Defillama integration of Ocean TVL

Part 1 - Proposal Submission

Name of Project: Defillama integration of the Ocean Protocol TVL

Proposal in one sentence:

Integrating the Ocean Protocol TVL within the Defillama dashboard - one of the most used tools of the standard defi user’ toolset.

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

Defillama is one of the - if not the - most transparent tool existing to track Defi protocols TVL - all code is open-source, and most data is queried on-chain directly, so historical TVL is also verifiable. It has a massive user base, and is a standard exploration tool for most Defi users tracking new and existing protocols, comparing protocols and chains. By integrating Ocean onto defillama, the protocol will be easily compared to existing similar protocols, and interesting insights can be extracted as well - TVL charts over time, mcap comparisons, etc.

Grant Deliverables: (Target deliverables for the funding provided.)

  • Publish a PR to the Defillama-Adapters repo with the adapter code and all required information

  • Follow the integration within the defillama dashboard

  • Retrieve historical TVL of OCEAN v3

Which category best describes your project?

  • Build / improve applications or integrations to Ocean

Are you applying for an Earmark?

  • New Project Outreach / community / spread awareness

What is the final product?

The final product consists of an integration of the Ocean TVL within Defillama. All standard defillama features will be available - TVL charts on the dashboard, TVL ranking, REST API for querying TVL

Value add

  1. Usage of Ocean: Attracting standard Defi users

  2. Viability: integration already live

  3. Community active-ness

I already developped the Defillama adapter. After discussing with Alex, he suggested I should apply for a grant. I believe that this integration can drive more users to the protocol and its community.

Funding Requested: 1400$

Proposal Wallet Address: 0xF61397E4b0FF46E78b34D5f72B49b4d46e8c96DD

Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant?


Team Website:

Twitter Handle: @jo_chemla

Discord Handle: jo-chemla#6253

Project lead full name: Jonathan Chemla

Project lead email:

Country of Residence: France

Part 2 - Team

2.1 Core Team

Jonathan Chemla

  • Role: developer

  • Relevant Credentials:

  • Background/Experience:

Part 3 - Proposal Details

Details of the proposal:

The technical understanding of the Ocean Protocol and where its TVL lies were quick thanks to the responsiveness of the Ocean team on Discord and comprehensive docs. Analyzing the smart contracts on chains on mainnet, polygon, bsc and moonriver, and playing around with the graphql endpoints let me query quickly the pools addresses and ratios. Using these, I could get the OCEAN balance of each pool, and tehrefore multiply by the pool ratio to get the value of the datatokens held by the pool. Once this initial phase of digging was complete, I was able to write the adapter using the defillama SDK, get it to work and return TVL, which I compared to what the ocean app displays, as well as get some feedback on discord. Once validated, I pushed a PR to the Defillama-adapters repository, filling all details about Ocean (social links, icons, description, audits, token addresses and coingecko and coinmarketcap listing ids). Took 2 days of work

App will be live at:

Is the software open-source?


If open-source, please specify the license. If no, please specify why not open-source.

GPL-3.0 License

Project software can be found at:

github repo

Are there any mockups or designs to date?

Y: The integration is already live on Defillama and has been promoted on the Ocean Protocol Discord server. See image attached above.

Please given an overview of the technology stack.

The Adapter uses the Defillama js SDK to build on-chain calls on existing chains - ethereum-mainnet, polygon, bsc, moonriver. The graphql endpoints are queried to retrieve the OCEAN pools addresses and their ratios - using pagination to allow for more than 1000 pools being returned by the endpoint. For each of these pool, the OCEAN balance is queried on-chain, and multiplied by the ratio of OCEAN over datatoken to account for the datatoken value. Works like any AMM, both sides of the pools are accounted for in TVL.

3.9 Project Deliverables - Roadmap

Any prior work completed thus far? Details?

Y: The integration is now live at Defillama

What is the project roadmap?

  • Roadmap completed, adapter written, PR pushed with all details, and historical TVL queried

  • Defillama team already tweeted about it

What is the team’s future plans and intentions?

Continue building this type of integrations for the Ocean protocol

3.10 Additional Information

Any additional information

I already submitted several Defillama adapters for various teams.