Name - Open Journalism Marketplace by JournoDAO | Conceiving a Marketplace for Journalists, Journalism and News Reporting Data | Round 22

Project Name

Name - Open Journalism Marketplace by JournoDAO

Project Category

Unleash Data

Proposal Earmark

New Outreach

Proposal Description

Many working and retired journalists possess massive archives of articles, data and creative content and are actively seeking a decentralized marketplace, free from oversight or middle men, to sell the work they own and support future news coverage and personal projects.

For this first phase grant, we will research the best use cases for Ocean Protocol for journalists and conceive a potential marketplace with a comprehensive launch plan that targets our specific niche of ideal users.

Grant Deliverables

Deliverables include:

  1. Raw data to formulate our viability report and marketplace concept; including potential survey data from journalists working in or entering web3.
  2. A report on potential use cases and marketplace structure that will include feedback from journalists and community members on UX and other items of interest.
  3. A production plan for the creation of promotional content to drive potential buyers to the marketplace and educational content to explain the basics of Ocean to Web3 journalists, including how to fork the marketplace to create their own.

Project Description

Journalists lack marketplaces where their work products and data sets can be easily monetized, particularly works that have been licensed for certain limited use but for which the author/creator still maintains ownership.

As JournoDAO is a professional network for journalists and others working at the intersection of traditional media and web3, we are interested in researching potential use cases for Ocean Protocol’s Data tokens, NFTs and marketplaces that can allow journalists and other media creators to monetize their work product in a transparent way that we believe is more in line with the journalistic ethos.

As part of this process we plan to devise a proof of concept or possible prototype for what a fork of Ocean’s marketplace might look like that could create a curated place for members of our community to highlight their best work and also experiment with offering other potential data sets, such as the raw data and primary sources that go into reporting stories.

Final Product

A prototype Ocean marketplace for journalists and other news media creators.

Value Add Criteria

Exposing Ocean Protocol to the media industry and independent journalists opens up multiple avenues for growth for the Ocean community. JournoDAO interacts with and receives inquiries from major media outlets, as well as accomplished journalists, on a regular basis who are seeking technical solutions to many of the shortcomings that web3 has for those producing the news. This niche also seeks to solve some serious flaws in the existing digital news landscape in web2 through decentralization and we are actively seeking the solutions that Ocean Protocol could provide. 

We feel that this project has a strong opportunity for success as Ocean Protocol is providing a very specific solution that we often explore in our weekly Town Halls and Twitter Spaces. We continually address the issues stated at the beginning of this proposal and are actively seeking such a solution. If we’re able to identify the nature of the marketplace needs itself during this initial report, we will have a very clear vision of the actual architecture necessary to build a successful marketplace for journalists, powered by Ocean, and we will know the scope of the development necessary to bring it to life. 

A few of our core contributors are well versed in Ocean, including one of the core contributors to this project who is already a grant recipient for a project to begin integrating his other project, Re-Public. 

Core Team

Eric Mack - Coordinator / Journalist liaison


Contributing Editor, CNET

Contributor, Forbes

Keith Axline - Lead Developer

LinkedIn: < >



15+ years mobile and web development

5 years of R&D put into Re-Public


Crystal Street

Veteran photojournalist

Founding Member, JournoDAO

Former Community Manager, Unlock Protocol

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