Eden Protocol of Developer DAO | Eden Protocol | Data Strategy & Architecture | Round 21

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Eden Protocol of Developer DAO

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Build & Integrate

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2nd/3rd Grant

Proposal Description

What happened before

Eden, as a project, is now almost 3 month old and in that short period of time we’ve managed to have over 35 contributors with 25 of them sticking with us for the long run. The idea of solving a problem of project/person matching came around at the beginning of June 2022, after having experienced firsthand the hardships of finding a relevant project to contribute to in a DAO.

As founders, @BluePanda and @Impactbilli were lucky to match in a very complimentary skill set - BluePanda from a technical POV with a Ph.D. in Machine Learning, experience as a Senior ML engineer at several multinational corporations & CTO at a startup. Impactbilli from a more business-oriented POV building a digital innovation consultancy, where he has worked on a large-scale AI & data - as well as cutting edge Hybrid AI projects with multinationals, European Institutions & research institutions such as IMEC. Starting to work together, we’ve asked ourselves the question - how could we leverage our AI & data experience to drastically improve the flow of finding opportunities and talents to contribute with?

Early on both of us were engaged in Developer_DAO, so having raised the topic we’ve received a lot of support from fellow D_D members and before we knew it there were 25 permanent contributors working in 5 teams around the project/person matching. In this iteration we’ve moved to the new approach - 4 squads - which basically means several autonomous squads that combine all roles in one team and allow developers to work on the feature directly with designers, product & research team using a build-measure-learn loop as their main driver.

Today, we’ve shipped a bot and an onboarding side of the platform that now is being actively used in Developer_DAO to onboard new talent and capture data about them. This is then used to recommend relevant opportunities to the new joiners. This is a big step for us, as every iteration of the product is followed by extensive user research and continuous improvement of the tool.

Our previous OCEAN deliverables

Using our first grant from the OceanDAO we were able to develop the first iteration of our branding a.k.a. Soul of the Eden protocol, as well as, a website and a social media presence - which allowed us to approach users with more credibility. On top of that, we’re grateful for the meaningful connections and genuine involvement with the Ocean & Algovera communities we intend to develop as we have & will continue to connect with several of you during town halls etc.

What we’d like to do for this next round

For the next iteration, our plan is to start diving deeper into our data strategy. One of our beliefs is that everything that’s a platform today will be a protocol tomorrow. That has some profound implications for the way we look at data, as - up until this day - “data plays” are the main ways platforms like facebook & google monetise. In a protocol, that dynamic shifts from platform asking the question how can I monetise the data to the protocol’s question: how can I provide maximum utility for the data back to the users. This will make the thoughtful generation & consumption of data more important - as well as data’s tangible value to end users a whole lot bigger. This is due to the completely different ownership structures between platforms & protocols.

From a strategy pov, project/person matching is also one of the areas where truthful information has higher value. For the first time in history, we can embed blockchain enabled skin-in-the-game mechanics & mechanism designs at the atomic level to ensure higher trustability of information. This aligns nicely with the protocol centering on quality rather than the platforms who are incentivized to go for quantity.

In order to deliver the best matches between talent and opportunities, it is therefore crystal clear that in-depth, trustworthy data points will play a key role. To provide immediate utility from that data in a thoughtful, pragmatic & user-centric way will therefore be a core tenant of our strategy.

Our efforts in defining that data strategy will push us to go deeper in the before-mentioned considerations & explore additional blindsponts by as well as lay out a high-level plan inline with this data strategy for our data architecture, including collecting, storing, consuming, securing, distributing & governing the data.

We believe our ethos around data interoperability (point 3 of our manifesto) really aligns deeply with the Ocean DAO philosophy. In order to be able to add to the Ocean Ecosystem with algorithms & data, we need to grow Eden beyond Developer_DAO.

We’re applying to our second round Ocean grant to work towards our data strategy deliverables and we want to use the grant to consult Data specialists, preferably from within the Ocean, Algovera & DeveloperDAO communities. Our collaboration has proven itself in the past and it only strengthened our desire to build long-term sustainable relationships across both our projects.

Grant Deliverables

  1. Draft of the data strategy (why, how, what, where and whose data are we storing & consuming? What are our core data (governance) principles? How will we bake in security? How can we adhere to the “protocol” mentality? + answers to additional questions that arise from consultancy sessions,…)
  2. Define v1 of data architecture ( what concrete data stack, schemas, pipelines & data capture mechanisms does the strategy translate to?)
  3. proof of initial implementation in form of database schemas (v1) outputted by GraphQL & NEO4J

Project Description

Today, in DAOs, many great opportunities remain buried beneath overwhelming discord channels, outdated notion tables, DM’s, and a multitude of calls amongst only a handful of the most dedicated people - making it a hassle for DAO members to find opportunities to learn, earn, contribute or connect. The harder it is for members to find people & opportunities to contribute, the harder it is for the DAO to engage & retain talent, the less likely the DAO will be able to succeed in its mission, as the people are the DAO.

We’re solving this problem by making it frictionless & hyper-relevant to find the right opportunities through a high-quality project/person matching assistant, called “Eden” (fka as Soil in Developer_DAO). As people find & engage in relevant projects with ease, the DAO becomes healthier, more effective & long term (economically) viable.

Eden utilizes ML techniques to analyze personal and project profiles to find the best match based on skills, interests, previous experiences, on-chain endorsements, (social) interactions and availability. To benefit from Eden, community members set up their profile through a one-time onboarding process. What makes Eden special, is the ability to participate in community driven, on-chain, progressive profiling: this means that relevancy markers such as endorsements are being added to your profile by the community all the time. Leveraging skin in the game mechanics, data is peer reviewed which ensures the data, such as endorsements, is trustworthy and has meaning. On the project side it looks quite similar. Project Champions are guided through a project onboarding process that makes sure data is qualitative. This information is then used to match the right people with the right projects.

Final Product

Eden aims to be the world’s opportunity protocol, where anyone can find work they love & that work can find them - decentral, autonomous & community driven. At the core of Eden is an ML driven assistant in combination with a platform-like interface & protocol mechanics (such as intellectual & social capital staking, token enabled governance, …) which can click into any discord, slack, telegram … or wherever the community operates. This assistant serves as a personal project scout, flagging the most relevant opportunities to each member & flagging the most relevant community members to each project.

Value Add Criteria

Both founders have deep data & AI expertise from a technical as well as business POV. This fact combined with the nature of the project around project/person matching makes us confident that the algorithms & datasets that will come from our project will be very interesting for Ocean. We would also be happy to participate as customers in the Ocean marketplace, as our main value proposition is around project/person matching - we intend to benefit from having access to algorithms & datasets through Ocean. We hope that OceanDAO will become an active user of Eden protocol and will benefit from meaningful matches between its talent & opportunities.

Because we are using & enabling skin-in-the-game endorsing mechanisms, we believe the data we can add to Ocean will be uniquely interesting & not easily replicable. Specifically in understanding how people “bet” on each other's abilities at scale - which we could foresee have huge value in other applications than project/person matching.

On top of this, we’re convinced that the core functionality of project/person matching that eden provides will be useful to the whole OCEAN ecosystem

Core Team

We are lucky to have an amazing team of 25 core contributors born from the Developer_DAO. For the sake of brevity, we’re mentioning the two founders & project leads relevant to this application here + we have added a slide with an overview of all the contributors. :slight_smile:


Miltiadis Saratzidis

Tech Lead

CTO, relevant Fullstack, Blockchain & ML experience

Github: https://github.com/BluePanda-io

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miltiadis-saratzidis-b1a396129/

Background: BS CS, Masters ML, PhD Deep Learning; Tech lead role in major corporations; CTO in fintech company; Web3 founder & active DAO contributor;

co-founder at FInseka.pl


Tom Husson

Product Lead

Github: https://github.com/HussonT

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-husson-b30a48a1/

Background: BS CS, CEO & founder of digital innovation consultancy; Podcast host theimpactbillionaires.com; Web3 founder & active DAO contributor;

Founder at Humain.ai


Lolita Mileta

UI designer | Community Facilitation | Research


Background: BS in Political Science & International Relations, PM Scrum Master in Sabre Corporation; UI designer; project facilitator



Strat | Brand

10 years of strategy experience (consulting and corporate), then built two talent businesses in Asia (two exits), now a web3 consultant with Bankless Consulting (part of Bankless DAO) and active contributor to talent coordination and GTM.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/mwlite/in/adrienneyoungman


Tyrone Dunmore

Backend | Product

Upcoming CS graduate @ The University of DC; Community Manager @ Developer DAO; Backend & Product @ Soil Github:

Github: https://github.com/tyronedunmore


Ben Fielding

CEO gensyn.ai

Github: NA

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-fielding/

Background: PHD, serial entrepreneur,…

Mieke De Ketelaer

AI Director IMEC, Author

Github: NA

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miekedeketelaere/

Background: PHD, AI pioneer, …

Wim Tobback


Github: NA

Linkedin: https://be.linkedin.com/in/wimtobback

Background: Managing Partner. Head of Technology and Innovation. Venture Builder. Trendwatcher.

The whole of D_D

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WOHOOO!! Insanely happy to see our second proposal for Ocean community is up! We’ve had a very productive iteration last month thanks to the grants and collaboration with Ocean:) @Alex1237 is killing it with bot development, @waxy stepped up and now is leading frontend team with @eloigil towards creation of all the components for UI, and thanks to that we were able to bring on board 4 more frontends including @DKH, @zororro, @geniusyinka & @Sam Hawkz and that is apart from our amazing ‘older’ frontends - @sbelka.eth @ Miral @lewis
@BluePanda excelled himself in ultimate team culture, leadership and coordination and has created a blast of the internal tool (more details soon)
@impactbilli.eth with the crew shipped out an insaaaane website https://www.edenprotocol.xyz/ and brought on board our new product manager @Liquid
@Faina_Ivanovna took up on our social media strategy! @exwhyzee.eth took ownership over designs and worked like crazy to adapt & overcome all challenges thrown at him.
@Moiz freaking killed it on the blockchain side together with @tricelex and @Aayush
@wiseTy is doing magic with @BluePanda on neo4j and graphql and last, but not the least outreach team @xpriment626 @jengajojo.eth @busayo and myself are hitting new milestones in future collabs, fundraising, marketing & social media strategies



Boooom!!! Ocean 2.0 this is truly exciting

When we original started with Ocean, I didn’t know what to expect, however now throw talking a lot with @idiom-bytes and joining the Wednesday weekly calls, it feels really natural and fun, I feel that I understand you guys and I get to know you more and more

again thank you for the invitation @richardblythman and @Hithesh, @arshy and @wiseTy from Algovera

(wiseTy is also a Proud Eden :deciduous_tree: member btw, in the Graph and AI analysis )

Can’t wait to extend our. collab especially throw the schema and database :smiley:


Hey! I’m super excited to see our second proposal for Ocean :clap:
I joined Eden because they were trying to solve the problem I was currently having: not finding a meaningful project to work at.
Lately, I’ve been focused on developing the frontend of the onboarding experience. An incredible feature to kickstart the onboarding call where onboardees can share their background. It’s amazing to see it coming to life!


yeaa great to see you here Eloi :smiley: thank you for taking the time to comment

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Happy to see our proposal! I’ve been working on Neo4j (Graph database) and focusing on user research for our onboarding experience with @eloigil ! :fire::fire::fire:


Guys check this new video that we did in Eden :deciduous_tree: I really love it (only 1.5 min)


Thrilled to see Eden being part of OceanDAO. We have been super impressed with the team at Algovera. They bring so much energy to the community. You have my full support :100:.

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yeaaa great to see you here @hithesh :smiley:

Algovera :heart: Eden

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I must say that Eden Team Is working very hard to develop their product, a few days ago I was invited to know the virtual offices of Eden Team on Gater.Town and I realized that is really impressive the way of they divided their work to continue building the final product. I felt very comfortable and happy to see the progress of the project and again i feel happy to see the new proposal of Eden Team, I know they will give us a top protocol that we can use and more people as well. :grin: :fire:

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heeey @cesar amazing to see you here!! :smiley: :smiley: thank you so much for your time writing about your experience with Eden :deciduous_tree:

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Project submitted deliverables:

As described in the proposal, we dove deep into the Eden strategy & asked ourselves the question how we might integrate the OCEAN stack on a conceptual level. The outcome of that exercise made us arrive at the concept of an Open Data Ecosystem that we intend to set up with partnering projects in the talent coordination space such that can provide meaningful data on either the “identity” side of things or the “projects/opportunity” side of things. This is of course an ongoing effort. If this sounds interesting, please do not hesitate to reach out to impactbilli.

As a first step in building that ODE & getting some initial partners together, we’ve outlined a conversation starter document that we intend to turn into a template document that can be used for any OCEAN project to launch its own Open Data Ecosystem & will prove to be a great way to get the OCEAN stack adopted for many more specific use-cases. This is intended to help answer all the questions we previously outlined in the context of a multi-stakeholder Open Data Ecosystem.

Find our deliverables for R21 here:

  1. Data Strategy turned into concrete, actionable next steps: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16Bm5DyySjV2KlEKhqBWWn1ArAB81XHYd-N2lmfyD7rU/edit?usp=sharing

2 & 3) can be found in one here: https://studio.apollographql.com/sandbox/schema/reference

Our next proposal would outline how we intend to lay the technical groundwork for the ODE with the OCEAN stack. We feel a huge debt of gratitude towards the entire OCEAN community & hope to continue building the new data economy from multiple different angles.

Hi @BluePanda, it’s clear that your team is making efforts to design and plan for how to build an ODE and take your project closer to a collaborate, democratized structure. Having said this, I’m having a hard time finding the architecture/engineering plans for what will be done next.

Your link to 2/3 (graphql link) seems broken and does not offer insights into the table/schema. I’m going to go into discord now to see if I can dig this up and find this out for myself.

The initial proposal, in addition to the description above “Data Strategy turned into concrete, actionable next steps” leads me to docs that don’t really break down any roadmap, deliverables, epics, or features that are going to be built.

Could you perhaps share more of the architecture/software/designs/flows that give me more intuition as to what will be built, and details about where Ocean might fit into the big picture?

Hi @idiom-bytes - first off thank you for your diligent feedback. Have been going deep with OCEAN DAO members (thanks for the connections) and it’s clear that we need to rewrite a big part of it to answer the points as mentioned above. We’ll get to work on that ASAP!


I have reviewed the submission, in addition to spending more time to understand where Eden protocol is currently positioned. Based on their update, they are working towards: “laying the technical groundwork for implementing the OCEAN stack” with the final outcome of “open sourcing all the learnings we have along the way and eventually work towards a blueprint that can be used by other projects that want to launch an Open Data Ecosystem of their own - with a specific data focus - empowered by the OCEAN stack”. For the reasons mentioned here, and based on the conversations I’ve had with impactbilli, I am accepting this deliverable. All the best in your future proposals!