Ocean Ambassadors Grant Proposal - Project FlagShip - Round 7

Ocean Ambassadors Grant Proposal

        Ocean Ecosystem Emulation by Die-Hard Community Members

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flag Project FlagShip

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The proposal in one sentence

Project Flagship marks a key step in the decentralization of Ocean Protocol: the Ocean Ambassador program will get its funding from OceanDAO going forward.

Project Category

Ocean Ambassadors are active in all areas necessary to support the OPF and participants in the Ocean ecosystem.

⌧ Build / improve applications or integrations to Ocean

⌧ Outreach / community / spread awareness

⌧ Unleash data

⌧ Build / improve core Ocean software

⌧ Improvements to OceanDAO



32.000 OCEAN

Previously funded by OceanDAO Grant

Yes, round 6

Project Overview


The Ocean Ambassador Program was created to provide meaningful opportunities for community members to actively support Ocean Protocol long term goals.

The goal of the Ambassador Program is to accelerate the growth and adoption of Ocean Protocol and develop a vibrant Ocean Ambassador community to support Ocean Protocol.

The objective of the program can be articulated around its KPIs:

  • Visibility (# of impressions generated)
  • Attributable community growth (network usage metrics, social engagement)
  • Impact on Ocean Protocol usage (# of tx)
  • Integrations with other tools & teams (# instigated, # realized)


Ambassadors contribute to the program based on their areas of expertise. The skills within the Ocean Ambassador program are far reaching, and the program activities are therefore quite comprehensive. They involve:

Professional Events & Conferences.

Primary activities include presenting Ocean by hosting a satellite event or running a workshop. Ambassador Program participants attending events should write and share a blog post for the Ocean community.

Community Meetups & Webinars.

Dedicated community meetups offer valuable opportunities to connect with stakeholders, build community and make official product milestone announcements. Ideally offsite Meetups and Hackathons should be timed to correspond with team visits to scheduled industry events.

Communication in local communities or specific interest groups about the meetups and events that Ocean Protocol takes part in is also part of the mandate.

Articles, videos and content in other formats.

Independent reporting of Ocean Protocol as well as the activities of all Ambassador activities across participants and Ships, developments, updates and milestones is another way to provide visibility for Ocean Protocol.

The recent Sailor’s Lounge video series is an excellent example of that; it provides visibility of all things Ocean to the community and beyond.

Relaying news and communication from OPF & key players in the ecosystem.

Ambassadors can provide a wide network of relayers of information and announcements from OPF, and may coordinate with Marcom to increase visibility of big milestones and achievements within the community.

Other outreach initiatives.

Ambassadors are encouraged to suggest other forms of contributions to support the visibility, awareness and adoption build-up for Ocean Protocol, for example an AMA with other influential Web3 projects. As an example, there have been several communities and content localisation efforts, which build Ocean Protocol awareness in specific languages.

Developer Onboarding.

Once stakeholders have signalled that they want to get engaged the next step is identifying the best way for them to plug into Ocean. The stakeholder onboarding process is different for each type of stakeholder, from strategic partners at enterprise level to indie developers contributing to a specific GitHub repository, etc.

Technical Integrations.

Active look out and connection with new potential collaborations building on shared values. Ambassadors embrace anyone openly: visionary startups, governments, NGOs, academia, and enterprises that are working to correct misaligned incentives and building towards a future that correlates with our values.

Milestone Keynotes.

Ambassadors provide visibility on the projects being built in the community of contributors to Ocean Protocol. Ambassadors have the unique ability to provide regular keynotes where community development results are presented to a broader audience.

Educational material, workshops and bootstrapping.

Ambassadors can work on documentation and an easy access to best practices and project templates helps to bootstrap (new) projects and increase the overall quality of contributions. Open Source software evolves through community participation. Educational material on Ocean Protocol can include videos, written tutorials, (code) documentation and workshops as well as template projects following best practices to help bootstrapping new projects.

Template application development.

Ambassadors have the ability to build real world applications, PoCs, and case studies showcasing how Ocean Protocol can solve industry specific problems, and providing these solutions as open source for the community to build on top of it.

Providing technical consultation to other ships.

The Outreach Ship needs technical consultation to select or create tools, automate tasks or provide correct technical information in their work. The sailors on the Tech Ship are supporting them to get their work done as effectively and correct as possible. This support can be seen as the ship also being the IT department of the Ambassador program.


Currently, program activities are grouped into two main “Ships”:

  • TechShip
  • Outreach Ship

Currently, program activities are grouped into two main “Ambassador Ships”, one for technical integrations, one for outreach, and a “Captains’ Lounge”.

Each Ambassador Ship is led by a Captain and a Hand. The Ship Captain is a senior Ocean Ambassador who is responsible for coordinating Ship activities to deliver value for the Ocean Protocol Network. The Hand works with the Captains as second-in-line.

The Captains’ Lounge is where coordination happens, but coordination is a supporting activity to enable Ambassador Ships, which are supporting structures to enable Ambassadors to contribute to Ocean Protocol and its ecosystem. Structures are below individuals and have the purpose to serve them.


Ambassadors governance follows an established process which has worked well so far.

Governance is:

  • Public: all Trello boards and decisions are openly communicated through meeting minutes or recordings
  • Fair: voting rules are known, clear and consistent
  • Aligned with Ocean Protocol objectives: it follows OceanDAO and OPF framework and guidance

The Captain’s Lounge is the governance layer between the ships and the funding mechanisms for the program. It steers and coordinates the Ambassador program, and performs general oversight and conflict resolution. It establishes priorities of activities and tasks across Ambassador Ships and allocates rewards accordingly, as applicable.

Each ship as well as the Captains’ lounge maintain their own Trello board to organise, track, and propose tasks:

The meetings of the governance meeting aka Captain’s are recorded and shared on YouTube to give exposure and insight into the decision making - they can be found in the Ocean Protocol Ambassador’s YouTube channel.

Voting duties of Captain’s Lounge include:

  • Vision & strategy
  • Organization matters : promotions, demotions, appointment to special projects (e.g. create new ship,org work,…)
  • Activities prioritization
  • Budget split based on Activities
  • Conflict resolution

Our Mission

Who are the Ocean Protocol Ambassadors?

Ocean Protocol Ambassadors are passionate members of our community who support the Ocean Protocol platform in a variety of ways, including promoting the Ocean Protocol ecosystem, educating about the Ocean Protocol components and assisting Ocean Protocol users with questions and concerns. Our Ambassadors play a key role in bridging the gap between the Ocean Protocol and all its ecosystem!

As Ocean Protocol Ambassadors:

You are the key to the growth of our online and offline communities.

As an Ambassador, you will direct people to the resources that increase awareness of Ocean Protocol’s tech stack. Staying up to date with trends and insights from your regional community is one of the best ways to be a productive member of the Ambassador program.

**Who are the current Ocean Ambassadors? **

The current Ambassador program counts more than eighty members who share the Ocean Protocol vision and are passionate about the distributed data economy. The Ambassadors are flexible, working with the AGILE methodology and every member can self manage and propose tasks for each month. Funding is provided via OceanDAO grants, the Ambassador program creates proposals for them when needed.

We want to set Ocean Protocol on a path to a flourishing ecosystem at the center of the decentralized data economy.


The team is composed of a lot of members, most of which can be found on our website (work in progress) with a link to their social media.

Project details

Ocean Ambassadors play an important role in promoting Ocean Protocol towards a wide array of external counterparts, both in terms of reach (outreach ship) and in terms of depth (technical ship). The Ocean Ambassadors have been with the project from the early beginnings in 2018 and have stood by the program through the good and the bad times. Always giving their best to help out the community and the project wherever they can.

Ambassadors have also been active in the OceanDAO, being involved in over 22 vetted proposals and providing feedback and ideas to the OceanDAO team along the first 5 voting rounds.

More information can be found in the .

The grant will be used to support the recurring activities of the Ambassador program and to launch new activities, and notably:

  • Establish a treasury for the project, to fund monthly activities by Ambassadors
  • Update the program to stir activity and match OceanDAO funding cycles


Activities done over June 2021:
V1 of Ocean Ambassadors Branding (spin-off from Ocean Protocol)
Website “oceanambassadors.community” up, hosting
1 AI/cryptography Influencer onboarding, 1 other influencer in discussion
Sailors lounge interviews (2x)
Ongoing curation/support over Telegram, Twitter, Discord
Ocean Pearl independence from tech ship
Support to OceanDAO (Ocean Tech Ship, Ocean Pearl)
Setup multisig wallet for ambassador treasury
First Ocean Protocol Ambassador’s Town Hall

Activities scheduled for July 2021:
Final Ocean Ambassadors Branding
Hosting, development, and ongoing support for the Ocean Ambassador Website
Establishment of influencers program for visibility/coverage
Creation of techship Podcast
Creation of a dedicated Business Plan for Ocean Pearl
Delivery of C2D dashboard
Delivery of Sailors lounge interviews
Medium Article translations
Ocean Use case interviews (tbc)
Meme repo & Chief Meme Officer
Curation of local communities, notably in Bulgarian, German and Italian
Admin Mod Telegram
Admin Mod Discord
Admin Mod Twitter (Ocean Ambassadors)
New ambassador members credentials checking / recruitment
Overall management/operations: Captain’s Lounge, Tech & Outreach Ship

Impact on Ocean Ecosystem

The track record of the Ambassador program over time speaks for itself. Some of the projects actively building on Ocean Protocol have been founded by Ambassadors: projects like Ocean Academy (that brought over 4’500 certified new community members), DataUnion.app (creating a datatoken based data union unleashing data to the protocol continuously), Project Pearl or DeltaDAO (shaping the EU data strategy with Europe’s data associations e.g. INATBA).

While it is difficult to attribute the value of these initiatives and the extra visibility and activity in the Ocean ecosystem specifically to Ocean Ambassadors, we do try to provide an estimate of impact. Several members of the projects building on top of Ocean Protocol attest that they found their way into the ecosystem only because of the Ambassador program and the Ocean Academy that came out of the program. So we are sure that we are bringing in new people, projects and data assets into the ecosystem.

Yearly estimates :

  1. New token holders 5’000
  2. New datasets 1’000
  3. New liquidity providers 1’000
  4. New data purchases 10’000
  5. New LP transactions 100’000
  6. New partnerships 5

Quantified estimates:

  1. New token holders - M OCEAN
  2. New datasets 1’000 * 3’102 [TVL/dataset] = 3M OCEAN
  3. New liquidity providers 1’000 * 547.9 [value/LP] = 0.5M OCEAN
  4. New data purchases 10’000 * 1’000 [price/data] = 10M OCEAN
  5. New LP transactions 100’000 * 3’034.4[tx size] = 303M OCEAN
  6. New partnerships 5 * 1M [value/partner] = 5M OCEAN

Assumes latest data about Ocean Market (1/06/2021): €3,244,461.39 TVL across 414 data set pools that contain 1,284,626.913 OCEAN, plus datatokens for each pool, so that is an average of 3’102 OCEAN per pool on average.

Assumes an average of 547.9 OCEAN locked by liquidity providers in Ocean marketplaces on average (latest data based on 2’342 unique addresses on 1/06/2021), and an average Tx size of LP-related transactions of 3’034.3 OCEAN (based on all 2’704 OCEAN tx on the two marketplaces with highest liquidity, Quicra-0 and Lumsta-42).


  1. New token holders
  2. New datasets (TVL) 3M OCEAN
  3. New liquidity providers (TVL) 0.5M OCEAN
  4. New data purchases (revenue to OceanDAO) 0.2% * 10M = 0.020 M OCEAN
  5. New LP transactions (revenue to OceanDAO) 0.1% * 418M = 0.303 M OCEAN
  6. New partnerships (revenue to OceanDAO) 5M OCEAN

Success likelihood: 80%

ROI (based on revenue to OceanDAO):

  • 5.323 M OCEAN [revenue to OceanDAO] / 0.027 M OCEAN (grant) * 0.8 = 156.5

    In addition, one can expect about 3.5M OCEAN in value locked.

Future plans

Ocean Ambassadors will work with OceanDAO to keep delivering quality contributions to the Ocean ecosystem, and are likely to prepare similar grant proposals on an ongoing basis.

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R6 proposal: Ocean Ambassadors Grant Proposal - Project FlagShip I thought you received funding in R6? Is it a typo?

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That is a typo, thank you so much for catching that @TimDaub

Good to have you with us checking the proposals thoroughly. Thanks for catching this and being an important contributor to the community and tech stack. :slight_smile:

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The Ambassadors Proposal is a must from my perspective and got my full support!

[Deliverables Checklist]

[X] Final Ocean Ambassadors Branding
[X] Hosting, development, and ongoing support for the Ocean Ambassador Website
[X] Establishment of influencers program for visibility/coverage
[X] Creation of techship Podcast - not possible as Albert and Robin do not have the available capacity
[X] Creation of a dedicated Business Plan for Ocean Pearl
[X] Delivery of C2D dashboard
[X] Delivery of Sailors lounge interviews - not possible as OceanJim disappeared
[X] Medium Article translations
[X] Ocean Use case interviews (tbc)
[X] Meme repo & Chief Meme Officer
[X] Curation of local communities, notably in Bulgarian, German and Italian
[X] Admin Mod Telegram
[X] Admin Mod Discord
[X] Admin Mod Twitter (Ocean Ambassadors)
[X] New ambassador members credentials checking / recruitment
[X] Overall management/operations: Captain’s Lounge, Tech & Outreach Ship

All deliverables have been done - I would like to have this marked as completed @Ana @idiom-bytes

Hi @Robin, I have now registered this update and this proposal is now Completed.

Thank you!

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