DATALATTE | Demographic surveys (dataQuests) + Iga dataBarista NFTs (new artist) | Round 18

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In a data-driven economy, there are two obvious pain points; those that affect internet users and those that impact data scientists.

The average user receives no financial benefit or stake in the platforms that exploit them. Yet, tech giants profit handsomely from the sale of our data.

Since 2018, users (data producers) have had the right to access personal data on all online platforms under the general data protection legislation (GDPR). Despite this, many users are still unaware of their right to digital sovereignty.

Meanwhile, start-ups and small businesses need to harness insights from their clients’ data to grow their businesses and acquire and retain customers. For independent data scientists, it’s crucial to find reliable data to build robust AI models that can capture actionable insights. However, limited access to high-quality data frequently hinders the performance and insights of models designed to meet business requirements.

DATALATTE DApp relieves these pain points by bridging the gap between data producers and data consumers. A two-sided platform empowering internet users to monetize their data and providing data scientists access to previously inaccessible user data. There are four core pillars at the heart of our platform: trust, intelligence, community support, and fairness.

Grant Deliverables

  • Grant Deliverable 1: publish dataQuests collecting Demographic data
  • Grant Deliverable 2: User’s KPIs (XPs chart, history, etc) + improve dashboard’s UX
  • Grant Deliverable 3: Publishing on data & NFTs oriented article under + blog post introducing our “upload & anonymise” module for Twitter data

Project Description

We empower internet users to monetize their own data and provide data scientists with access to non-identifiable users’ data using an AI Feature marketplace at an affordable price.

Final Product

The DATALATTE is a dApp platform with two main stakeholders (Data Producers and Data Consumers), four core DATALATTEfunctionalities (Audit Store, AI Feature marketplace, Compute-to-data and dataBarista NFTs) and a Data Marketplace powered by Ocean Protocol.

Value Add Criteria

The global data monetization market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.02% and is estimated to reach up to US$ 200 billion in 2021 [ref]. The increase in the market results on the one hand from the increase in the data basis and on the other hand from the better use of the data itself. 

However, it is not taken into account that now, only oligopolies give their data or its insights; if all data is merged into a single marketplace, the monetary and informal value will be significantly higher! If we succeed in taking over at least 0.00000052% of this fast-growing market, we will be able to generate a total transaction volume of 103K$ (R9, R11, R12, R14, R17 & R18 buck)  to provide an ROI of at least 1.

Core Team

Amir Mabhout, PhD, Founder, CEO

Malaz Elnaiem, PhD Candidate, Communications Director

Karolina Baltulyte, MA, COO

Toktam Ghafarian, PhD, Co-founder, AI Director

Amiro0o, Msc, CTO

Mezli Vega Osorno, PhD, Art director

Chiara Pasqualino, MA, Social Media Director

  • Linkedin:
  • 2 years experience as PR Officer at GroupePixi
  • 4 years experience as Digitial Content Manager at NewAdventures

Travis Turgeon, Content Strategist

JJ, Msc, Core Dev, back-end

Amqa, Msc, Core Dev, back-end

Amirreza, Msc, Core Dev, Client-side developer

Yasin, Core Dev, Full-stack designer

Mehran, Core Dev, back-end

Alihz, Blockchain engineer

Allan Cama, Legal Counsel

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Hi Baristas in General,

Thank you for submitting your proposal for R-18!

I am a Project-Guiding Member and have assigned myself to help you.

I have reviewed your proposal and would like to thank you for your participation inside of the Ocean Ecosystem!

Your project looks promising and I believe it’s aligned with our evaluation criteria of generating positive value towards the Ocean Ecosystem and the W3SL.

The project criteria are:

  1. Usage of Ocean — how well might the project drive usage of Ocean?
  2. Viability — what is the chance of success of the project?
  3. Community active-ness — how active is the team in the community?
  4. Adding value to the community — how well does the outcome of the project add value to the overall Ocean community / ecosystem?

Based on the reasons above, I am in support of your project and proposal. I look forward to continuing providing support and feedback to your project, and you can expect to receive a positive vote from me during the upcoming voting period.

All the best!

-Your PGWG Guide

Project submitted deliverables:

Oceaners, we are pleased to submit report on our deliverables on our R18’s proposal:

  • Grant Deliverable 1: publish dataQuests collecting Demographic data
  • Grant Deliverable 2: User’s KPIs (XPs chart, history, etc) + improve dashboard’s UX

A set of 30 data quests is scheduled to be released on our Data Quests tab by 7th July. Users’ KPIs, including users’ history, are visible below and accessible here: DATALATTE

A public launch of the features above is scheduled for 7th July, via our dashboard: DATALATTE

  • Grant Deliverable 3: Publishing on data & NFTs oriented article under + blog post introducing our “upload & anonymise” module for Twitter data

We have published one blogpost with the title:

Twitter’s privacy-preserving audit module

Noted that, given we received 3k out of a request of 20k for R18, our 3rd deliverable is not complete, and we only published one blog post instead of two.


Hi, Thank you for submitting an update for your previous proposal! Your Grant Deliverables have been reviewed and look to be in good condition. We have also looked at your Project Standing, it looks to be in good condition and ready to apply for another grant. We would like to thank you for your positive contributions to the Ocean Ecosystem and I look forward to reviewing future proposals from your project. Thx & All the best! Your OceanDAO Team