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In data-driven businesses, we see two pain points, those which affect data producers and those which affect data consumers.

Every day, internet firms harvest and monetize their users’ data. There is, however, no compensation for users’ digital footprints. Since 2018, the general data protection regulation (GDPR) gives users (data producers) the right to access their personal data on each internet platform they use. Nevertheless, internet users (data producers) are often unaware that they can take advantage of GDPR’s power to access and monetize their data.

Meanwhile, companies need to harness insights from their clients’ data to grow their business and acquire and retain customers. For Data scientists (data consumers), it’s crucial to find reliable data to build robust AI models and capture actionable insights. However, limited access to high-quality data often constrains model performance and data insights to meet business needs.

Our DATALATTE DApp aims to relieve these two types of pain points by being the bridge between data producers and data consumers. On the one hand, we empower internet users to reclaim and monetise their personal data anonymously. On the other hand, we provide data scientists with the opportunity to access previously inaccessible, high-quality data for a small fee. At the heart of our platform are the four core pillars: trust, intelligence, community support and usability.

Grant Deliverables

  • Grant Deliverable 1: A blog post on web3 evolving to dataFi
  • Grant Deliverable 2: Launch (Get your web3 ideas validated)
  • Grant Deliverable 3: Amazonlatte

Project Description

We empower internet users to monetize their own data and provide data scientists with access to non-identifiable users’ data using an AI Feature marketplace at an affordable price.

Final Product

The DATALATTE is a dApp with two main stakeholders (Data Producers and Data Consumers), four core DATALATTEfunctionalities (Audit Store, AI Feature marketplace, Compute-to-data and dataBarista NFTs) and a Data Marketplace powered by Ocean Protocol.

Value Add Criteria

The global data monetization market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.02% and is estimated to reach up to US$ 200 billion in 2021 [ref]. The increase in the market results on the one hand from the increase in the data basis and on the other hand from the better use of the data itself. 

However, it is not taken into account that now, only oligopolies give their data or its insights; if all data is merged into a single marketplace, the monetary and informal value will be significantly higher! If we succeed in taking over at least 0.00000055% of this fast-growing market, we will be able to generate a total transaction volume of 100K$ (R9, R11, R12, R17, R18, R19, R20 & R21 buck) to provide an ROI of at least 1.

Core Team

Amir Mabhout, PhD, Founder, CEO

Karolina Baltulyte, MA, COO

Toktam Ghafarian, PhD, Co-founder, AI Director

Amiro0o, Msc, Co-founder, CTO

Mezli Vega Osorno, PhD, Art director

Chiara Pasqualino, MA, Social Media Director

  • Linkedin:
  • 2 years experience as PR Officer at GroupePixi
  • 4 years experience as Digitial Content Manager at NewAdventures

JJ, Msc, Core Dev, back-end

Amqa, Msc, Core Dev, back-end

Amirreza, Msc, Core Dev, Client-side developer

Mehran, Core Dev, back-end

Alihz, Blockchain engineer

Allan Cama, Legal Counsel

Funding Requested

Minimum Funding Requested

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The link seems to be broken.

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Thanks, dude pointing it out. It will go live Nov 1st.

Project submitted deliverables:

Grant Deliverable 1: A blog post on web3 evolving to dataFi

Given we recieved less than 25% of the requested funds in this round, we did not manage this deliverable.

Grant Deliverable 2: Launch 1 (Get your web3 ideas validated) is live and shown at our booth and pitch in websummit. The experience of was shown through minting datalatte2go NFTs which can be minted (49 sofar: by visiting

Grant Deliverable 3: Amazonlatte

Amazonlatte data upload pipeline is scheduled to release on Nov 9th on our App:


I am accepting both deliverables. The assumption is that the Amazon pipeline will launch tomorrow