Ambassadors DAO + Community Leaderboard


I’ve been doing some reading/experimenting on which existing tools would fit better for our needs and thus can be used to deploy a DAO for the Ambassador’s program + build a mechanism for token distribution that incentivises members to contribute to the community.

Core Ideas

  1. Ambassadors DAO: Deploy a DAO on-chain where ambassadors can submit+vote on proposals, manage how the community funding pool is distributed, create/work on bounties that help to grow the ecosystem (articles, use cases, PoC, protocol integrations, etc)
  2. Incentivized airdrops for contributors: by integrating off-chain voting through Discourse with on-chain governance so ambassadors can cast their vote on the best contributions each month
  3. Build a community leaderboard: use a mechanism to score community members by their contributions. Part of the community fund pool would be used to airdrop monthly winners

Next, I’ll be posting some links to literature & tools that would be used to kickstart this initiative. In the following days, I’ll be posting some pros/cons of each tool/implementation

Ambassadors DAO

Community Funding Pool & Token Distribution

Token distribution for ambassadors & engaged community members could be calculated using a reputation mechanism such as SourceCred. Here’s an article that perfectly summarizes what SourceCred is, how it works, and how it can be applied to our community:

Links of interest:


This looks like an awesome idea!

But let’s be careful not to fall in the micro-incentivization trap. It may work well to generate WoM on social media, but it’s ill adapted to more genuine engagement/contributions. It can even have a negative effect: we know from behavioral economics that intrinsic motivation (altruistic, social) can be killed by financial rewards. That said, I’m pretty sure that all (at least most) ambassadors stake their professional reputation with the project, which is above any financial incentive, and already have OCEAN tokens anyways.

IMO the DAO should be based on some reputation kind of token which only has social value, and that is not used as micro contributions bookeeping ! Saying this because I’ve seen ithis in other projects…

Looking forward to hear more!


Hello Collective,

I’ve just deployed a 2nd iteration of the cred scoring leaderboard. Here’s the repo with instructions on how it works and how you can run Sourcecred yourself and verify the scores. The current sources for computing contributions are Port and the Collective Github repo.

The leaderboard will be automatically recomputed every week using a Github action. You can take a look at the current leaderboard at

Let me know if you have any thoughts and/or recommendations


Hey! Thanks, this is great :slight_smile: … why is Dandelion/Decentralion #1 ? :slight_smile: (he’s the founder of SourceCred!)

Dandelion is appearing 1st because our cred repo (considered when computing contributions) is a fork of sourcecred original repo, so all his past contributions are also taken into account. To avoid getting @decentralion in the leaderboard I could create a clean repo without forking it, but I think that 1) his contributions may be rewarded as those are the baseline for building the Collective reward system, and 2) as soon Port starts getting more interaction from the community, @decentralion will start to rapidly fall from the top contributors list.

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Here’s an initial version of the weights params for our cred scoring. I think that this first attempt reflects the ambassador’s contributions during this time.

I’ll be giving a more detailed description of my parameter configuration in a later reply during this week. I also have plans to work on a more in-depth analysis of the scores using a Jupyter notebook. If you wanna play with the results on the web please download the << Cred weights.json V1 file >> and upload it manually on the frontend weights configuration settings

UPDATE: new weights are now available in the live collective leaderboard