Cast.Video.Wiki: Cast Ticketing and additional streaming integrations

Project Name: Cast.Video.Wiki
Project Website:
Wallet Address: 0x42a19cd756651A488f1899157c45Af929bf3695F
Current country of residence: Portugal
Contact Email:
Category: Build/improve Core Ocean Software
Funding Amount: $20000

Proposal in one sentence: This proposal is to develop further the Cast solution and to put commercial ticket booking and audience management in the platform

Description of the project and what problem is it solving:
VideoWiki as a project brings a decentralized approach to content ownership and sharing. It uses a customized Ocean marketplace to provide educators, researchers (content providers).
It is an Open Collaboratory Content Editing Platform that enables rapid Creation, Modification, Protection, and Monetization of Immersive Content.

The content created using our advanced AI models can be published in an IP Protected manner on the blockchain using OCEAN Protocol. The publisher maintains the IP of the content in form of data tokens which are generated through the OCEAN Protocol.

As an OCEAN community project, it serves as a conduit to add and monetize media content in forms of Videos, Video Streams and Stock Media content.

We are working on structuring a bigger roadmap, where we plug in these data inputs through VideoWiki platform on to the ocean marketplace for the educational sale, purchase and subscriptions to the knowledge content.

Grant Deliverables:
Round 2: Funded - Content Creation integration and customization to the marketplace. Onboarding the data.
Status - Completed. Live at Video.Wiki (Premium domain purchased and project rebranded)
Round 5: Not Granted - Optimization of the user journey to sign the transactions involved in the OCEAN marketplace listing. Launching the Classroom, and onboarding Class records to Market.
Status - Completed, despite not being funded. Live at Class.Video.Wiki
Round 6: Researched various streaming options to onboard to our marketplace. Build UI around the Casting flow and conducted successful pilot events.
Status - Completed. Private Beta live at CAST.Video.Wiki

Round 10 Deliverables:

  1. Add user attendee flow to optimize invitations to the Cast. Enable bulk invites.
  2. Explore and add ticketing with Request.Network . This will enable OCEAN as a payment currency for setting, ticketing, accessing CASTs
  3. Run more tests to deploy the system live and on main-net with options to make the event recordings premium access only

Future roadmap will also be to create a decentralized stock media marketplace for contributors to submit media NFTs which will be listed in OCEAN market. Awaiting the launch of DATA NFT tokens in OCEAN roadmap.
A peek into the future:

  1. Deploying on-chain Version Control System
  2. Managing multiple ownership on chain
  3. Work on possible side-chain / substrate-based-chain implementation for faster speed
  4. Work on possible L2 Scaling options like Polygon
  5. Classroom record editing and publishing mechanism improved
  6. Build a protocol to enable shared ownership based on OCEAN Protocol.

We are also writing protocols to bring more utility to the data economy.

Which category best describes your project?
Build / improve applications or integrations to Ocean

Which Fundamental Metric best describes your project?

  • OCEAN Datatoken Consuming Volume. This is (datatoken price in OCEAN) * (no. consumes of that datatoken), summed across all datatokens. It’s the best direct measure of amount of value being created in Ocean Protocol.
    Secondary metric: Market WAU

  • Number of teams building on Ocean, doing outreach, or unlocking data

What is the final product?
https://Cast.Video.Wiki (for Casting)

Ocean Integration explainer:

How does this project drive value to the “fundamental metric” (listed above) and the overall Ocean ecosystem? This is best expressed as Expected ROI.
As explained in the data flow diagram above, more streams being added to ramp up the data to marketplace will increase in more data assets on the marketplace. Since our audience and outreach is towards educators and content creators they also bring data buyers to the ecosystem.
Each subsequent stream viz:

  1. Content Creation (Editor)
  2. Class records (Class Teleconf)
  3. Live Casts / Cast Records, with events like private/ticketed (TEDx) and Public (Open streaming as on YouTube)
  4. Creative Stock Media
    … brings more users to the ecosystem in a web3 application that is well developed and user friendly.

Bang: Adding data to ocean marketplace and minting Data Tokens on Paid assets. About 100 monthly paid Cast splits added to marketplace.
Number of weekly active users in Ocean Market or across All Markets. 1000 Weekly active users inducted on platform with paid listing option.

100 Paid casts with an LTV of $10 per sale (notional minimum value) would give a $1000 trade volume per month.
Increased User adoption will drive a positive feedback loop with new users being invited by current users who will create more paid content and invite others to buy/subscribe to their content. The developed system will run continuously to drive adoption at higher rates driving higher monthly returns.

Buck = $20000

% Success = 80%
Based on previous successes in delivering the projects and intitial successful tests, the chances and encouragement to further develop this project is very likely to bring the estimated results. Last grant has given us a fair POC with validations to bring a product to market with a commercial angle. The adoption is still a trickier thing to measure hence we are goin with an 80% success probability that the project will get adoption.

ROI = Recurring and expected to add transactional value of $20000 in one year (assuming compounded growth on $1000 initial). Breaking even and continuing to grow in years ahead.

Other benefits for OCEAN Holders:

  1. Purchase published video content from our video library or from OCEAN Market place
  2. The growing demand of the platform boosts the demand for OCEAN tokens which impact the price of OCEAN token in general
    Funding Requested: $20000
  3. Software is available to community participants, promotions and other events to benefit of the community

Team Website: https://Video.Wiki (https://Cast.Video.Wiki)

Telegram news update:

Core Team

Natalia Rheskava

  • Role: Co-Founder/CIO
  • Relevant Credentials:
  • Background:
    • PhD, Grygoriy Scovoroda University in Pereiaslav
    • Media Relations & International Medical Community (IMC) Lead
    • HundrED Ambassador
    • World Economic Forum Digital Member

Shivam Dhawan

  • Role: Co-Founder/CTO
  • Relevant Credentials:
  • Background:
    • Founder at GetBoarded
    • Founder Chief Strategist at Arbunize
    • Web Analytics Manager atMetriplica
    • BI Team Lead at Annalect
    • Business Systems Analyst at MetLife
    • Web Analytics Application Developer & Consultant at CTS Argentina SRL

Jyoti Sing


Hi there,

I’m just doing a quick look at ROI calculations and providing a little bit of feedback before R10 voting starts.

WRT: ROI calculations

As I understand Video Wiki has received previous grants in the past and I would love to understand the Bang / Buck and ROI so far, vs. just a projection based on the current grant.

Let’s say that VideoWiki so far had:

  • 50 paid casts added to marketplace.
  • 50 sales ($10/sale)
  • 1 Round Raised.

Sample ROI

Here is an example that I would love to know more about:

  • 50 data tokens minted (Paid Casts)
  • 50 Sales @ $10 USD /sale = $500 Bang
  • 1 Round @ $20,000 USD = $20,000 Buck

Solving for ROI = 500 / 20,000 = 0.025

General Notes:

  • Even if your ROI isn’t currently positive, that’s ok! I would love to see how the overall picture is progressing and offer support.
  • Many projects are still building traction, and it would be great to know how some of the fundamental numbers are doing.
  • If data being published and consumed traction is still to be established, I’d love to understand a bit more of a timeline of how that looks like. Understanding how many casts have been completed over the past few months, or how ticketing has been performing so far (all conversions, not just $OCEAN via would be very exciting metrics to learn more about!


Thank you @Cipher and team for returning over the long run to continue building on top of Ocean. It’s awesome to see your engagement with the community, and am really excited about the work that’s being done on Video Wiki.

I believe Alternative Future Summit did some collaboration with you, and it’s great to see projects inside the DAO “eating their own dogfood”.

All the best in R10!

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@idiom-bytes Thank you for taking time to post :slight_smile:

As you understand from our project, we are building data streams to ramp up content on Marketplace (Ocean) and our integrations are running on testnet,
VideoWiki Editor + Class Records + Cast Records + Library Media* + Cast Streams* will use the AI assisted content modification / production which has a paid ramp up to the marketplace.
Here is the OCEAN marketplace data (select Ropsten Test Networks), Here is the platform MarketPlace

Here is the VideoWiki Marketplace with both free and Paid data sets (Ones with a Lock Icon are Paid assets)

  • The current data assets in pipeline are ALTF event videos being post produced right now - About 20+
  • Second, we have approvals from TEDx event to post produce and Publish their assets - 5+
  • We have another private event from -. This is being discussed with Ocean Dao Round 8 team Healthlink.

So VideoWiki is in a “Build/Integrate into OCEAN” category of GRANT till the time we develop the complete onboarding experience and then start the commercial KPIs on data onboarding. Having said that, the platform is aimed to add Total ASSET Volume/Traded onboarded to OCEAN with a transactional marketplace.

Test Example:

  • 63.5 data tokens minted (Current Paid Casts) Test
  • 63.5 Sales @ $10 USD /sale = $63.5*50 = $3175 Bang
  • 10 Round @ $20,000 USD = $20,000 Buck

Solving for ROI = 3175 / 20,000 = 0.1587 (Sample)

Expected ROI the data being onboarded now,
Round 2: 10000 Tokens - Data boarding and Ocean Marketplace integration on Video.Wiki
Round 5: 0 Tokens (Not Granted) - Worked on Class records to Market. Live at Class.Video.Wiki
Round 6: 18000 Tokens - Researched various streaming options to onboard to our marketplace. Build UI around the Casting flow and conducted successful pilot events. Private Beta live at CAST.Video.Wiki

To set targets from various streams:
Video Creators: 100 Video assets
Video Class Records: 100 Private/Paid Classes
Cast Event Records: 100 Cast Records

Making a calculation focusing on the Round 6 (CAST) grant, we have collect 100 paid assets (Realistic, as our 2 Pilots already created more than 25 Videos).

  • 1000 data tokens minted (Paid Casts) per asset (currently we have a fixed price set)
  • 1000 Sales @ $10 USD /sale = $10000 Bang
  • 6 Round @ $18,000 Tokens (@ about $50 cents, don’t remember the OCEAN price) = $9,000 Buck

Solving for ROI = 10000 / 9,000 = 1.11 (approx)

Other benefits of participating with ALTF event was to generate awareness around Ocean projects DataUnion, DataWhale, Onshore Ocean, etc. and engage with the community. While the results of that are being prepared, we added 35+ wallets to the Ocean community as a results.

ALTF was not mapped as a VideoWiki project as the deliverable (event) would have still have to be carried on with Zoom or Clickmeeting should CAST.Video.Wiki was not launched in time or had any hinderances.

We are in talks with other OCEAN projects to give back the value to other community participants. While voting please consider that the path we create with our funnel would continue to lead data assets on a monthly basis and it’s not just a one time grant ROI. All the streams eventually lead to the marketplace in a paid format.

Will continue to update on progress :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your thorough answers @Cipher!

It’s great to get more insights into your roadmap, and the forward outlook with regards to completing the onboarding experience, and start working towards commercial KPIs.

As a personal note, I think it would be constructive if your ROI calculation provided an overall, historical overview, that includes forward looking statments, and perhaps timelines.

Thank you for providing insights into Video.Wiki:

  • It’s great to hear a bit more about the Paid Data Sets pipeline, and projects that are onboarding via there such as: ALTF, and TEDx. I was very happy to see ALTF and VideoWiki collaborating, even though CAST.Video.Wiki was not launched at the time.
  • It’s awesome to see the number of casts, and video assets that have been created (whether on Ropsten or not), it’s awesome to see some numbers and get a better understanding of volume.
  • Thank you for the calculations WRT to R2, R5, and R6. I’m aware you did not receive funding in R5 and am very happy to continue seeing all the engagement, progress, and continued collaboration with the OceanDAO community!
  • Thank you for providing details into the R6 ROI calculation! You had the parameters inverted, but that’s ok, the difference isn’t that large and am eager to see the long term growth of Video.Wiki content being published and consumed inside Ocean.

Finally, thank you very much for you thorough response, and providing visibility into each point I raised!

I’m very excited about the Video.Wiki roadmap, Cast.Video.Wiki, and the contributions taking place across the Ocean ecosystem via the platform!

All the best in R10!

@idiom-bytes It has been a pleasure working with the community and learning on the Data Economy, if you DM me your email, I could share a detailed roadmap that we prepared recently to put in an RFP to UNICEF :slight_smile:

We are compiling a 2022 strategy and will share the updates and bigger roadmap with the community in the November round. It has been a long time that we have been working on a whitepaper for Knowledge Protocols and November is when we will publish it out for review and advice (Knowember). I hope you support our project and initiatives to build a knowledge economy as a L2 of the Ocean data economy. I am thrilled with the V4 launch with DATA NFTs as mentioned by Trent, and that will give us another use casde to build on - Creative NFTs as a first decentralized Stock media exchange on OCEAN, I will be discussing with DataWhale to see if their existing tech can work. Keeping the message short, there is still a lot to work.

I am taking your advice and will assign such KPIs (goals) to each of the data streams to build an ROI projection.