AxonDAO | AxonDAO DeSci Platform & Protocol Using Ocean | Round 23

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Build & Integrate

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New Outreach

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Axon DAO LLC (WY) is creating a DeSci system and global protocol which pays verified clinical trial participants and therapists in tokens for collecting biometric data.

AxonDAO’s advisors and partners have gathered a core team of specialists in clinical trials, smart contracts, Telehealth, pharmaceutical development, bio markers, and much more to develop the MVP system.

The AxonDAO DeSci Platform will be the interface which gathers the large amount of data and this verified and tiered data be sold to established markets. New wearables open the doors for this opportunity for non invasive of gathering new forms of live data:

This may be replicated for many other means of gathering non invasive biometric data for all clinical trials.

In the formation AxonDAO’s DeSci Platform MVP partnering with Weavechain, now would be great time build Desci platform using Ocean who’s premise is that: data and science. We would have to learn more about the seeming endless synergy we could have together.

Grant Deliverables

*Depending on the Grant Amount

Deliverable 1:

MVP - WebApp Version

Co-Marketing Efforts

Updates 1-3

Deliverable 2:

webapp & iOS & Google apps (testnet)

Co-Marekting Efforts

Updates 4-6

Deliverable 3:

Launch Web App Live

Updates 7-9


Project Description

AxonDAO is an investment DAO which invests into all stages of Neuroscience, MedTech, Web3 and it’s own DeSci initiatives.

Final Product

AxonDAO will become a leader of investment DAO’s, Web3 and DeSci by being an approachable source or capital for projects at all stages. AxonDAO is building its Web3 platform which pays clinical trial patients and providers for submitting verified and reliable data from pre-post and during therapy sessions.

Value Add Criteria

AxonDAO was part of GitCoin GR15 round and tagged #dao and #desci. In addition AxonDAO was awarded the Polygon Village Voucher Grant to build out many foundational components. AxonDAO has been working on this for nearly 2 years having just formalized ‘Axon DAO LLC’, as a security token for accredited investors, advisors, and contributors. Previous to this Axon Systems was a tele health company specializing in clinical trial data during covid.

In working with an experienced partner such as Ocean we can integrate this as AxonDAO’s key DeSci Partner

and learn a lot together. AxonDAO has ties with many key players in the web3, DAO, DeSci space, and if given this type of grant we would really begin to build value for the project and our medical network. we have wonderful contacts with Univ of Texas Dell Med, Univ of Sydney, UNC, Raleigh Research park, Johns Hopkins, other DAOs and charities and others . 

Clinical trial participants could also receive Ocean Tokens and use as the off ramp for their payments to fiat. Again the opportunities are aligned with our goals

Core Team

Chris Crecelius


A project developer and founder of a media brand with over 15 years experience in technical-team building, consulting private equity structures.

Bob Crouch


A former COO with over 30 years of experience building and selling companies, due diligence, accounting, a US Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer Veteran.

Brenna Damatta


A founder of Uni Streaming. Experienced in project management, communications, business development, graphic design, and marketing. Austin,TX.


Tharusha Jayasena


A Neuroscientist with Postdoctoral Research Fellow from the University of Australia, Sydney. Her focus includes healthy brain aging, alzheimer’s, neuro degeneration, psychedelic therapies.

Ekin Genç


A freelance writer for Decrypt, Vice, also a consultant, director, with a Masters in Social Science of the Internet from University of Oxford, with accreditations from Harvard and London School of Economics.

Ian Alexander


Expert in crypto, NFT, and blockchain launches. Manager of a consulting firm for blockchain technologies. Development experience in blockchain solutions.

Ronn Baker


A digital asset, global transaction, ledger and securities specialist. Current Director of Innovation and Crypto Strategy for Baton Systems a global FinTech Company.

Lincoln Archibald


An investment fund manager and consultant, raised over $3.5B for his clients since 2020, and personality on the Bridger Pennington YouTube Channel.

Chris Byrnes


A registered patent attorney and IP strategist at Calyx Law, Legal engineer of IP-NFTs, Adjunct professor at IE University with degrees from Georgetown, Harvard, and Denison University.

Alex Thomas, MD


An American Board Certified Neurological Surgeon, who developed the Lateral Single Position Surgery technique in spinal fusion. Graduate, residency at Georgetown University.

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