Data Whale | [Data Whale] ALGA V4 'Onda' Update - Ocean's first mobile Datatoken wallet | Round 18

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Data Whale

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Build & Integrate

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The ALGA dApp is the first mobile Datatoken wallet and DataFi application for the Ocean Market. With over 400 users, ALGA V3 laid the foundation for a seamless Ocean Market experience ‘on the go’.

  • Track all Ethereum datasets, historic prices and analytics (provided by Rug Pull Index)
  • Stake on Datatoken liquidity pools [Ethereum]
  • Swap OCEAN <> Datatoken [Ethereum]
  • Monitor your liquidity positions, Datatoken holdings and transactions

ALGA V4, coupled with the release of Ocean Market V4, will provide significant improvements highlighted in the Grant Deliverables below.

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Grant Deliverables

  • To ensure compatibility of the current ALGA Application with Ocean Market V4

  • To make improvements to the DataFi UIX and general usability of the application for users with limited knowledge of the Ocean Data Market [e.g. replace Datatoken-Tickers with Dataset Names]

  • To integrate Polygon multi-chain compatibility to the ALGA V4 Application.

  • To continue generic outreach activities, including a launch communication for ALGA V4, and support Ocean Protocol’s outreach through community bounties, the Impression Airdrop Program, V4 Content [incl. graphics, explainer videos and PR content articles]

Project Description

Data Whale is an Ocean Protocol community project that counts among the most active ecosystem contributors since November 2020.

Our work covers four pillars that aim to add value to Ocean Protocol’s vision of unlocking a decentralized Web 3.0 Data Economy.

  • Development: We develop Web 3.0 Data Economy infrastructure and have successfully released the first mobile Datatoken Wallet for Ocean Protocol. Recently, we announced the launch of Medusa [Datatoken.Market], a DataFi platform with unique insights to Ocean Market.

  • Outreach: Data Whale is an outreach powerhouse generating nearly 500’000 impressions per month across four major platforms: Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and our Website. Data Whale also rewards community engagement with up to 5’000 OCEAN per month through their Impression Airdrop Program, generating an additional ~500’000 impressions. Data Whale’s content has been featured across many renowned publications: TechTimes, Hackernoon, AMB Crypto, BeInCrypto, NewsBTC, ZyCrypto

  • Data Tokenization: We are active ‘behind the scenes’, something which we don’t speak about much. Over the last 90 days alone, we’ve held countless meetings, submitted referrals for both the ecosystem and Ocean core, as well as helped organize the Ocean x Roland Berger meetup in Dubai.

  • Community: We see this pillar as being the most important. Through our work, we aim to become the mediator between DeFi, Web 3.0, Data communities and Ocean Protocol. Our community bounties leverage talent that is evident in the Ocean ecosystem to support our efforts.

Final Product

There is no final product set for Data Whale - we are an ecosystem that keeps developing.

However, the main outcome of our previous seed rounds is ALGA, Ocean Protocol’s first mobile Datatoken wallet and DataFi application, integrated with Ethereum. The current “V3” version allows users to track their data assets on the Ocean Market through a wallet-interface and prompt transactions, such as ‘swapping’ or ‘staking’.

The V4 update will include a multi-chain compatibility (Polygon), improved DataFi UIX and more intuitive browsing of data assets.

Value Add Criteria

  • ALGA combines an existing DeFi experience [Wallet, Staking, 'CoinGecko'] with the Ocean Market. It allows users to add liquidity, swap Datatokens, research data assets and aims to make the onboarding to DataFi more simple.

  • ALGA aims to improve the OCEAN swap and liquidity volume on Ocean Market V4.

  • Given our track record, we suggest that the viability of this project is guaranteed.

  • Our outreach and community engagement is driven towards creating incremental value for Ocean Protocol

  • Our content articles, Ocean Market Tutorials and other tools adds value to the overall Ocean ecosystem.

Core Team

Project Lead: Moritz “realdatawhale” [Telegram]

Active within the Ocean community since the beginning, Moritz is formerly one of the first Ocean Protocol Ambassadors and a true advocate of Ocean’s vision.

Development Lead: Omar Saadoun [LinkedIn]

Experienced blockchain veteran and official blockchain representative for the Uruguayan Chamber of IT. Omar and his team at inMind are professional and have worked on the successful release of ALGA V3.

Design Lead: Luana Aires [Twitter]

The magician behind Data Whale’s design and outreach presence, Luana is Brazilian and in love with Web 3.0.

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