Data Whale Round 9 Development Sprint

Grant Application Details

:heavy_dollar_sign: Data Whale’s Ethereum Address

:bird: Data Whale’s Twitter Account

:computer: Data Whale’s Website

:speech_balloon: Data Whale’s Telegram

:tv: Data Whale’s YouTube Channel


:united_arab_emirates: Country of Residence - United Arab Emirates

:blue_heart: Our Round 9 Pledge: 17’500 US$

:squid: Data Whale develops tools that encourage the utility and outreach of Data Tokens. This proposal aims to guarantee the continuity of Data Whale’s efforts to successfully build Data Token infrastructure and promote the eco-system around Ocean Protocol.

:paperclip: Category

  • Build
  • Outreach

Outreach Achievements

1. Outreach Achievements: Twitter

2. Outreach Achievements: YouTube

  • 250+ subscribers
  • 12 videos
  • 8’000+ views

3. Outreach Achievements: New Website

4. Outreach Achievements: Testimonials

5. Outreach Achievements: Legal Terms for Builders in the Web3 Data Economy

  • Terms of Service for Data Token App / Website
  • Privacy Policy for Data Token App / Website
  • Data Tokenization Agreement

All available on:

Build Achievements

1. ALGA. Beta - Application on iOS and Google Playstore

2. ALGA. v1 Redesign

3. Hired New Development Team, Finalized Research & Started v1 Development (click video below)

4. Completed Development Guide and Timeline with new Dev-Team
Frontend Development Guide:
Backend Development Guide:
Development Timeline:

5. Improved Beta Application

Download Android Test-Version Here:

6. Re-designed & Built Data Whale Website, Research Documents & Legal Terms

7. Developed new IDO (requested by the community), launching along with Ocean Market v4

8. Generated 75+ dataset sales (highest no. of sales / publisher) and 60+K in swap fees

About Us / Team

Data Whale is a startup that strives to encourage adoption of a new data economy within the Ocean Protocol eco-system with the help of a range of freelance talent from around the world.

We develop a variety of tools for the community that encourage the adoption of Data Tokens, an emerging asset class by the world’s most valuable resource: data.

ALGA Development Team
Name: Omar Saadoun
Leading: 1 Project Manager, 1 React Native Developer, 1 Blockchain Developer

Deliverables Checklist

[ ] To provide Apple Testflight and Android APK Downloadlink for ALGA v1 with new design and functionality for the Splash Screen, Light/Dark Mode, Welcome Screen, Home Screen, Global Metrics, Ocean Metrics, Watchlist, Index, Index Search and Settings.
[ ] To launch at least 4x YouTube videos covering the following topics: Publishing a Data Token, Ocean Protocol Partnership Analysis, Ocean Market v4 Review, General Ocean Updates
[ ] To continue generic outreach initiatives, in order to support the adoption of Data Tokens, speak about Ocean Protocol in public and build our business.

Data Whale Roadmap - Future Developments

  1. To complete the entire re-design of the ALGA. front-end and back-end, whilst integrating the dApp to Ocean Protocol’s library, in order to provide a Data Token Wallet, Data Token Swap and Add Liquidity functionality, as well as other Ocean Market v4 features.
  2. To integrate other EVM Data Tokens on our mobile application, such as Polygon or BSC.
  3. To continue our efforts to acquire datasets to launch new IDOs.
  4. To build a progressive web application based on our ALGA. mobile application and Data Token Market. We have already blocked the below URLs.

Updated ROI Calculation & Finances

Moving forward, we will maintain a detailed breakdown of expenses / grant to provide more transparency. Also, our yearly P&L US$ conversion has been amended to the day the grant was received as per accounting standards. In addition, we have added our September Forecast to justify our grant amount.

Detailed P&L Available Here:

Our ROI pledge has the main objective to drive value to the Ocean eco-system through the BUILD and OUTREACH objectives. We believe that our tools & communication will play an integral role once the Ocean Protocol Data Token Market gains greater adoption.

We decided to refrain from adding additional bang to previous rounds, as we are still working on the objective to complete our ALGA. mobile dApp.

(BANG (R1/2 + R3 + R6 + R7) / BUCK (R1 + R2+ R3 + R6 + R7+ R9)) * Chance of Success = ROI

(540’000+75’000+75’000+125’000) / (13’000+10’000+10’000+15’000+32’000+~20’000) * 85% = 6.92 :bangbang:


We hope that you continue supporting our initiatives that builds a foundation for the future of the data economy. If you would like to collaborate, please feel free to reach out to us! For now:


We remain at your disposal for any questions. Contact us on one of the many channels linked above!

Data Whale

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Hello from ResilientML

This project in the ecosystem seems to grow from strength to strength…

This is a well thoughtout solution with many components that extend beyond the data markets to also include the marketing and educational components required to capture demand for the data markets. I think that the proposed developments in this round see this project continue to add significant and measurable value to the Ocean ecosystem.

The building achievements to date look impressive and on track with a beta roll-out of an application, whilst we have not yet had the chance to explore the data sets on offer and the app in detail, we see the value being created from the app, the descriptions and videos produced that summarise this data market solution on youtube will also provide valuable tools for adoption as this solution continues to expand.

Round 9 deliverables:

  1. the testflight - makes a lot of sense and should be funded in our opinion.
  2. youtube videos are well produced from those we have viewed before and continuing to grow this channel is sensible to advertise this solution, raise awareness and bring ROI. The topics proposed seem sensible.

Q: Is there some way you could perhaps also get these youtube channel further exposure with a colab with some crypto influencers such as coinbeauro or crypto chico etc (the more serious of these edutainment channels) ?

  • this may boost further the awareness and drive demand for your product which is taking great shape.
  1. the outreach component - what did you have in mind for these activities? Can you give us more insight as to what you were planning in this regard - it could also be valuable for projects like ours to learn from your strategy and in future co-host such outreach activities - at least as they pertain to mutually beneficial events and exposure.

Regarding roadmap going forward (Future developments):

  1. makes sense to us
  2. makes sense to us
  3. Question on this item - what did you have in mind in this regard and what IDOs have you launched to date or are planning to launch? How did you create market demand - insights in this would benefit many of us in the community I believe as we all face the current challenge that we have been building solutions at pace but the market demand side is still very soft (at least what we have experienced to date) = we would genuinely value your thoughts on how your solution is aiming to tackle this challenge as you build out your solution?

This project would certainly get our support from ResilientML given the proposed deliverables in this round


Dear ResilientML Team,

Thank you for your comments and we appreciate the positive feedback!

With regards to the YouTube collaboration, we did indeed reach out to Crypto-Chico a few weeks ago (before his OCEAN video) and requested for a collaboration where we showcase the Ocean Marketplace in a live-stream. Unfortunately, we were unable to pay the sponsorship fee, which ranges from 5’000 US$ upwards. Possibly this would make sense at a later stage when our application is ready. Luckily, he did do an exclusive all by himself later on, which came as a great surprise !

With regards to the Outreach initiatives, we are continuing our B2B business development efforts that aim to onboard corporate datasets. We will also present at the ALT+F Summit ( and have reached out to a local blockchain news platform that will hopefully lead to an interview where we can speak about Ocean. On another note, I’m also holding a speech about a decentralized data economy to my Executive-MBA class in 3 weeks (though this will not be public, I can publish the speech!).

With regards to IDOs, our latest IDO can be reviewed here:
As a suggestion, I can recommend to create short explainer videos (there’s one in the video above) that you publish on social media and other platforms to gain awareness of stakers that curate your liquidity pool. With regards to consumers, I would very much aim to communicate this to your niche target audience via appropriate channels and communities. In our case, the data (though very simple in its format) was curated together with the Ocean community in Telegram, so we should be having several data-consumes !

Hope this answers your questions and please let me know should you require any assistance.

Best regards,

Data Whale

Dear Data-Whale

Thanks for the detailed follow up - all looks very positive - you have our support at ResilientML. Keep up the great work.

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Hey there, we’ve also just published the first third-party data tokenization agreement, which has been created by our legal team.

Have a look here:

[Deliverables Checklist]

[x] Test-Links for ALGA with proposed functions, some hard-coded features have been deployed until it is fully integrated in Ocean Aquarius and sub-graph. In return, documentation will be provided towards improving this library.

[x] YouTube videos have been delivered, leading to a positive engagement.

[x] Continued generic Outreach initiatives. Backup below.

We are looking to mark this Proposal as completed, in order to be able to potentially apply for funding in future OceanDAO rounds.

Please comment with any feedback below and we trust that this submission maintains our good reputation within the OceanDAO community.