Athena Equity | Athena: Ocean v4 Signed Claims & Non Transferable Credentials | Round 17

Project Name

Athena Equity

Project Category

Build & Integrate

Proposal Earmark

2nd/3rd Grant

Proposal Description

In the current Ocean Marketplace, how are users to know whether the data they are purchasing is any good? How are they to know if the algorithm they purchased is ethical and unbiased for their use case? Imagine a user purchasing an algorithm, and training on a data asset all inside of the ocean marketplace. Now say the users model results come out terrible. How does the user know where to start, or which asset is to blame?

Verifiable credentials help us address these issues in many ways. They allow us to preserve a record of endorsement from trusted parties, or even benchmark model outputs for future comparison. Athena is building data verticals designed to verify sustainability claims through the use of strict c2d contracts, and our long term vision for this project is to implement a set of tools which allows C2d algorithms on ocean-market to generate verified and credential ESG assets and claims.

The same back end functionality will enable a wide variety of use cases, and some of those more simple use cases will be our stepping stones on the path to first class integrations with v4.

Process Overview for our approach to front & backend implementations.

Over the month of April 2022 we have grown our network and team as well as identified partners for consulting in development that will greatly accelerate our TTC on this project.

To learn more about the work and progress of the Athena Protocol from end of Q1 through the start of Q2 you can refer to this keynote speech at DevSpace 2022 at the VIT technical institute, or this podcast appearance discussing the importance of accreditation and validation in ESGMRV

Grant Deliverables

  • Scope, Design & test initial backend Implementation for signed claims & comments
  • Scope, Research & Test Non Transferable NFTs for credentials and claims signatures
  • Design UI: Ocean Market front end integration & stand alone application.
  • Coordinate with additional Ocean Projects for utility overlap and iterate adjustments to design .
  • Begin Integrations for the purpose of deploying Ocean to Celo Mainnet.

Project Description

Athena protocol works to bridge the gap between the blockchain and the real by developing trust minimized data collection and verification solutions. We are decentralizing the governance of credentialed data standards and methodologies while managing the utility of a living taxonomy of Natural Capital, to enable open and interoperable flows of verifiable ESG data across markets and domains.

Final Product

Athena Equity will accelerate the adoption of compute-to-data by developing prescriptive methodologies for creating and maintaining broadly demanded ESG verification data assets. Enterprises, governments, and individuals all desire environmental data to understand the pace of climate change, as well as to stay compliant with updates in reporting requirements. The opportunity to access granular ESG data will bring various entities to run computations on Ocean protocol for the first time, and position Ocean Protocol as the go-to marketplace for ESG asset verification.

Value Add Criteria

Through contributing to the completion of a core earmark we will be adding utility to the community and directly improving the ecosystem. We will increase the value of data assets on Ocean by implementing a system of signed claims and credentials which will encourage increased adoption of Ocean based data services. Signed claims and credentials have a broad range of applications from increasing transparency through comment logs, to facilitating decentrally governed access control. These tools will unlock the ability to build new services on ocean protocol that attract new users, increase data consumption volume, and TVL as well.


While we are at this good work, we are also taking the time to spread the word about Ocean at DevSpace bringing new developers into the community ! 

Core Team

Timothy L Carter

Founder - CTO

Environmental Data Scientist

Christian Casazza

Co-Founder - CSO

Financial Technologies Analyst

Kimberly Morrow

Core Team

Chief of Sustainability


Project Partner

Thomas Price

AVANO Dao - Founder

Business Advisor

Vikas Bothra

Project Partner

Ignacio Puga

Endangered Token - Founder

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