Algovera | Bringing Production-level Machine Learning Applications to Ocean | Round 18

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Build & Integrate

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This month, we’re wrapping up much of our core tech work to date such as integration of Ocean with Huggingface, and integration of Ocean with IPFS. This includes PRs to Ocean and HuggingFace. We are also expanding on our integration of Ocean with SAME Project, which we previously used to automatically convert data science notebooks to Ocean C2D format. SAME Project aims to provide a unified interface for cloud deployment (from notebooks). Integration of Ocean with SAME would mean easier deployment of algorithms to other cloud providers (complementary to currently-used AWS) and ML Ops frameworks such as Azure, Airflow and Kubeflow. It will also help in terms of compatibility with bacalhau’s decentralized compute. Furthermore, we will start initial work towards better integration of the Ocean marketplace with ML app frameworks (Streamlit).

Grant Deliverables

  • [ ] Modifications to Provider for decrypting files (i.e not just URLs).
  • [ ] Complete unit tests and submit PRs to and Provider. This will incorporate functionality for encrypting datasets/model weights, uploading to various storage providers (, estuary and HuggingFace) and publishing assets to Ocean.
  • [ ] PR to HuggingFace to display code snippet to explain how to use a dataset or model from ocean_lib.
  • [ ] PR to SAME Project to render notebooks in Ocean C2D format
  • [ ] Report on implementing entire Ocean C2D stack in SAME, including deployment (not only rendering). SAME Project is a library that provides a unified interface for cloud deployment. Integration of Ocean with SAME means easier deployment to other cloud providers and ML Ops frameworks such as Azure, Airflow, Kubeflow. It will also help in terms of compatibility with bacalhau.
  • [ ] Report on integration feasibility for Streamlit with Metamask (this would enable better security and UX for token-gated demo apps on HuggingFace)
  • [ ] Add algorithms and apps sections to dHub. This means that all Algovera datasets, algorithms and apps can be found in the one place.
  • [ ] Run Design Thinking Session with Grant Applicants
  • [✓] Set up Praise Bot for peer-to-peer reputation (video demo)
  • [ ] Organise schedule for Algovera Demo Day #1
  • [ ] Host session #2 of privacy preserving ML study group
  • [ ] Advertise full time frontend developer role

Project Description

We are a community of data scientists making it easier to build, co-own and monetize AI apps in Web3. We describe Algovera in three layers: (i) community, (ii) tools/libraries/integrations, and (iii) commercialisation. We onboard data scientists to Web3, train them to use tools such as wallets, the Ocean marketplace, Compute-to-Data (C2D), and run a grants program to help them to kickstart their own projects. We provide and infrastructure that integrates many technologies such as data marketplaces, decentralized storage and compute, data science libraries and DAO infrastructure that makes it easier for community members to progress from initial idea to a team with a monetized AI app.

Final Product

A Web3 AI marketplace with tools, libraries and integrations that make it easy to build, collaborate and monetize AI apps.

Value Add Criteria

  1. Usage of Ocean

Data scientists are natural data consumers. Creating further tools, libraries and integrations (and making it easier for data scientists to onboard to Web3) will help to increase consume volume of data and algorithm tokens. Funding more data science projects will result in more new projects and assets using Ocean. Completing freelance work will help to develop raw data into algorithms and insights.  

Core Team

Richard Blythman

Hithesh Shaji

Keaton Kirkpatrick

Jakub Smékal

Funding Requested

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Hi Algovera,

Thank you for submitting your proposal for R-18!

I am a Project Guiding Member and have assigned myself to help you.

I have reviewed your proposal and would like to thank you for your participation inside of the Ocean Ecosystem! Your project looks promising and I believe it’s aligned with our evaluation criteria of generating positive value towards the Ocean Ecosystem and the W3SL

Your deliverables are very specific and we appreciate the efforts and time that went into planning these items . As far as the technical detailing goes, you can always reach out to any of the Core-Tech WG members(on Discord) for collaboration/mentorship or helping the project deliverable’s. We are excited to see your integrations in production and also looking forward to the study group and the demo. It’d great if you can share the reports async with the ocean-dao for outreach and feedback purposes. We’d be more than willing to attend and support the project. Cheers!

Based on the reasons above, I am in support of your proposal. I look forward to continuing providing support and feedback to your project.

All the best!
-Trishul, PGWG Guide

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I support this project.

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