[Data Whale] Ocean Market Infrastructure Scaling Proposal

Grant Application Details

:heavy_dollar_sign: Data Whale’s Ethereum Address

:bird: Data Whale’s Twitter Account

:computer: Data Whale’s Website

:speech_balloon: Data Whale’s Telegram

:tv: Data Whale’s YouTube Channel

:email: info@datawhale.online

:united_arab_emirates: Country of Residence - United Arab Emirates

:blue_heart: Our Round 10 Pledge: 49’500 US$

:squid: Data Whale builds infrastructure surrounding Data Tokens and initiates generic outreach tactics that aim to support the adoption of the Ocean Marketplace, as well as Ocean Protocol technology in general.

:paperclip: Category

  • Build
  • Outreach

What has Data Whale achieved since Round 9?

  1. Our YouTube Outreach continues to grow and our channel is recognized by the YouTube algorithm leading to an improved reach towards unique viewers through the YouTube search function.

  1. Our Twitter Outreach proves positive engagement rates, as we started engaging with other communities, such as Index Coop, to spread Ocean Protocol technology.

  1. Our General Outreach initiatives led to the following opportunities:
  1. Created a community-driven outreach channel with 20+ Ocean Protocol community members on Telegram to crowd-source ideas on outreach tactics and Data Whale’s OceanDAO outreach budget allocation. With their support, we were able to establish the below.
  1. Established 23-page legal analysis and judiciary evaluation for Data Token eco-system, drafted by experienced legal representative.

  2. Our development team has been active in the Ocean Discord [dev-support] to establish the foundation of a backend that supports our proposed front-end functionalities. Meanwhile, you may download our working test-version of our mobile application with limited functions.
    a. Apple: https://testflight.apple.com/join/i55xaclP
    b. Android: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1MJHduioTZDkwicZUhkm3eRLoxgeoUN9c

About Us / Team

Data Whale is a startup that strives to encourage adoption of a Web3 data economy within the Ocean Protocol eco-system.

Data Whale Core
Name: Moritz
About Us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCyl_ZQSWio&t=114s
Read More: https://www.datawhale.online/about
Supported By: 1x Graphic Lead, 1x Python Developer, 1x Data Scientist & various freelancers from around the world!

Development Team
Name: Omar Saadoun
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/omarsaadoun/
Introduction: https://youtu.be/rf6VRBlpdWg
Leading: 1 Project Manager, 1 React Native Developer, 1 Blockchain Developer

Deliverables Checklist

[ ] To finalize the following features for ALGA: Detailed Data Token Analysis for all Ethereum Pool Assets, ALGA wallet functionality [allowing for the first mobile Data Token transaction via WalletConnect on Ethereum!], Profile Creation, Integration of RugPull-Index Analysis [BUILD]
[ ] To provide a draft version of our web-app, which includes front-end designs on datatoken.market [BUILD]
[ ] To roll-out Ocean Market Impression Mining and Ocean Market Strategic Plan, as well as additional initiatives with the help of an appointed PR agency and community [OUTREACH]
[ ] To launch at least 4x YouTube videos monthly covering the following topics: Data Token Reviews / Publisher Interviews, Generic Web3 Data Economy Analyses, Ocean Market Functionality & Explainers [OUTREACH]
[ ] To continue generic outreach initiatives, in order to support the adoption of Data Tokens and aim to on-board more data publishers and data consumers. [OUTREACH]

Data Whale Roadmap - Future Developments

  1. To integrate other EVM Data Tokens on our mobile application, such as Polygon or BSC.
  2. To build or acquire datasets to launch more IDOs on Ocean Market v4.
  3. To build a progressive web application based on our ALGA. mobile application and provide a user-friendly graphic interface for a Data Token Market, which also provides analyses for each asset.
  4. To expand the functionality of ALGA and include further blockchain metrics such as Highest Sale / Lowest Sale, Average Data Token Sale Price, Number of Holders, Number of Downloads etc.
  5. To continuously expand the Ocean Market educational outreach strategies with monthly KPIs set based on data collected in the first 3 months of trial.

Updated ROI Calculation & Finances

Detailed Data Whale Financial Statement Available Here:

Adjusted Data Whale ROI Calculation:
Our ROI pledge has the main objective to drive value to the Ocean eco-system through the BUILD and OUTREACH objectives. We believe that our tools & communication will play an integral role once the Ocean Protocol Data Token Market gains greater adoption. Therefore, we have divided our BANG in actualized metrics (100% success) and estimated metrics (50%).

Here are our actualized BANG Metrics in $OCEAN (Success = 100%, as of 30.09.21):

  1. TVL in Data Whale Liquidity Pools (excl. Publisher): ~23’500 $OCEAN
  2. Swap Fees Generated: ~60’000 $OCEAN
  3. Data Consume Volume: ~24’600 $OCEAN

Here are our estimated BANG Metrics in $OCEAN (Estimation = 50%):

  1. Ocean Outreach:
    a. Twitter Lifetime-Impressions (~650’000) * Avg. Engagement (4%) = 26’000
    b. YouTube Lifetime-Impressions (~126’000) * Avg. Engagement (8.1%) = 10’206
    c. [[Total Impressions * Estimated Ocean Market Engagement (5%)] * Estimated Network Value ($OCEAN 150)] - Actualized Network Value = 1810 * 150 = 271’545 $OCEAN - 108’100 $OCEAN = 163’445 $OCEAN

  2. 1-Year Data Whale Telegram IDO (TVL+Swap Fees+Consume): 30’000 $OCEAN

  3. 1-Year Future Network Effect (ALGA + Web-App): 500’000 $OCEAN

Concluding Formula:
108’100 $OCEAN BANG [ACTUAL] * 100% + 693’445 BANG [ESTIMATED] * 50% / (13’000+10’000+10’000+15’000+32’000+22’764+~75’000) = 2.48 :bangbang:

FAQ: Why are you asking for the maximum grant amount?

So far, we have delivered on 6 funding rounds, where we received a total funding of 102,764 $OCEAN. Considering Data Whale’s “actualized” network revenue of 108’100 $OCEAN, we are one of the few OceanDAO projects that can prove a positive ROI backup on the funding received until now.

Conservatively, we assume that our initiatives in the outreach category with nearly 775K+ impressions across Twitter and YouTube would have had a positive effect on the network as well. We are considering an average engagement of 5% (i.e. 1’810 Ocean Market participants) with a modest network value of 150 $OCEAN (i.e. 271’545 $OCEAN), from which we are deducting our actualized network revenue of 108’100 $OCEAN. We also believe that our current development activities will have a positive future network effect, as calculated in the ROI above.

Generally, the grant amount will allow us to scale our business further, adding activities such as the development of a web-app. It will also allow us to invest time to implement general Ocean Market Outreach initiatives along with the community [as explained in our documents linked in previous sections]. The grant amount may secure a longer “runway” with sufficient amounts to cover costs until mid- to end of Q4/21 (estimated).


We hope for your continued support towards our initiatives, which aim to play an integral role in the adoption of a Web3 data economy. If you’d would like to collaborate, please feel free to reach out to us! For now:


We remain at your disposal for any questions. Contact us on one of our many channels.

Data Whale


Great progress guys! :raised_hands:t3:

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I’d like to point everyone’s attention to the stellar numbers of impressions and engagement that Data Whale and his team have been able to collect on social media over the past weeks.

From my perspective, these numbers are unprecedented for OceanDAO projects and they are a significant reason that the Ocean Protocol community and DAO engagement is growing.

For everyone participating or voting in the OceanDAO, voting for @realdatawhale should be a no-brainer as we all have a vested interest in its growth.


Looks like the proposal you have is again very interesting and it is good to see your engagement growing with your outreach initiatives.

It would be a good opportunity in future to be able to perhaps ask you to interview ResilientML on how our data markets add value to ML solutions in NLP and do a mini interview on this for your DataWhale youtube channel - we can overview how our dataset and the analytics tools we outline in this round can be valuable to growing the ocean market engagement.

would welcome such a collaboration

best wishes this round
Gareth - ResilientML

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Yes, it would be interesting to host a short YouTube interview series for Data Publishers such as yourself.

Looking forward to it and thanks for your interest.



Impressive outreach numbers and slick app! I would also be interested to give a video interview for DataUnion if you start a series.


Hope you record the interview on VideoWiki :wink:

Pleased to read about your entry, wishing the best luck for you to succeed. Although I got recently onboarded as an Ocean ambassador, wish I was technically equipped to review this more, but I would love to read more and understand your mission for Ocean protocol.

Would also love to have your involvement during our Indian outreach initiative with at-least one of our workshop and events as a special showcase to inspire and onboard more developers from India.

Indian Ocean Team

Data Whale,

its nice to see projects like yours who work on outreaching from different channels, digital or f2f.
Aside from the Outreach program you have on-going, I remember the demo of your Alga app from Town hall meeting, and from my understanding, i saw a DeFi solution where you could connect wallet, stake on data assets and get an analysis of the data market! From the proposal though, i could not understand or find a description to the Alga solution.
Is such capability planned or integrated? I thought of Alga solution as of Data DeFi!

Hey Amir,

Thanks a lot. Yes, ALGA is a mobile interface of Ocean Market and will have these functionalities.

Try out the test version, there’s a wallet button in the middle (not functional yet), but our devs are working on it !

Cheers and thanks for the comment.


Your outreach efforts are comendable!

This is something we definitely want to pursue as well.
I should never discount the power of video. Thanks for blazing that trail, we hope to connect in the future with some of our finished deliverables and learn from one another.

Our devs at inMind created a short, but sweet document on how to query pool assets from the Ocean subgraph.

To anyone who needs it!

Moritz (DW)

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