Decentralised Social Media

Part 1 - Proposal Submission

Name of Project:


Proposal in one sentence:

Grants funds are requested for creating a decentralised social media

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:

D-mail will be a platform that allows users to send each other messages in a decentralised manner meaning no central entity will ever have control over their data. This will be a move towards more privacy, decentralisation and contribution towards data as collateral.

What is the final product:

The final product will be a web application that interacts with the smart contract to enable decentralised e-mailing, the message data will also be stored in a decentralised manner.

The user will be able to interact with the application just like they do with any other messaging website/app but here the user will also be able to use their data as collateral in the ocean economy.

Initial Interface:

Grant Deliverables:

  • A user-friendly UI accompanying the project
  • Deploying smart contract for storage Integration and authorization checks
  • A Fully Functioning app
  • A weekly blog documenting the process

Tech Stack

Which Project Category best describes your project?

  • Build/improve application or integration to Ocean.

Are you applying for an Earmark?

  • Core - tech (as approved by Core-tech WG)

How does this project add value to the ocean ecosystem?

We already have a working demo of the core app (smart contract and basic front-end). Right now we are building a user interface that is intuitive and user friendly.

We believe that this app can drive the attention of more people working on data defi and data privacy. We also believe that this could bring more people(users) to the community overall.

Funding Requested:

  • $3000

Proposal Wallet Address: “0x08939627F3458b707a2cfF9753E9001068bD5507”


Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant? : NO

Country of Residence: India

Part 2 - Team

Rishabh Shukla

Part 3 - Proposal Details


Any prior work completed thus far? Details?

The project started as a submission for a challenge where I created the core contract and a simple frontend for interacting with it.

Proof Of Concept:

What is the project roadmap?

  • Finish the Front-end of the web application, making it more user-friendly
  • Testing the Smart Contract for security & functional bugs
  • Research about possible integration and use cases with ocean
  • Document the whole process by writing a blog post weekly.

App will be live at: (It will be ported to custom domain on its first stable released)

Is the software open-source?


If open-source, please specify the license. If no, please specify why not open-source.

GPL-3.0 License

Project Software can be found at

What are the team’s plans and intentions?

  • We are committed to smoothing out the user experience, making it a stable decentralised social Media platform.
  • Constant development of the product based on feedback from our first version.

Would you mind sharing the demo on GitHub? I couldn’t find it.

Hi @0xrishabh, I have registered your proposal for R14 but your proposal is being rejected be cause we need:

  • E-Mail Address
  • Core Tech Earmark approval

Could you please provide this to me before Feb 3rd 23:59 GMT?

I know decentralized social media has been communicated as an earmark, but please make sure to review in the #core-tech discord channel so they can make sure everything is aligned give you the thumbs up.

Otherwise, your proposal will still qualify for the General category.

I have shared this proposal in there, but it would be beneficial for you to say hi and work closely with the core-tech group to improve your proposal and qualify for the earmark.

All the best!

This proposal was accepted as a Core Tech Earmark when it was presented in the working group meeting.
@0xrishabh also presented the prototype there.


Thank you for confirming @Robin!

@0xrishabh, please include your e-mail address.

I have added the email

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It is not on GitHub as of now, the code will be pushed to the GitHub repo in some time.
For now, you can check out the video if that is any help.

The video isn’t helpful, sorry.

I think this proposal would do better in voting with an actual fleshed-out concept of what’s supposed to be done. “Social media” is a big category and storing a bunch of hashes in a CRUD app doesn’t transfer the idea.

Btw.: Well working similar products exist: or blockscan chat so a unique value proposition would have to be created before receiving funding. is NOT a decentralised emailing system.
ETHMail is a standard SMTP/IMAP server it’s able to communicate with any email app, but those apps have no idea about Ethereum whatsoever and they will not implement decryption based on Ethereum keys.

From my understanding of ethmail, the project stores a mapping between wallet address and user in its database to forward emails in the inbox, which means that it is a central entity and has total control over the user’s data.

You can refer to this document about D-mail old technology stack [docs]

Also with D-mail, we are trying to experiment with the user being able to use their data as collateral and that’s where its integration with ocean protocol comes into the picture.

Hello everyone & @0xrishabh

Welcome to the Ocean Community. I appreciate the feedback and candor in terms of project feedback. Would encourage for the original poster to take the feedbacks in good stead during the due diligence period.

From a Project guiding perspective, I’d like to commend a few pointers through the lens of Project evaluation guidelines and Web3 sustainability loop,

  • Usage of Ocean & Viability of the project:

As a Core-tech earmarked project, I commend the efforts that you had taken earlier to explain the proposal. We hope that you take the feedbacks in good context and continue to work on the proposal through the DAO voting period whenever necessary.

  • Community activeness & Contribution to the ecosystem:

I commend your activeness in the community & we hope that we would be able to see a viable project that is also useable by the community. I once again appreciate your activeness in the past 3 weeks and also your participation energy during the most recent Indian Ocean hackathon.


Prakash | Project Guiding WG | Discord

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