Challenges & Hackathons

COVIDathon Discussions about COVIDathon, a COVID-19 hackathon. ManaTee Unlock full capabilities of Ocean Protocol’s Marketplaces right within your Slack workspace. Jellyfish Extension Bring full power of Ocean Protocol’s Commons Marketplace and Pacific network right into your workspace. Molecule DataSwap A system to crowdfund production of Ocean assets from Molecule research projects, dynamically price assets, and reward contributors to the publisher / research project. Decentraminds Self-sustainable research communities through trustless & privacy-preserving infrastructure, where users stays in control of their data assets, build reputation, and receives proper rewards. Osmosis Driver Take OceanProtocol beyond static assets. Use it to download live streams! PayFiat Pay for Ocean Protocol’s data assets with your credit card in fiat currency without knowledge of cryptocurrencies. SailTrace Make money sharing your browser history. MARINER The Ocean Protocol explorer for Android. Ocean Rewards Marketplace where consumers can share their mobile app data and get rewarded in OCEAN tokens while app marketers can purchase that data using OCEAN tokens.
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README: Challenges & Hackathons Channel 1 January 31, 2020
Molecule DataSwap Devpost Submission 2 June 18, 2020
SailTrace Devpost Submission 2 June 18, 2020
Jellyfish Extension Devpost Submission 2 June 18, 2020
PayFiat Devpost Submission 2 June 18, 2020
ManaTee Devpost Submission 2 June 18, 2020
DEC Demo Day - Slides 2 June 18, 2020
Osmosis Deep Dive 4 June 18, 2020
COVIDathon Project: Decentralized Pandemic Reserve 1 June 16, 2020
Ocean Rewards Devpost Submission 4 June 2, 2020
MARINER Resources 4 May 31, 2020
MARINER Devpost Submission 2 May 29, 2020
Help to create tools to fight COVID-19 in the COVIDathon 3 April 16, 2020
MARINER Version History 1 March 13, 2020
Osmosis Driver Devpost Submission 1 January 31, 2020
Decentraminds Devpost Submission 1 January 31, 2020