DeadmanDAO Web3 Hacker Network | Iteration 2 - Commit Classifier | Round 16

Project Name

DeadmanDAO Web3 Hacker Network

Project Description

Build a network analytics data pipeline that generates recommendations for matching Web3 hackers to projects. It will pull work history from GitHub, Gitcoin, and other relevant sources to train an ML model. The model will help gig economy Web3 hackers to land independent job placements, without the need for corporate HR departments.

Final Product

Web3 Hacker Network is a data science system incorporating network, regression, clustering, and classification models to increase tech talent mobility in Web3. The final product is a decentralized autonomous opportunity discovery engine that will provide some of the services of hiring managers and HR departments from Web2, but in a fashion that is more aligned with the decentralized and self-service nature of Web3.

Core Team

Robert Bushman

Matt Enke

Proposal One Liner

Create a multi-label Github commit classifier to produce embeddings for an ML model to characterize Web3 developers.

Proposal Description

We propose extending our data pipeline to include GitHub data in addition to our existing Gitcoin data, and to publish an example dataset of commit classifications on Ocean Market. To produce that dataset, we will do an iteration on feature and target engineering toward clustering and regression models. Two engineers will be involved during this iteration. Future iterations will expand the project based on discovery, demand, feedback, and developer engagement.

Kanban Board:

Grant Deliverables

  • Raw dataset from GitHub with data regarding some initial Web3 projects for analysis.
  • Metrics from the cloned repository for each of the initial projects regarding commits, committers, and file types.
  • Data exploration showing potential features for inclusion in an initial multi-label classification model for commits.
  • Manual labeling of some example commits.
  • Baseline score for a simple multi-label classifier.
  • Analysis of the dataset and model to assess fitness to task and gaps to be filled.
  • Publish a dataset on Ocean Market with commit history embeddings for an initial test set of hackers.

Value Add Criteria

Web3 Hacker Network will expose Web3 hackers to Ocean when they are looking for a new project. When they are talking about how they found their new gig, they'll tell other engineers about using Ocean compute-to-data.

Revenue potential is strong. Headhunters in Web2 charge 20 - 25% of first year compensation. Millions of dollars of work happen every month in Web3 and the numbers are skyrocketing. Improving the speed and quality of gig matches will generate a large and sustained revenue stream.

Our founders have experience building large-scale systems for Amazon, Apple, and the Department of Defense. We have worked in data engineering and data science since before those names existed, and we have completed a first iteration(1) in this project. We are new to the Web3, increasing our image in the community, and will continue our consistent record of success.

Most importantly, our goal is to improve Web3. We started in Web1, building a new world of free information. Web3 is the renaissance of that, after the long dark age of Web2 walled gardens. Contributing to a decentralized information ecosystem in Ocean, while helping engineers to migrate to the new economy, is our mission.

1. First Iteration Deliverables:

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Thank you! We are pretty well through with project planning for the next iteration and will be posting soon!