blockchain & ML experience

Github: https://github.com/BluePanda-io

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miltiadis-saratzidis-b1a396129/

Background: BS CS, Masters ML, PhD Deep Learning; Tech lead role in major corporations; CTO in fintech company; Web3 founder & active DAO contributor;

co-founder at FInseka.pl


Tom Husson

Product Lead

Github: https://github.com/HussonT

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-husson-b30a48a1/

Background: BS CS, CEO & founder of digital innovation consultancy; Podcast host theimpactbillionaires.com; Web3 founder & active DAO contributor;

Founder at Humain.ai


Lolita Mileta

UI designer | Community Facilitation | Research


Background: BS in Political Science & International Relations, PM Scrum Master in Sabre Corporation; UI designer; project facilitator



Strat | Brand

10 years of strategy experience (consulting and corporate), then built two talent businesses in Asia (two exits), now a web3 consultant with Bankless Consulting (part of Bankless DAO) and active contributor to talent coordination and GTM.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/mwlite/in/adrienneyoungman


Tyrone Dunmore

Backend | Product

Upcoming CS graduate @ The University of DC; Community Manager @ Developer DAO; Backend & Product @ Soil Github:

Github: https://github.com/tyronedunmore


Ben Fielding

CEO gensyn.ai

Github: NA

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-fielding/

Background: PHD, serial entrepreneur,…

Mieke De Ketelaer

AI Director IMEC, Author

Github: NA

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miekedeketelaere/

Background: PHD, AI pioneer, …

Wim Tobback


Github: NA

Linkedin: https://be.linkedin.com/in/wimtobback

Background: Managing Partner. Head of Technology and Innovation. Venture Builder. Trendwatcher.

The whole of D_D

Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

Wallet Address


Amazing to be here, super excited to see the proposal up!

Thank you so much @richardblythman for the introduction
and thank you @idiom-bytes for the really great call, it was insightful and I understood deeper the values of OceanDAO


The problem that Eden aims to solve is one that I experience regularly. Successful projects require many different types of stakeholders to come together. For Algovera (a DAO of data scientists), to collaborate with a DAO of another type of stakeholder (e.g. DeveloperDAO) requires that I first take a lot of time to join the community, build a reputation and find the individuals interested in working together. It’s just not scalable. I’m captivated at the prospect of using data science and recommender systems to make this process more efficient.

We’ve met with the co-founders a few times already and we find that they’re a talented, ambitious and generous team that can bring a lot to OceanDAO in terms of AI expertise and community building.


Love the DAO to DAO perspective & how it can help there. As we’ve been thinking a lot about this - the possibilities of creating great data & AI driven project-person matching in a community driven way really feel endless. We’re super excited to explore more of them with communities such as Algovera & OCEAN!


I’ve joined both Algovera & Ocean discord some time back and I’ve been lurking around the topic of decentralisation of AI for quite some time - super excited to have found those communities and now we have a chance to collaborate. Eden can truly be something majestic one day :slight_smile:


yeeees actually we where playing theoretically with this idea but you @richardblythman solidify it, right now we have a whole team on the backEnd rebuilding parts of it in order to be able to create a DAO to DAO collaboration as you imagined it, I don’t know if @wiseTy is around to talk a bit about the graph Database that can help with that?


Hey, just learned that there is a proposal on OceanDAO and Eden :deciduous_tree:

I am a member of the blockchain team in Eden, building digital representations of user skills using blockchain technology, and would love to see how we can make Eden Protocol thrive in collaboration with OceanDAO.


Hey @tricelex, this is a really good point, It can be a really interesting experiment to use OceanDAO technology for the information NFTs that we are creating, in case that anyone has any information we would love to understand more


As a fellow member of Developer DAO, I’m excited to see a project like this. I think the OceanDAO can do more to tap into the growing number of talent pools across the Web3 ecosysystem.


100% align with this vision!


heey excited to see a fellow D_D member! we would love to talk about ways to tap into a D_D and OceanDAO collaboration using Eden :deciduous_tree: :smiley:


Thank you for the proposal @BluePanda

As I mentioned in our discussion, I believe Eden is on a great path as you are tackling a gigantic industry problem: career 2-sided marketplace (workers and employers). Focusing on engineers & web3 is a golden opportunity.

Here are some good bang-for-the-buck outcomes that could be delivered that I outlined in our call:

  1. Publish developer data for those who are looking for work (i.e. a lead-generation list) for employers that are looking to hire talent.
  2. Publish employer data for those who are looking to get hired (i.e. a https://weworkremotely.com/ for web3).
  3. Strengthen the bonds between DD & OceanDAO by integrating yourselves in our #find-a-team, #developer-support #core-tech channels. Whether it’s a bot, or a reminder, or a simple integration from Eden that enables DD & OceanDAO participants to match make.
  4. Organize low-overhead events inside DD/OceanDAO/Eden Discords that could be used for engineering community-building. An example of this would be to funnel participants into Algovera hackathons @richardblythman, which could perhaps be hosted in a round-robin structure so that DD/OceanDAO/Algovera/Others benefit from the visibility.
  5. Leverage Ocean Protocol primitives such as DataNFTs (or otherwise such as Arweave’s new DID systems) to drive Eden’s underlying architecture, and benefiting the protocol.

I would shy away from:

  • Burdensome / High-overhead events (such as conferences, or getting too fancy with Metaverse integrations), that require a lot of promotion, organization, and have led to low numbers. Instead, focus on continuous events and promotions that can be driven by the community (again, Algovera on Discord + promoting via standard channels)
  • Inspirational roadmap goals that may get shipped or not. Instead, let’s identify a handful of traction-oriented deliverables that can help Eden, DD, and OceanDAO participants to benefit.
  • Bootstrapping non-critical roadmap work. Deliverables 4 & 5 make sense for the grant and I would like to see funding go more towards this type of work rather than 1-3.

My main request as you go forward is, can you break down your Grant Deliverables as a % of how grants will be allocated?

I think it’s important for projects to continue using funding towards key deliverables that benefit everyone, while balancing costs with work that should be delivered via sweat-equity or otherwise.

All the best!

  • Idiom

I truly love all of these different concrete ideas that we can collaborate on in the future, and I would love to explore that in the next proposal

Thank you for explaining what proposals whuold make less sense for the community

That sounds perfect we would love to do that

And it will be great to also have the thoughts of @impactbilli.eth which is the champion on all the grant-related initiatives


Project submitted deliverables:

The key deliverables around branding (logo, branding system, etc) are all reflected in our website www.edenprotocol.xyz & our twitter: www.twitter.com/edenprotocolxyz

the event is being planned as you read this


Congratulations on organizing the face of the organization and bringing the spirit of it together. Looking forward to hearing more about the event and how Eden is continuing to align itself.