Duggie: A data union of pets with AI annotations on Ocean

Duggie: A data union of pets with AI annotations on Ocean.

The Problems we are addressing.

  • Although every animal has a unique story, the collection of these stories have always been problematic. Today, centralised third-party platforms are used for data collection and processing, which leads to concerns like a single point of failure and lack of transparency.
  • Data injustice. People who own data do not benefit from their data, rather, they end up being taken out of the equation and offered less than they should - Pet data inclusive.
  • Massive database issues (misspelt names, loss of data keys, wrong filing) and personal data evidence breaches have plagued data storage companies.
  • The growth of pet ownership and the volume of pet data (pictures, memes, stickers) circulating on the internet with no real ownership tied to such data has been overwhelming in recent times.
  • In some cases, a massive amount of pet data is collected but left dormant on different servers on the internet (underutilized), with the owners earning no rewards on such massive data sets.
  • This has led to data being locked over time (pet provenance data inclusive), this is due to several reasons from security to privacy and ownership concerns.
  • Consequently, these problems have led to a lack of pet NFT data on the digital marketplaces including the Ocean marketplace. In the instances where we see some, they have been born out of enterprise collaboration, which goes to emphasize the importance of NFT data on digital markets.

The Duggie Project

Duggie is a self-sustaining community where users can create new collectables and trade them on the Ocean market. Hence, creating more ethical and diverse data while also eliminating bias with dataset ownership given back to the pet owners. Duggies are unique and transferable blockchain possessions (NFT).

We are building a Decentralised Protocol that Leverages Crowdsourced Wisdom to source pet stories on the internet, annotate the stories into data unions and publish the stories on OCEAN with the owners/sponsors rewarded with data tokens.

Duggie is a Data Union of pets with AI annotations. Duggie allows pet “owners” and animal “crusaders” all over the world to purchase or create, protect or rescue and nurture or sell digital animals called “Duggies”. On the platform, each Duggie is a dataset with an identifier (a collar tag) that is unique, immutable and transferable.

With our AI-enabled recommendation systems, we can identify and transform not just significant traits and characteristics, but determine buyer and data match levels, while also validating such decisions to the highest level of accuracy using our community-focused approaches like majority staking.

The value of data is increased by adding unique attributes. With our AI annotation feature, users can convert real-life subjects into NFTs with metadata and the value monetized. Users can decide to sell their data or transfer ownership of their data to another user getting rewarded in the process. This is an example of the ownership economy based on the economy creation capabilities of the Ocean Protocol.

Purchasing pets, although an important life goal, comes with concerns that data may be stolen or that the digital version of the animal might not be original, or that its provenance might not be verifiable. Although this is an issue that might be difficult to prove and solve with most traditional systems. At Duggie we have combined authentication protocols as well as identity blockchain capabilities, together with our underlying NFT minting protocols to make authentication and transfer of data possible.

Grant Deliverables

Grant Deliverable 1

Develop an automatic image annotation framework (AIAF) to collect pet data sets via drag and drop functionality and image capturing.

Grant Deliverable 2
Release business whitepaper, light paper as well as community activation materials and programs.

Grant Deliverable 3
Kickstart community-building efforts & social media following with published medium articles to sustain engagement and create awareness.

Which category best describes your project?

Unleash Data - Integrations to data services – technical

Which Fundamental Metric best describes your project?

Data Consume Volume

What is the final product?

Our final product will be a web-based app www.duggieworld.com where you will be able to connect your meta-mask or web-based wallet and mint NFTs with annotations, set forking requirements, add the right attribute and publish the data on marketplaces, sell the data and stake on different LP and farming programs.

Duggie is a self-sustaining community where users can create new collectables and trade them on the Ocean market. Hence, creating more ethical and diverse data while eliminating bias with dataset ownership given back to the pet owners. Duggies are unique and transferable blockchain possessions (NFT).

The Duggie platform will be used by different stakeholders to mint NFTs and monetize them fairly and transparently without worrying about the huge storage cost that is usually associated with such magnitude of data storage.

  • The App will live in the iOS and Google App Stores in line with our roadmap.

  • Data will be made available on the Ocean market.

Duggie represents a collection of images and annotations. They are uploaded, automatically annotated, published and the Owners are rewarded with data tokens. The owners can set forking requirements for future modification, and when forked, the data union is co-owned by the community of contributors. This goes a long way to encourage the gathering of diverse data sets and thus, improving our AI recommendation systems.

How does this project drive value to the “fundamental metric” (listed above) and the overall Ocean ecosystem?

  • Primary Metric: “$ Data Token Consuming Volume”.
  • Secondary Metric: “Total Value Locked” (Staking in LP and Farming)
  • The number of NFT sales in August 2021 was approximately 300,000 (According to data Non-fungible, https://nonfungible.com/market/history). On the other hand in the US alone half (54%) of American households have pets (328.2 Million). This is based on figures published by, https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/68-million-us-households-have-pets-expect-4-growth-in-2020-reports-packaged-facts-301119637.html. Factoring in the two stats, we believe we can attract over 2,000 unique data publishers to the Ocean Market in the first month of launch.
  • We also estimate a 35% buy rate from the published data which is around 700 purchases on the platform with an average buyer volume of 5,000 OCEAN which is 3,500,000 OCEANS per month in total volume.
  • These numbers will even increase as we begin our marketing as highlighted in the roadmap.


  • Ocean Community gets 0.2% of Consume Volume. 0.2% *3,500,000 / month * 12 months = approx 84K OCEAN
  • So bang = 84K OCEAN.
  • Grant size = buck = 17.5K OCEAN
  • So ROI = bang / buck = 84K OCEAN / 17.5K OCEAN = 4.80
  • Proposer’s estimate of % chance of success = 65%
  • Final: expected ROI = 0.65 * 4.80 = 3.12

The value of locked or staked data tokens for certain platform actions will also go a long way in improving the OCEANS’s use cases (staking on data) and of course the market capitalization in the long run. The publication of the datasets on the Ocean Market will drive value to the Ocean ecosystem through numerous channels, i.e. network fee for the Ocean community, Ocean token purchases by data publishers, Ocean token purchases by stakers who wish to take up special platform action like providing LP and farming.

Funding Requested


Proposal Wallet Address


Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant (Y/N)?


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Project lead Contact Email:


Country of Residence:



Jime Akpusugh

Over 6+ years experience in building and sustaining diverse startups across local & international markets. Co-founded Hirefreehands, Stow and now Duggie. Involved in building and advising Blockchain projects since 2016 and is interested in using data, blockchain and NFT to change mankind.

Donald Nsofor

6+ years of experience building and working across technology businesses. He is a serial tech investor with interests in local and international markets across wide-ranging emerging technologies notably in FinTech. He also sits on the Board of Directors of several companies where he leads corporate strategy and sales.

Seun Owolabi

Cannes Young Lion, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Fellow and a Draper University Alumnus. 8 Years Experience Consulting for GlaxoSmithKline, World Bank, - Procter and Gamble, Standard Bank and other leading brands across 5 countries.

Camila Bretas Santos


For each Advisor, give their name, role and background such as the aforementioned team formatting.

Dickson Nsofor

Dickson is a serial entrepreneur who has led organizations in the Internet, mobile technology. Dickson has years of experience as a Blockchain researcher and Advisor to several US and European companies.

Buchi Okoro

Buchi Okoro is the founder and CEO of Quidax. He has extensive experience in the financial space and is considered to be one of the brightest financial minds in the crypto space.

Project Deliverables

Project mockups/designs

An overview of the technology stack

  • Javascript (Node.js), Express.js, Sequelize, MySQL.
  • Solidity, OpenZeppelin, IPFS, Truffle.
  • Javascript (ReactJS), Bootstrap, Web3JS.
  • Github (all the codebase are hosted on private Repos in Github).
  • AI Model using Python & Django

Community engagement plans

We plan to promote our reward program across our social media platforms. We also plan to partner data, crypto, tech influencers on our platforms to create awareness around the creation, administration and monetisation of data.

To add to these efforts, we will embark on offline marketing, sponsoring events and speaking at conferences where we can improve our visibility. Staying active in the Ocean community and building on the trust recorded.

So far, we’ve been able to:

  • Assemble a team to drive the project
  • Built the mockups, prototype and website for the project.
  • We have been able to also design the automatic image annotation framework (AIAF) ready for development and implementation.
  • We have also been able to establish a social media following online.
  • We have also been able to set up our team workflow with documentation and a product repository.

Project roadmap

Q3 2021:

  • Publish medium articles explaining project updates.
  • Release business white paper & light paper.
  • Begin community building & social media following with AMA’s
  • Development of our automatic image annotation framework (AIAF).

Q4 2021:

  • Improve the annotation systems and mechanisms.
  • Release technical whitepaper
  • Launch the first marketing campaign
  • Launch our different reward programs.
  • Create a Duggie user dashboard with summaries of important data feeds, earned data tokens.

Q1 2022:

  • Connect to the Ocean Market.
  • Publish datasets to Ocean marketplace.
  • Announce strategic partnerships for growth and expansion.
  • Build an NLP system to translate annotations and cater to a worldwide audience.
  • Start offering LP & farming programs.

Q2 2022:

  • Introduce a data-token exchange functionality, including decentralized swaps, sending and receiving.
  • Release a mobile application on the App Store and Play Store.
  • Launch a governance token
  • ​​Research multi-chain deployment

Milestone: published medium article & lightpaper explaining Duggie


Foreseen or possible additions

Open Source the Duggie Project: The goal is to build adoption of the technology, ecosystem and token through open-sourcing code, standards and documentation for other projects. Open-sourcing creates credibility with the developer community and enables better collaboration with other projects. This opens the door to new sources of funding, for integrations and improvements. It will also create the potential to create revenue share/marketplace for third-party developers via dual licensing, extra features and value-added services, with our native token as a medium of exchange.

Crowdsourcing verifiable data - NFT’s & wrapped tokens: The goal is to develop the central data wallet concept; a data owner can build their data profile and package up their profile information into NFTs (Data Duggie) to be exchanged for our Native tokens. Users will buy $DUT to exchange for verifiable consent or to make data requests for the owner to sell their data - consumer research, marketing purposes or overall usage.


Wow, this is such an incredible idea. I’ve been on the lookout for an extensive pet-centric NFT platform and I hope this one goes out to launch :clap: :clap: I would love to join the community

Thank you @AregbesolaOJ for the support…We will keep building! Stay tuned, we will have some interesting community programmes in the coming months. Hope you can be part of it.

Amazing project with real and practical use cases. The annotation of pet data will definitely open a new level to data monetization. Will watch to see how you guys handle this, the pet market is huge, lots of opportunity to tap into.

Thank you a lot @Koodalee for the support. We will definitely update the community as we BUIDL!

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Any use cases so far for the solution?

Nice work from the team.
Answer me these please.

  1. How do you guys intend to hack growth?

  2. Is this going to be like a blockchain focused solution or it’s opened to everyday pet owners as well?

Hi Abel. We have use cases for the project. Some of our use cases include:

True ownership: we are enabling an ownership economy on the blockchain. With our solution, we are increasing data diversity of assets which can be represented as pet annotations.

Data transparency: with Duggie, we aim to establish true provenance of pets, the data and history can be used for research and in medicine to understand preconditions, behaviors, treatment data, allergies and other traits.

Data security: as data is securely stored on the blockchain, we have eliminated the chances of data being compromised.

Also, we use cases around sourcing animal stories digitally using crowd wisdom and assisting in animal rescue.

For the ecosystem, we intend to unleash more data sets to the ecosystem, data that is under(un)tapped, but with an astronomical market share.

Thank you @Lewwywonder for believing in the project.

To answer your questions, growth is something we are really bullish on and we intend to capture a huge pet market share by so doing. To do this, we will be continuing with our social awareness programs, growing our communities on and offline.

We hope to launch also rewards programs that will encourage participation. Core to our marketing efforts, we will partner with pet communities, institutions, NGO etc to build on our market validation and subsequently launch marketing campaigns.

WoM is also something we don’t take for granted, and as such we have ensured our product is easy to use with exciting features and color schemes to make stellar UX experiences and optimize our viral loop.

For the second part of the question, our solution is a mix of blockchain ecosystem world audiences. We are offering pet owners a platform that allows them to get total ownership of their pets, and by so doing, we are connecting users real world experiences to different capabilities with blockchain and invariably increasing its adaptation as users begin to enjoy real life uses.

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Brilliant approach. I am looking forward to this and more.

Hi team, as great a start as this idea is. Could it not equally be expanded to zoo animals, reservation animals, and tagged populations of wild animals? Is the focus on the ownership of animals and respective data or the data associated with the animals themselves?

[Deliverable Checklist]

@AlexN @trentmc0

  • [ x ] Grant deliverable 1

Develop an automatic image annotation framework (AIAF) to collect pet data sets via drag and drop functionality and image capturing.


We have built out our first version of the annotation framework for Duggie, where users can simply upload or drag drop their pet and collect pet data sets. http://www.duggieworld.com/pet-create

You can watch this tutorial video on how this works: https://www.loom.com/share/ffe52194936b46caae01ad0762cf9070

  • [ x ] Grant Deliverable 2

Release business whitepaper, light paper as well as community activation materials and programs.


  • Since receiving the grant, we have been able to complete our Light paper with creative deigns to make it more appealing to the readers.
  • We have also rollout our White-paper V.1.0.
  • For our community growth, the White-paper and light-paper will server as our community activation materials.

Light paper: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mb4gr63c75z05n5/Duggie%20Litepaper%20Intro%20%20(1).pdf?dl=0

White paper: https://www.dropbox.com/s/460fpiisbu6l33t/Duggie%20Whitepaper%20-%20OCEAN%20.pdf?dl=0

  • We have also started collating a list of FAQs from our early adopter, and we hope to push list this on our website.

  • [ x ] Grant Deliverable 3

Kickstart community-building efforts & social media following with published medium articles to sustain engagement and create awareness.


  • Since the grant, we have started growing our community, securing & gripping the attention of our TA by getting them to follow us on social media.
  • We have also leveraged on PPC search ads, display Ads and Placements to grow our Instagram page.
  • We have also published an article on Medium which has a decent amount of reads. https://medium.com/@duggieworld/duggie-revolutionizing-pet-ownership-b4786aa9faa0
  • Since the grant, we increased our Instagram (@duggieworld) from 56 followers to over 5,000 followers and we are growing daily. Our Twitter (@duggieworld) has following has also grown to over over 250 followers from 16 followers. And we intend to continue the growth at this pace in order to reach more people and spread word on the project and ecosystem.

Hi @inKin, glad you like what we building here.

Yes, our future use cases also captures Zoo animals as well. We see that as a huge market to onboard more datasets.

We would capture animal ownership as well as the respective data.