[ITRmachines] Ocean Marketplace Tensorflow.js Integration

Name of Project:


Proposal in one sentence:

Development of a wrapper library that will allow a direct integration between the Ocean marketplace and the tensorflow.js library for artificial intelligence.

Description of the project and what problem it is solving:

Our software solution will allow AI developers to quickly access datasets from the Ocean marketplace and integrate them using Tensorflow to implement their custom AI models in a seamless way. Given the increasing demand for data and AI, our solution will increase the exposure of Ocean and will increase the network revenue by attracting multiple new users to the marketplace. ITRMachines is a tech enabler of DeFi activity, leveraging Data and Artificial Intelligence while boosting innovative business models within the DAO/Web3 Space. ITRMachines solutions have been deployed for several blockchain verticals such as market making and algorithmic trading, NFT valuation algorithms, data collection, structuring, and tailor made developments for smart contracts and oracles.

Grant Deliverables:

  • Development of a wrapper library that will: integrate the current functionalities of the Ocean.js library (publishing datasets and selling data over the blockchain, token acquisition -value swap- , dataset downloading, etc…), provide several useful data transformation methods and provide a seamless funneling process for integrating that data with artificial intelligence computational models built using @tensorflow/tfjs.
  • Development of the technical documentation of the library.
  • Announcement of wrapper library integration in the Tensorflow forum.
  • One (1) workshop for AI and Ocean developers to introduce the wrapper library.

Which category best describes your Project?

  • Build / improve applications or integrations to Ocean

Are you applying for an Earmark?

  • New Project

What is the final product?

The final product will be a software solution that will allow the developer to recall bought datasets from the Ocean marketplace, and transform them into something that can be used on one of the most known libraries for artificial intelligence: Tensorflow (in this proposal we will limit the scope of the library to Tensorflow.js, the javascript version of the famous library Tensorflow). Once developers have a framework that they can use to seamlessly connect their data to their models, their only concern would be to refine them, speeding the process of production and development of interesting projects that will be native to the Ocean ecosystem which will help grow the marketplace and the web 3 ecosystem as a whole.

Tensorflow also comes with the advantage of having an enormous amount of support by the artificial intelligence community, developing a tool for the integration of Ocean datasets will incentivize the engagement of this community with the Ocean ecosystem.

Usage of Ocean:

One of the main traction pillars that will determine the growth of the Ocean Ecosystem is the data consume volume.This can be defined as the number of times that a data asset was consumed times the price of the data set in $OCEAN. Our Tensorflow solution will allow developers to easily build with Ocean libraries and integrate their AI flows in a simple fashion, improving the developer experience and increasing the exposure of the Ocean ecosystem as a whole.

Why do you believe your team will do well on those criteria?

ITRM is an established AI and big data company that has successfully provided FinTech solutions to multiple big institutional players in the past. Our AI driven algorithms have managed around 180 million USD through the prop trade desk of one of the major Colombian brokerage institutions. This goes in line with the deployment of multiple best execution and AI algos focused on capital markets for different international brokers, including crypto exchanges.

ITRM has been recognised and funded by the Colombian Government accelerator, Aldea-INNPULSA and was showcased as one of the most scalable and innovative ventures in the region. Regarding the DeFi space, the algorithms developed by ITRM together with the MetaGameHub DAO have generated over 25.000 API requests for NFT valuations showing the high demand for the solutions being developed.

Expected Value for the OCEAN Ecosystem:

As of december 28th 2021 there were 36.850 downloads of the tensorflow.js library. Assuming 1% of weekly downloads of tensorflow.js library represent unique users, we estimate there could be 370 interested buyers (buyers_week) of datasets per week. Additionally, at an average price per dataset of 100 $OCEAN (avg_price), an average number of 2 datasets bought per user (datasets_week), 4 weeks per month (weeks_per_month), and a total fee of 0.7% (fee) which comprises ocean community (0.1%), Marketplace Consume-side (0.1%), and liquidity providers (0.5%), the monthly value created for the Ocean ecosystem will be:

buyers_weekdatasets_weekavg_picefeeweeks_per_month =

3702100*0.7%*4= 2072 $OCEAN / month from data acquisition.

=> Overall value added to Ocean Protocol in 12 months will be 12 months*(2.072 $OCEAN /month) in fees for the ocean ecosystem.

=> Expected Value= 24.864 $OCEAN.

The monthly revenue should continue to scale much longer than 12 months considering the mass adoption of tensorflow as the main library for AI and the rising interest to analyze the crypto space.

Keep in mind that value added by creating publicity for the Ocean Marketplace and in general the Ocean Protocol on our social media and through our community comes on top of that. Setting this aside, we will focus on educating the Ocean and Tensorflow community by creating content on how to use the wrapper library.

Funding Requested:

3000 USD ~= 3157 $OCEAN (0.86$ / OCEAN)

Proposal Wallet Address:


Have you previously received an OceanDAO Grant (Y/N)?: No

Team Website: http://itrmachines.com/

Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/itrmachines

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/itrmachines

Project lead full name:

Santiago Hernandez

Project lead Contact Email: santiago.hernandez@itrmachines.com

Country of Residence:


Core Team

Santiago Hernandez

  • Role: Co-Founder and Fullstack Developer
  • Relevant Credentials (e.g.):
  • Background/Experience:
    • CTO at Intelligent Trading Machines
    • Developed crypto-arbitrage bots on multiple platforms
    • Developed a full out of the box solution for FIX protocol trading algorithms
    • Proficient at developing oracles for smart contracts
    • Lead developer and main maintainer of microservices architecture for several fintech enterprises.

Camilo Alaguna

Andrés Fonseca

  • Role: Co-Founder
  • Relevant Credentials (e.g.):
  • Background/Experience:
    • Founder & CEO at Intelligent Trading Machines
    • Founder & COO at Elemento Alpha
    • Four years of experience in banking industry

Sebastian Rocha

Role: Co-Founder and Operations

  • Relevant Credentials (e.g.):
  • Background/Experience:
    • Founder & CFO at Intelligent Trading Machines
    • Founder & CFO at Elemento Alpha
    • Four years of experience in asset management industry

Part 3 - Proposal Details


The current data market is highly fragmented due to the oligopolistic market power of tech giants like Facebook and Google, making this valuable asset very difficult and expensive to access. Furthermore, with so large amounts of data floating in the market, it is necessary to use technologies such as AI and machine learning to extract the information needed to achieve significant results.

As artificial intelligence advocates, one of the most important parts of our work is the seamless acquisition of large amounts of high quality data. On some occasions, this activity becomes a difficult task. Here is where the Ocean marketplace comes into play. With its decentralized approach for aggregating and monetizing data, anyone has the ability to buy and sell datasets and algorithms via liquidity pools in a permissionless and transparent way. Therefore, by connecting the Ocean capabilities with AI development frameworks, Ocean will be made accessible and easier for the development of AI applications.

The Ocean marketplace allows the buyer of the data to experiment, train algorithms, use that aforementioned data and datasets for multiple purposes, following suit, we intend to maintain the spirit of the marketplace and provide a software solution that will integrate several technologies together and will expand the possibilities of every developer that wants to take full advantage of what the Ocean marketplace entails.

Our software solution will allow AI developers to quickly access datasets from the Ocean marketplace and integrate them using Tensorflow to implement their custom AI models in a seamless way.

Technical stack:

Our technical deliverable is based on the development of a wrapper library that will take advantage of the current state of the Ocean.js library and Tensorflow.js with the intention of creating a bridge between existing technologies and offering a plug and play solution for data scientists and artificial intelligence enthusiasts. The library will be developed using Typescript and will implement some useful methods for data transformation, modification and later consumption with the Tensorflow.js library.

App will be live at:

The production grade version of the library will be available as a npm library, ready for downloading as requested by the users.

Is the software open source?


The wrapper library will be available at: https://www.npmjs.com/ and it will be open-source. The license will be: Apache-2.0.

Project software can be found at:

The github repository of the library will be: https://github.com/itrm-team/ocean-tensorflowjs

Project Deliverables - Roadmap

Prior Work: The team has been working since October 2018 on the vision to make Artificial Intelligence available to everyone. During the process we have created tools for the development and deployment of AI Solutions for institutional investors in Latin America, within a SaaS business model.

We have identified the difficulties that data scientists encounter when they want to create an AI model with the datasets available on the Ocean marketplace. The main problem is the lack of integration with the development frameworks available in the market and that is exactly what we want to solve with the wrapper library. The decentralization spirit of Ocean brings a market opportunity in which anyone with the datasets and algos available on the marketplace can create AI solutions to foster the further development of the data economy.

What is the project roadmap?

Q1 2022:

  • Technical
    • The npm library will be published by the 21th of february, until then we will work on the methods and technical requirements of the library for guaranteeing the functionality.
    • The repository will be available from day 1, so the community can track the development process and share insights.
  • Communication
    • Two explainer videos about the wrapper library
    • One workshop introducing the library to developers of the Ocean ecosystem
    • One weekly post about the Ocean marketplace on our LinkedIn during one month
    • Announcement of wrapper library integration in the Tensorflow forum.
    • Addition of a section specifically designed for the Ocean Protocol on our website.

Future Plans and intentions:

Once all the development frameworks are integrated with the Ocean protocol, we will create a Dapp in which all the development steps can be done in a unique place. Our experience in being providers of AI as a Service solutions to institutional investors, gives us a competitive advantage in the understanding of every requirement needed for the creation of AI models. As ITRMachines continues to grow, we want to become a technological partner of great value for the Ocean ecosystem.

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Full support, lets spread the word about the Ocean Protocol across all communities and provide them with the necessary tools to foster the data economy!

Hi @itrmachines,

Thank you for applying for R-13!

Your proposal has been registered into the system and everything looks great!

We have attempted to make your first grant easy to earn (you are registered in the New Entrant Earmark) I would also recommend one (or all) of the following to increase support:

  1. Saying hi to the community in #ocean-dao and sharing your proposal.

  2. Saying hi to members of the #project-guiding WG and sharing your proposal.

  3. Meet with the Evaluators assigned to you by the #project-guiding WG.

  4. Attend a Town Hall or Project-Guiding WG meeting to talk about your project and proposal.

If you need any additional support please let me know

All the best!



how can a first time proposal receive 9000 USD of funding? I thought the first proposal is capped at 3000 USD?

@drprk - you said you checked it and everything looks great?

Also it does not state value add but ROI which is deprecated.

Check the rules of the OceanDAO proposal process here:


Thanks for the reply @Robin.

I recognize the discrepancies for this entry. As a first time Project Evaluator, I was going through the Traditional route of Welcoming (based on the accepted grant list) → Checking for deliverable lists & Reviewing.

The initial welcome message was based on how ITR Claims had tallied up on the accepted list of entries in the Airtable. Next time I’ll ensure there’s a better check on Welcoming/Reviewing.

I had delayed the due diligence for a few projects by a day. However, I will pass the Reviewal on this in the next comment so that the Original Poster has enough time to rectify before the voting goes live.

@itrmachines as a first step, please do adjust the initial requested amount to 3000 USD in order to be eligible for voting process. I ll have the rest of the review done in the next comment to help you fine-tune the proposal.

@itrmachines Once you’re done making the first adjustments, make sure that you have the check through the following Project criteria fit so that there is sufficient formatting that is expected of a project template. Feel free to ask any doubts that you might have.

The idea is to have a uniform reading experiences so that the voters don’t have any difficulty reading through while sifting through all the proposals.


  • Prakash

@Robin I noticed they were using an old format, but everything was there to submit the proposal.

We also have country, lead name, email address, and other parameters required to complete the funding.

Hence, that is why I responded in the way I did.

Having said that, yes, it would be better to follow the latest Proposal Grants Template @itrmachines

@drprk @idiom-bytes We just made an update following the latest version of the Proposal Grants Template, also we will be on hold for any other suggestions you may have, thank you.

I still see the ROI calculation which is not needed anymore but instead the value added should be described.

From my technical understanding - your solution will make it possible to buy and use datasets in Tensorflow.js? So datasets that can be bought and downloaded?

So the users of your solution can then use these datasets on their own machines for machine learning?

Hello @itrmachines,

Please notice that we are updating the funding process for R13 and there are important things for you to know. We will be deploying an update to the Ocean Website, where you will be able to claim your grant on your own time.
Funding the smart contract may take ~2 days after Voting Ends. There will still be a funding deadline of 2 weeks to claim your grant.
You will need a web3 wallet + Airtable to complete the process. Grant requests via request.finance will be deprecated.

You can find all instructions here: https://github.com/oceanprotocol/oceandao/wiki/Request-Grant-Guidelines
You will have until January 10th to update your proposal with all required fields.

Please let us know if you experience any issues or bugs. You can also submit tickets to Github and ping us inside of ocean-dao-engineering for any help. Thank you!

Regarding your question about technical details: Yes, our solution will allow developers to obtain Ocean datasets using Ocean.js and then transform those datasets to an adequate format for being used on Tensorflow.js, the library will simplify the data onboarding process and the model construction substantially. At the end the users will be able to use their preferred hardware for machine learning.

Regarding the ROI calculation and the value added, could you please elaborate a little more? We are going to remove the ROI part, but we would like to understand exactly what should we describe in terms of added value. It would seem that the concept of added value is explained on the proposal but maybe is not so clear.

Thank you for your input!

Here is the article from the OceanDAO wiki that explains value add:

Hello @itrmachines,

As part of the Project Guiding - Working Group [PG-WG], We would like to congratulate on your sustained interest in the OceanDAO and for winning the R13 grant.

We also encourage you and your team to be part of our PG-WG Guiding group as an Attendee as well as being part of guiding the newcomers of PG-WG and OceanDAO. Say hello to us at https://discord.gg/kujC2QK9 #Project-Guiding and refer to the pinned messages to find more information regarding the WG.



Project submitted deliverables:

Main Deliverables

  1. Development of a wrapper library that will: integrate the current functionalities of the Ocean.js library (publishing datasets and selling data over the blockchain, token acquisition -value swap- , dataset downloading, etc…), provide several useful data transformation methods and provide a seamless funneling process for integrating that data with artificial intelligence computational models built using @tensorflow/tfjs.
  2. Status: Delivered. The library can be found in the OceanAi-js npm link: oceanai-js - npm. Current version is 1.0.5
  3. Development of the technical documentation of the library.
  4. Status: Delivered. The technical documentation was implemented in the means of a README file, this was because most of the heavy part of the technical development corresponds both to Tensorflow and Ocean protocol, and as those libraries are propietary we don’t have the right for their respective code, in any case the way of using the library is documented on both the github page (GitHub - itrm-team/ocean-tensorflowjs: Wrapper library that allows a direct integration between the Ocean marketplace and the tensorflow.js library for artificial intelligence) of the project and the npm link.
  5. Announcement of wrapper library integration in the Tensorflow forum.
  6. Status: Not Delivered. As explained in the following screenshot, the Tensorflow forum has a very strict policy against “everything not Tensorflow” even though Ocean-ai depends heavily of Tensorflow we didn’t got any kind of permission for posting about the library in the forum, any additional apeals were ignored.

With that in mind we decided to run a research of the main AI forums and their posting rules, with the intention of knowing the rules of engagement before trying to make the library known, this is also an interesting piece of information that Ocean could make use of:

Forums rules:

  1. One (1) workshop for AI and Ocean developers to introduce the wrapper library.

Status: Delivered with issues. As we didn’t have discord server (and help staff for that matter) at the moment the outreach of the workshop was less than ideal, we are going to launch another one as soon as our base audience grows a little more. We also are interested in making an outreach in the Ocean official channels once we have the staff for managing the details of the workshop.

Roadmap Deliverables

  • Two (2) explainer Youtube Videos on how to use the library.
  • Status: Delivered. From our experience the library got a little too dificult to understand at first, so we decided that 2 videos were not enough, so we created a playlist of 5 videos that explain the process of creation of an OceanAi-js project: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPAeMX--yQ5HHv88RhiZs49ymyCJNfu5f
  • Weekly post on LinkedIn about Ocean Protocol and its benefits for the data economy during one month.
  • Status: On halt: Currently we do not have the desired reach in LinkedIn for making an impacting post on Ocean, that will change as soon as we have the personel for creating a marketing campaing.
  • Addition of a section specifically designed for the Ocean Protocol on our website.
  • Status: On Halt: The process of updating our webpage is underway, alas our current provider is already developing a proposal but we need to have a discussion with Ocean so we have the correct graphical requirements to include Ocean as tech providers and sponsors in our webpage.


Hi ITRM Team, thank you for your well documented, succinct, and well-linked update! It’s great to get a better look into your project and appreciate the thought you put into reconciling your deliverables. I am accepting your proposal and am wishing you all the best in R18! - Idiom